Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


I’m mostly just glad that there’s finally a monetization in the game that doesn’t make me feel immediately gross! Sure maybe the rewards aren’t the best but at least it doesn’t feel predatory!

Also, it’s good that there’s a video game character with prosthetic legs that isn’t hindered by them! There’s probably been others but I feel like most of the time if you saw someone like Octane they’d be limping around or using a cane but instead he might actually have some of the best/most movement options in the game!

Also also, I like that Octane’s backstory includes him using grenade boosts to go fast in The Gauntlet which is an actual thing people did in Titanfall 2! So that’s a fun little reference.


I am “Varoid2” on PS4 if anyone wants to grind the battle pass.
“Discourse.zone” in the invite so I know you’re chill, please.


Just noticed that Octane has the national motto of Spain tattooed on his arm and I think that’s very cool.

I also like the detail of the gopro on his chest and I hate how much the guy who got rejected from Borderlands is growing on me.


Hello, here to be a bit of a bummer, has queuing by yourself basically become a guarantee that you’re gonna get bad teammates now?

Picked the game up again last night and got the battlepass, and played ~4 games.
First game, my teammates immediately just disconnected. The rest of my games, people just went in whatever direction and barely used the pings, except for one Bloodhound who pinged constantly and pointed out crap gear, while ignoring that they didn’t even have a shield. I had a teammate land on the opposite side of the map and kill a squad (hats off, I guess?), then get killed themselves.

Is this just the state of the game now? All those beautiful communication features are just never used now? People just drop whenever? It’s severely dampened my enthusiasm to pick this game up unless I’m gonna play with Waypointers/other friends.


I’ve been having similar experiences as well. Also, does no one understand how rezzing works? I’ve had people disconnect after I grabbed their banner. WTF?

I really need to get over my anxiety about pinging the Discord.


Sometimes I’m just tired and don’t want to think about adding people or explaining I don’t really want to talk etc. I know people WP’ers will be cool with it but I’m usually just tired after work!

It sucks that this stuff has fallen by the wayside, seemingly, when it was such a huge factor in the game’s first few weeks. It’s how they sold this game’s reliance on squads to me, and now we’re here, like 2 months later, and it feels basically on par with any other BR’s random squads, with a few exceptions when people decide to engage with the system.


I haven’t played a ton over the past couple of weeks, as I’ve fallen back into a shlooter hole with Anthem and The Division, but I’ve had a few similar experiences,and it feels like the people who actually use the ping system, and other teamwork mechanisms properly are few and far between. I did luck out one game though with randoms that all utilized pings, and clearly paid attention to my own pings, and our class abilities naturally synergized, and it really hit home how good some of the teamwork mechanics are when they work and people actually utilize them.

I was playing as Caustic, with Bloodhound and Pathfinder teammates. We got to the last few circles, our Pathfinder was able to locate the next circle, which was around a building nearby, so we were able to set up shop there, while I put gas canisters by all the doorways in, while Bloodhound was then able to use their tactical ability to let us know which directions enemies were coming from. Got my first win that it didn’t feel like one person was carrying the entire team, and it felt great. Just wish those moments weren’t quite so rare with randoms.


psst hey Bloodhound goes by they/them right?


You’re right! The actual person was using voice chat occasionally, and I identified them as male, and was in my head referring to the player, but definitely did not make that clear in the writing. I’ll edit that to make it more consistent, thanks for catching that!

Edit: And I acknowledge that it’s impossible to know how someone identifies fully by voice, and that’s obviously an assumption I probably should not have made in the first place.


These recent Pathfinder changes have me realizing just how good he actually is. Not only can he get an entire team in and out of a situation but he can position himself into some ridiculous places people don’t expect.

Wingman + R301/R99 is my new favorite setup. Wingman does great ranged damage and is easy to fully kit and the light guns + a blue barrel or better might as well not have any spread up close.


My hope is if/when they add solos the number of selfish players will decrease because the lone wolf types would move to that mode. But I don’t know if that would actually happen.


When Octane jumps from the drop ship he sometimes says Non terrae plus ultra.


I just played a few rounds myself after a long break from it, and ran into the same problem as you. Of the 5-7 games I played, I had 3 games where one teammate just ran/broke off from the entire team and got killed. One even was pinging enemies while they’re down 300m away. Another the jumpmaster got angry that the team didn’t “break apart”. Also multiple times as soon as a teammate got downed they would immediately disconnect. I also noticed maybe 2 pieces of gear pinged by my teammates in all the matches combined. I was pinging gear, but really other than enemies and the occasional let’s move here ping it wasn’t getting used nearly as much as it should be.

It was very frustrating. It was probably the least amount of fun I had with the game since I started playing it. I really wanted to get back into it after hearing about the battlepass and all, and plus it would be a nice break in between Kingdom Hearts 3 play sessions. Now I don’t know when I’ll play again, unless I see someone on my friends list playing it.


I bounced off of Fortnite and PUBG, but something about this really does it for me. The other thing I would say is that if you’re looking for some easier matches you can play early in the morning (6-10 or so) after most players have crashed out. I’m just decent but I’ve been getting way more wins this way.


I had a very nice person carry me to victory with 10 kills and revived me about 4 times then wished me a good evening.

Why couldn’t more people be that cool.


I think they would, but I do think it’s tough – the squad mechanic is generally in the game’s favour & there’s enough tools that one player can ‘outweigh’ their team.

This is one of those die-roll things. I’ve not necessarily noticed the game becoming worse, but I do think the Battle Pass has tapped into a certain crowd that is much more in-out with their games.

I also do think there’s something to be said for ‘go spicy’ culture in battle royales. I’ve been sceptical of it for Apex for some time, and I’m actually leaning towards it being a flat-out bad move unless you are already good. The attachments make guns so night-and-day better and the early game is so dominated by a handful of guns that ‘going spicy’ is usually a recipe to die early with a bad team and little chance of coming back.

(P.S. Just a heads-up for you Battle Passers – you continue to accrue EXP for your Battle Pass even if you are dead & your respawn has expired – as long as your team stays up. Which makes the quitters worse.)


I avoid going spicy when I’m playing w friends because the game has become a Skype call for us to catch up in and firefights distract from that, but I do think that hot dropping is the best way to improve at actually winning gunfights (assuming you can pick up a weapon before getting one-shotted w the Peacekeeper).


I got killed by Grimmmz and am now internet famous. Please form a line over there for autographs.


I just had the silliest match ever. The game didn’t match a third person into my squad and the second person quit out immediately so I figure I’d just do a solo drop somewhere desolate and try to maximize my time survived points because surely there was no way I could win in a fight. So I just sneak around from small building to small building, managing to avoid any contact with anyone, until I get to the Top 2. At this point, the circle is pretty small and there’s no more cover in it so I just start running out into the open and throwing all my items onto the ground. The other squad took a couple shots at me but then stopped, ran out to me, and threw all their items onto the ground as well. The Pathfinder and Octane threw down their ults so we just ziplined and bounced around for a minute or two as the ring slowly closed in on us. Then then drop a bunch of grenades at my feet and gathered right up on each other and let me grenade them for a win! It was extremely silly and fun.


Big balance patch today!

Thic boys getting buffed, wingman nerfs, and sniper buffs

Edit: Longbow is now chefs kiss