Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

Honestly all the new additions in season 3 have been so good but I really miss the giant beasts that stood in the middle of the first map. Such good boys with their big smashy stomp legs


They are in shadowfall… tho they are now infected stompy boys.

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Recent charge rifle nerfs feel pretty good. The gun is still good but it’s no longer an always take.

Game mode has been really fun! I am bummed that people quit as soon as they lose though :neutral_face:

I haven’t really been able to get into shadowfall. With the way everyone is alerted when anyone dies the smart move is to avoid all conflict because as soon as you kill one person things have a high chance of snowballing as more people pile onto where the notifications are coming from. I also always feel like my kills as a shadow are just cheap hits most of the time. The mode was alright for knocking out dailies but I think they changed that.

I feel like I’m getting the hang of Crypto. I definitely think his drone is more of a sentry than a scout. On PC it’s pretty easy to shoot the drone so my usual play is to tuck it in a nook somewhere useful. Maybe a high traffic area or a passageway behind the squad. Still not sure how to properly utilize his EMP without getting some friendlies in the blast…the range is just so big…anyways, new main. I’ll take any character that places things on the map.

I love my loud green sons

Duos mode coming next week!


Hey it’s me and I’m here to bump the thread again.
First the quality of life changes in this patch are great! Love the new training mode and helped confirm that I like the peacekeeper way more than the mastiff. It also helped me realize you can down someone in one shot from 50m with the Mozambique+hammer point rounds…

Duos has been fun even if it’s mostly Pathfinder and wraith. I saw a Giby and Caustic duo win by turning the last circle into a death pit which was neat.

Lastly if you are like me and want that lifeline skin from the physical edition I found out if you get it from Amazon you get the starter pack for free as well which is $5 of currency + a nice Re45 skin I believe.

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Taking a break from the game but I wanna check out that firing range.

  • Players will now be able to view the ammo types of their squadmates equipped weapons when in the inventory menu.

This is the best. Playing with randos I’m constantly trying to figure out what ammo types other people are running so we’re not all running energy weapons or whatever.

  • Crypto’s EMP now damages armor that players have dropped.

My main strat against EMPs is ruined!

Apex feels like it’s in a really good state right now in regards to character and weapon balance. Sure you still get unfortunate hot-drops where you can’t find a gun (or find four of the same gun in a five meter radius lol) but aside from that I’m still having a great time with this game. Picked up the Bloodhound physical copy too; it’s a cool skin and, while this gane’s microtransactions have been not great, it’s a fair price for what you get and I like having the copy on my shelf.


New update is out that raises level cap to 500, of you were already level 100 you got about a dozen free crates!