Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

I think that’s what I’m hoping for. I have a 5TB external that it would be nice to keep utilizing, even if it’s a bit clunky. All of MS’s rhetoric around the next console has indicated that if something works on XB1, it’ll work on Xbox Series X, so I hope that still applies to storage.

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New series of events from the 14th to the 28th. Seven events total each lasts two days.

They are also adding six new legendary skins to the normal crates permanently.

New character and weapon revealed for season 4!

Forge is a former professional fighter who is also the first corporate sponsored character. From what’s been data mined he seems to a melee focused character.

The Sentinel is a sniper rifle with a charge shot mechanic.

They are also going to rotate maps midway through the season, March 24th Kings Canyon comes back.


I figured it was a matter of time before they did a melee-based legend, but I admit I wasn’t expecting future MMA to pop up. Makes sense, though. However, his actual design seems pretty meh. It’s like if one of Gibraltar’s alt skins was a white dude.


Because he’s sponsored by Hammond Robotics I’m hoping there’s a twist where they’re actually a robot or a cyborg at least.

I mean if I was going to make a future MMA fighter who looks like a smug asshole I would definitely make their background that they’re actually cheating in some way.


Maybe. Vinson Dynamics was the company doing stuff with Simulacra, though. Hammond made traditional robots instead. (Which is part of why there are theories that Season 4 is going to introduce Frontier Defence, since Hammond made all the Spectres and Reapers. And if they do, I’m 100% getting back into this game, because I loved that shit in Titanfall.)

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Frontier Defense in Titanfall 2 has to be my all-time favorite Horde mode. It’s sooooooooo good!


This dummies day out mode is just goofy and I love it. I panic ulted and loot exploded everywhere as the enemy was on top of me. The moving decoy ult best be coming to Mirage in season 4 :pray:


Yeah, the moving decoy is a great way to make Mirage way more viable. His tactical ability is fine as is, but his ultimate has long been super underwhelming. I’m really looking forward to seeing what sort of changes they make with the upcoming season beyond the new weapon and legend - just over a week away!

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I did not play Titanfall, but I played Apex, Fortnite, and one battle royale more which name I forgot. And Apex was certainly the best, and fortnite the worst (graphics and gameplay was just too daunting).

Honestly I’ve gave up on battle royales. The gameplay is just not deep enough, nor entertaining, nor comfortable. I dont mind competetive and fastpaced/realtime games but battleroyale never does it for me.

Damn, I was looking forward to Forge!

Wanted the dataminers were wrong on their predictions of Reaper Revenant coming this season just 'cause Reaper Revenant looks like the most edgelordy character. Hopefully they have an interesting kit or do something to change up my perception of them as representing the kind of player I get annoyed by.
I was originally disappointed after Crypto changed from his grungy concept art to a more clean cut cyberhacker look but then his kit brought me around to liking him. So hopefully I get the same change of heart with Reaper Revenant.

(Edit: I’ve been calling him Reaper this whole damn time.)


I am 100% down with bait and switching characters. I just wish they went the extra mile and baited the dataminers too


I love that they did that, but I also hate Revenant’s design. Go figure!

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They did! There was stuff datamined related to a full kit for Forge several months ago.

Side note but I feel bad for anyone who had this spoiled by IGN putting up the trailer with the twit twist literally in the thumbnail


There’s a charm you can pick up from a death box in the train station at Sorting Factory if anyone wants a memento to mourn our meathead friend Forge.

This just happened to me and it was great.


hahahaha I literally just did the same :joy:

New season 4 trailer!


Apparently this last trailer happens 20ish years ago and is the origin for the character after Revenant, shes the little girl in the trailer, brazillian and called Loba

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Get ready folks!

Gosh these new season gameplay trailers are always so stylish…