Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

Creepy Crawly roBoty. Interested in those abilities.

Those Apex people sure do like destroying their environments, huh?
May get the battle pass this season. I’m digging the theme they got going on this time around.

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Are there any titans yet?

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No titans yet. But I kinda doubt they’ll add them.
No, this season we get a simulacra with a rude attitude and a map that a corp bungled up.

Patch notes here: https://trello.com/c/TsvRGyji/112-patch-notes-40
(Guess they don’t want their webhosting to get slammed so patch notes are hosted on other sites like trello and reddit)

Big highlights:

New Legend: Revenant
Grumpy skull face robot who can crouch walk faster and climb higher. Got low profile right off the bat (takes +5% more damage to balance out his unconventional silhouette).
Tactical - throwable that disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds (wow)
Ultimate - drops a totem buff that prevents allies from getting killed or downed for a period of time. Instead they return to the totem with 1 health*.

Revenant actually seems pretty interesting. At first I was thinking his tactical was going to be really annoying but considering the kinds of abilities in the game it’ll probably be alright. I think it’ll mostly counter panic button escapes. Similarly, Death Totem seemed overly powerful then I thought about it’s use and how people will have an idea where you disappeared to with low health.

New Weapon: Sentinel Sniper Rifle
Bolt action sniper that can chug a shield battery for a temporary buff that drains when you shoot.

In addition to this, snipers are getting their own ammo type to balance out the ammo pools a bit more. No more having 160 rounds in two stacks for your heavy sniper. This affects Sentinel, Longbow, TripleTake, and Charge Rifle. G7 Scout has graduated to assault rifle status.

There are a bunch of things that are really getting me interested in the game again like the sniper ammo or swapping the L-STAR out of the supply crates for the Devotion, buffs to the Havoc, Bloodhound getting a buff, etc. Also you can find some neat insight into the changes they made to the map in the patch notes.

*That’s what the reddit patch notes say at least.


So I decided to give Apex another shot and idk what changed between the last time I played and now but I like it. As someone who has played a ton of Fortnite, it’s real nice when your opponent can’t build cover when you shoot them.

But I got three wins so far this week since I started playing last weekend. I was able to unlock my first legend, Wattson and she’s so much fun.

I’m looking forward to playing the new Valentine’s Day event.


I’ve really taken a liking to Revenant which I didn’t expect to. His kit just seems really good, dropping ult and rushing the enemy is so much fun. Also hitting people with your silence and watching them clearly still try and use their abilities is so much fun.

I’m glad Respawn continues to find ways to make characters feel unique and I can’t wait to see what they do with the rumored second character this season.


I mostly main Crypto at this point, but even I’ll admit that he’s a tough character to get your head around. It’s nice that this season’s character is a bit more straightforward and welcoming, even if he’s a bit of a jerk personality wise.

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I wish I was better at Crypto because he’s incredibly useful to have in a squad. Plus he’s got some good skins :+1:

I have a lot of fun with Crypto using his drone less for scouting and more just figuring out a useful place to place it as a lookout. If you’re worried someone is going to sneak up on you have it watch your back. Have it watch the opposite sides of buildings if enemies try escaping. Just gets my brain going about where would be a good place to just have a camera. His ult not being as detrimental to allies anymore has also been a major boon.

Revenant has really grown on me. He goes even further than Caustic with the death obsession. Doesn’t even say thank you or your welcome. Just grunts, belittles everyone and whines about not being able to die. Very over the top in a way that I find fun. His abilities are all pretty good but the star for me is his passive that allows him to quietly move at walking speed when crouched. It’s really worked out for me repositioning around a target or even scrambling around during a shoot out.

I highly recommend checking out this edgy robot man.


So I never got to play the original version of World’s Edge, so I don’t know how much of an impact the changes are. I do like this map, I like it a lot better over Kings Canyon tbh. For those of you who have spent more time, what are your thoughts?

I really like both but the core community seems to very much lean more towards Kings Canyon.

World’s Edge biggest issue IMO is that it’s a lot easier to get high tier loot. The train will often have a good mix of purple and gold items but especially backpacks and armor which are arguably the most important non weapons to have. The drones that fly around are easy to shoot down for a guarantee gold item and often a decent purple to boot. Then you have the vaults which have nothing but purple and gold. There is also Mirages Party Barge which in addition to good loot in boxes and laying about has two of the drone balls that spawn always purple I want to say.

And then you also have the normal hot zone + care packages. So by the last 4 squads almost everyone is fully kitted. I have had multiple rounds where we had too many gold barrels that is something that very rarely ever happened on Kings Canyon.

This also really promotes highly aggressive play because if you have some purple and some gold from train then run in to the squad who got a vault one team is coming out fully decked out after the fight.

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I think the recent map updates did wonders for World’s Edge. One common complaint from players when the map first came out was the much longer engagement distance. There was a good bit more wide open space, and too many fights ended up just being sniper battles.

The addition of the Harvester, splitting the capitol city in 2, and adding dedicated sniper ammo (rather than stacking one stack of ammo previously and being set for sniper ammo for the whole game) has definitely made short and mid-range encounters seem a bit more frequent, and I think the game is much better for it.