Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

Was trying to figure out what’s the best way to manage my inventory and how much of each item I should carry and this video is really handy.

The one thing I’ll say is that in one game I carried two stacks of heavy ammo for a hemlock and three stacks of light for an R-99. And then got an additional stack of heavy when I got a Lv 3 backpack.


This is really useful! That second stack of cells can come in real handy, especially if you don’t already have shield batteries to charge up fully after combat. Trading syringes for medkits when possible has also become a must for me. I figure most times my health gets damaged it’s pretty significant so I’m not losing out on much by dropping the smaller heals.
I’ll have to try the recommended single stack of shotgun ammo. I feel that may work better with the peacekeeper rather than an EVA-8 with doubletap. Also my aim is pretty bad so 16 shots may not be enough for me between refills.
Another inventory related thing I’ve been trying to be aware of is what ammo types other people in the squad are carrying. Like if someone else is carrying an energy weapon I feel like I gotta switch mine out. With other ammo types I try to stick to only having two instances maximum in the squad. Though that can change depending on what weapon I’m carrying (single shot vs auto) and also if there’s anything else around to pick up. Of course, this is kinda just me trying to be broadly accommodating to random players so maybe coordinated teams can manage ammo sharing better.

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The charge rifle is ridiculous, its just a regular old hitscan weapon without any bullet fall off so you can take people out from super far away easily, I won 2 games in a row with it!

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So I haven’t played in about 2-ish weeks, but I didn’t realize they made changes to how much of an item fits in a single stack (one inventory slot). Each slot can now only hold 4 shield cells or health syringes; 2 medkits and shield batteries; 60 light or heavy ammo; or 1(!) grenade. I feel like this definitely makes inventory management more important and may impact super aggressive play (if you know you have less ammo and healing items overall, or have to make compromises on which you wanna prioritize holding more of).

Damn one one grenade per backpack slot now? They were already pretty marginal items, now I can’t see myself really ever taking one?

Here are the patch notes for the System Override Collection Event.

YES! They have made some seemingly significant changes to inventory.

  • Base inventory increased to 10. Each backpack level increases the slots by two. (12, 14, 16)
  • Grenades reduced to 1 per stack
  • Light/Heavy/Energy Ammo reduced to 60 per stack.
  • Syringe/Shield Cells reduced to 4 per stack
  • Med Kits/Shield Batteries reduced to 2 per stack.

This change, according to the devstream, is based around grenade usage in the game. Apparently endgame was just rife with grenades and they decided to rebalance them. That had a ripple effect on the inventory broadly. This is going to take some getting used to…

Something else worth discussing is the Evo Shield, which is currently only available in their Deja Loot limited time mode. It takes up the body shield slot, starts off with 25 armor and increases the armor cap as you deal damage while wearing it. Getting up to 125 armor (I think). It’s kind of a risk reward thing that can really do well for like, snipers and the like but so far I’m having trouble justifying using it when some better armor comes by. Notable that when you evolve the shield to it’s next tier, the cap raises but the amount of active armor you have remains the same.

Last thing I want to mention is Bloodhound’s Tactical ability (scan) getting a 3x increase to range while doubling the activation time. In the devstream they mentioned this was to push using the ability to assess a situation as you approach rather than during combat. So far I dig the change. Feels good to find people more frequently.


I don’t know about that. Grenades are pretty crucial late-game items where there’s not as much room to maneuver and you need to flush teams out. I’ve seen a lot of games won and lost on grenade spamming - so it’s probably good for the game that there’s a higher cost associated with that strategy.


Won a fight last night because I chunked a frag down a hill and landed on the last member of the squad. Was super satisfying. Then later won a game because they had a Bangalore who popped smoke in a small area so I threw incendiary down and based on hit markers was able to spray down the right general area.

If you can get good with the arch stars it’s game changing as well!

I’m way into the grenade changes because it’s forcing players to use them more often throughout a match, as far as I have seen anyway.
Syringes and Shield Cells being limited to 4 instead of 6 per slot really reduces the viability of Evo Shields though, because you don’t get a charged pip when you upgrade which makes it so you functionally have to ‘carry’ the potential protection of the shield as a resource in a way that isn’t analogous to the way the original shields worked. Also, they’re way rarer in Deja Loot than the news posts implied. There’s only like 8 on the entire map? And because the circles are set per day and not reacting to player drops on the flightpath, maybe 4 of them will be ‘in play’ within a given match. I’ve seen a fully upgraded Evo Shield like, once?
The killer though is that looting a body can only give you more backpack and time intensive resources to recharge them, unlike regular shields which you can drop and swap as needed without any fuss after any close quarters fight. The change I would want is that Evo Shields be given a mechanic where you can siphon some energy from a death-recharged shield. I don’t know how it would work in the controller UI but I can see it being a button to the side of the loot screen for mouse and keyboard…

But uh, aside from this being another ‘collection event’ where the primary draw is these paid loot boxes you gotta buy at least $130 ish USD to get all the currency for, my main problem with this update is that they introduced a new bug. It looks like the game is incorrectly linking up your FOV (and camera position in general) and aggressively culling textures, detail, and geometry in a cone…
It looks like this.

This bug is pretty bad! I’ve been able to see through floors and get intel I was not supposed to have in firefights. It’s also not a GPU specific problem, I’ve been in matches where teammates described it happening on their AMD and Nvidia machines.

Okay I was wondering what was happening last night, I assumed my settings got really messed up and textures weren’t loading correctly. Glad to know I’m not the only one

Is this a PC only bug? I have my FOV set to max on Xbox and didn’t notice any issues last night or this morning.

Seems like it is only on PC right now, yeah.

Update: 3/5/20, they released a patch and it changed this problem but did not fully fix it. There’s definitely a difference in how it presents and with what details it culls but it’s still letting me see through any floor or wall that has alpha channels, and the black cone on any textures placed over the ground is present but it’s shape has changed.


Well they finally did it. I bought way more packs then I probably should have but I also have 0 regrets. If only these skins had different voice sets like SMITE…

Also I’ve been playing way more with random people to try and complete the event challenges and I’m glad most people seem morally decent? Like the one time I had someone incredibly toxic me and the other person just decided to leave them for dead and we still ended up placing in 10th. Also shout out to the person last night who carried through one of the most intense matches I’ve had while still being nice to me and the other person about getting 3 kills compared to their 10.

Still got the graphical glitch but not as bad as it once was. Fingers crossed next patch fixes it.


New lore video is out for Bloodhound and it’s really good!

Event Starting on the 7th

Duos is now permanent along with the option to pick between Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

New Event Gamemode:

Dive into Bloodhound’s Trials, where you and your squad battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. But beware the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge those goods for themselves. In moments of quiet, don’t forget to explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side.

Mini event battlepass

Direct Purchase Skins


looking forward to this.

Me seeing the devs put in background details to try and explain why Bloodhound might have an East Asian style legendary skin despite being rooted mostly in Nordic cultures:
(Image Source: http://gunshowcomic.com/367)

Basically seems like in the fallout of the Meltdown the different cultures in World’s Edge banded together creating a cross-cultural style

Recently been thinking about what meaningful representation actually entails with stuff like this where the story is almost entirely through marketing material outside of the actual game. Haven’t really come up with anything but it’s worth giving some though as we continue getting character action games like this.

Also kind of a bummer to constantly play a bloodsport where your parents died.


Been playing a lot for the past 3 or so weeks after peacing out shortly after the end of season 1 (mostly for PS4 hard drive space reasons). Incredibly bummed that the atrocious prices of the store bought stuff and the gating of so much of the best skins behind ~$25 paywalls each hasn’t changed since launch day.

Guess it’s working for them since the game’s still running? But the audacity of making a ten minute video backstory for a character, a big event centred around said backstory with exclusive loot, and then having the skin of the character featured in that video and that event not even be unlockable without coughing up $25 sours me so much on supporting this game.

At least the game is still fun to play.


yeah. i’m a big bloodhound fan and i thought that wise warrior skin was really neat but the pricing is absolutely heinous. in all likelihood i would’ve picked it up for $10, but $20 is just too much for me. i’m sure they’ve done all of their money calculations and are happy with their price points for skins, but it stinks for me. i assume tons of GAAS season-based games are like this, but this is the only one of them i play, so it’s the only place i witness this insanity.

Something struck me and I started wanting to get in to Apex earlier this week. I’ve jumped in to a few rounds and found that I wasn’t COMPLETELY useless. Once I was even carried to victory by someone who was clearly smurfing, but I took a few folks down myself so I didn’t feel terrible about it.

I main Gibraltar and after a dozen matches I’m starting to actually get a hang of him. I still put the shield up by accident more times than I like, but half the time it works out anyway.

Anyway, I’ve joined the Apex PC role on the discord, so I just gotta get over my incapacitating social anxiety and … maybe I’ll see you on the battlefield?


Three announcements from Friday:

  • Bad News: Season 5 start date has been delayed a week until May 12th. Obviously this is due to covid and everyone being in WFH mode, so I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t delayed until later.
  • Good News: There will be an event for the two weeks leading up to Season 5 the Battle Armor event. During the rotation of this event, every player will spawn with armor and a P2020. Armor will not be found on the map and everyone gets the same level of armor. First four days will be level 1, next four days will be level 2, next three will be level 3, and last three will be Evo Shields. Event starts April 28th and ends on May 12th.
  • Stress Reducing News: With season 5 delayed, the end of Season 4 is also delayed. People will be given another week to finish their battle passes.