Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


The name certainly makes me think of League of Legends, a card game or any number of derivative mobile games; doesn’t help that I couldn’t recall what in the world Apex was in the world of Titanfall.

I also liked Brink


I had a very hard time trying to find Apex Royale on Google earlier as I woke up from reading about this game as I headed to bed.


That’s a good point! As someone who is not a fan of the genre (and sucks at it), I noticed the ping system, but I hadn’t really thought about how impactful those things can be on a practical level.

It’s rad that they implemented quality of life stuff like that, although I’d totally still love to see someone try something wild with the starting moments of a BR.


I absolutely love looking at this game. The asset quality is basically fine, but that matters so little because the palette and architectural/geographical design is soooo diverse and rich with detail. Black Ops 4 gets halfway here but still suffers from the trappings of realistic industrial design; the Titanfall art department really just goes off here with everything from future corporate parkways to giant fucking monster skeletons (of which there are several!) and waterfront shantytowns. UGH it’s so fucking COOL


The giant effing dinosaurs in the distance are just exquisite! I got domed trying to get a good screenshot yesterday!


It’s a minor thing but I like that if you pick up something someone drops you get a prompt to say thank you.


Another thing I like is the guided self-assigned objectives. I don’t know how or if this is used elsewhere, but for example, if a teammate is down, you get a unique waypoint for them, colored based on their state (“down” vs. “dead”). If you put your cursor over the waypoint and click R1 to mark it, you get a specific objective: go revive them/get their banner, and your character calls out the objective. If they are dead and you’re retrieving their banner, once you retrieve the banner you complete that objective and get a new waypoint, for the nearest revival station. Marking it again gives you a new objective and a unique call-out from your character. You can then go to the objective (the revival station) and revive your partner, which completes the quest. All of this is opt-in: if you don’t mark the waypoints with R1, they aren’t assigned to you. It’s smart and intuitive and I love it


Dunking on the terrible name aside, this really does feel like a ‘second generation’ Battle Royale game. Respawn didn’t rush to market to capitalize on a trend, they went to school on PUBG and Fortnite and came up with a lot of really smart adjustments to the formula that other posters have already called out in this thread.


So, I haven’t played Titanfall, but I’m already really enjoying the world Apex is in? It’s both really silly and colourful, but it doesn’t forget to take itself a little seriously to make everything seem to have a little weight. It’s so much better than PUBG’s “nothing” and Fortnite’s “nonsense”.

Honestly the only thing I’d like from the game is more ways to practice? Both games I played I died in less than 5 minutes because this is my first BR game.


Without diving into caps-lock territory, I can’t stress enough that you absolutely must play the Titanfall 2 campaign. It’s incredible. Everyone says it’s incredible because it’s incredible. It’s less than $5 on Xbox Live right now if that happens to be your console of choice


I just have a PC, but I’ll see if I can’t squeeze it into my budget this month. It does seem to be That Good.


As for practicing: that’s the nature of battle royale games, and a frequently-recommended method of play is to “get spicy” more often. That is, boldly enter conflict on purpose, early into the match. You need to familiarize yourself with combat in order to get good at it, and the best way to do that is to willfully engage in it, especially earlier on when there are more people to contend with and the stakes (sunk cost) are lower.

So dive into those city centers and land on that roaming dropship and get your hands dirty, so you get the skills you’ll need later in matches when conflict becomes inevitable and your nerves are taught.


I know it’s fun to dunk on the name, but you have to admit it’s a pretty clever replacement after EA couldn’t secure the Acme All-Stars license.


Wait for a sale they just had one where it dropped to $10 I believe


I got it for 5 bucks over a year ago on Origin


For practicing, the training mode isn’t too bad. It has all the guns so you can try and get a feel for how they all shoot and can run around at least a little bit in there to mess around with the movement. Having that at launch is at least slightly better than the several months it took PUBG to implement a training area (and I’m not even sure what the other major BRs have). That said, getting spicy like kcin said is probably your best bet still. As someone who is quite bad at the game though I feel like that can be a bit demoralizing if you’re constantly bombing out of games in 18th-20th team rank, so it can be a nice idea to try and have a less spicy game every now and then.


Played a few matches last night and had a good time! I played a ton of PUBG last year and barely any fortnite so I’d say it was a little overwhelming at first how busy the HUD is and how much there is to remember (your abilities, ULT, grenades, knockdown shields, armor, ammo types, etc.) but I liked it enough that I actually would like to learn. So many QoL improvements over a lot of BR’s (and honestly multiplayer shooters in general) like the colored numbers that tell which type of armor your bullets are hitting or the quick inventory management, the context-sensitive spotting has to be a new thing every shooter has going forward, and the jumpmaster system is a great idea to stick together even with randos.

Also, good news for all of my long-suffering Titanfall 2 fans who had a slight grudge against this thing for possibly putting more actual Titanfall on the backburner


Digging the knee slide in this game.


That is an extremely good clip. The slide feels so good, especially when you jump and just carry a ton of momentum forward, it’s so good.

I had a game earlier today that I downed one enemy and then chucked a thermite grenade through a door to get both of their teammates. Also I just had a game where I got a legendary shotgun from a droppod and got 5 kills with it which felt really really great. Shotguns are fun as heck.

One thing I wish the game did was de-emphasize kills for XP and stat purposes. I wish it’d do things like what Battlefield has done in the past where if the medic throws down their healing box and heal people, they get points. I think that could be a good way to help incentivize people to remember to use their abilities if they’d get bonus xp from putting them to use.


Same! I am very much trying to read the UI, figure out what I can do and what I should do, all at the same time. But a few games in, I’m having a lot of fun, so far.