Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

I love Apex, I am also bad at it

The movement is just so much fun and the characters have great distinct personalities

I think Bangalore is my fav, great abitiles and a no-nonsense attitude

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[Oscar Mike intensifies]

I think all characters are good except for Rampart? She’s an interesting character with the goal being “LMG’s are her thing” but LMG’s are just kind of not great unless you get a fully kitted devotion. Also her abilities all revolve around sitting still which is just something you should not be doing in Apex… She would be a lot better if her ult was just TF2 Heavy Weapons Guy mode instead of a stationary machine gun that makes you a sitting duck.

If you’re coming back here’s the characters I would start with to get your feet wet:

  • Lifeline, she’s just a solid support and will probably continue to be even without the shield. The guarenteed equipment upgrade seems like a good buff

  • Caustic, he’s not nearly as good as he once was but I think he’s still solid and is a great way to choke an area or make enemies move. Plus barrels can be used as indicators for where enemies are

  • Watson, another fantastic support that doesn’t require a lot of good technical knowledge to play well.

  • Bloodhound, you scan enemies and go killer mode so you provide a lot of intel and can turn to a beast in a fight

  • Fuse, stack and throw grenades all day. All about area denial

  • Gibraltar, solid pick. Not as OP as he once was but still strong

  • Horizon, arguably one of the best characters in the game currently. The movement passive alone is worth playing her but the black hole ability makes third partying a fun time and the grav lift is an easy way to get away and unlike normal midflight situations your weapon accuracy is untouched meaning she is one of the few characters where a spitfire makes sense because you can just laser someone down from above while ad straffing

  • Loba, she’s a loot goblin. You walk into an area and go for the best loot and make your teammates jealous that you got the purple backpack. The shop is an incredibly powerful tool that has a short enough cool down that you can use it at almost every named location you visit in a match. Also the bracelet when it works is really fun until you try to stunt on someone and end up teleporting over the edge.

  • Octane, move fast, shoot fast, and jump fast. Just keep moving and shooting. The jump pad has been buffed a lot

  • Wraith, she’s still Wraith but less OP

Characters I’m hesitant to recommend:

  • Bangalore, I like playing Bangalore because I like her as a character but I do not think she’s good. Her smoke ability is just kind of meh compared to other legends. The passive is pretty okay but isn’t as good of a mobility ability as other legends. Her ult is also not great IMO, it’s good for zone control but Gibraltar and Fuse arguably have better since there’s start immediately. I think at some point they rework her a bit to make her fall in line more with newer legends.

  • Mirage, he’s been buffed a lot and he’s fun to play but you don’t see him as much because more veteran players are used to him. Knowing how to use the clones well takes some learning

  • Revenant, murder robot who can silence people and has spooky death totems to let you charge in. He’s okay

  • Pathfinder, no longer OP but still fine IMO. Arguably other characters have much better movement abilities now and his passive is kind of lame. Now ALL scout characters can scan survey beacons (Bloodhound + Crypto). You do not see him very often

  • Crypto, he’s an interesting character but hard to use well. Your team will push on ahead without you while you’re on your drone at which point someone will roll up on you.

Other tips:

  • Do not horde medical supplies. You do not need both syringes and medkits. If you find a medkit drop your syringes. You can find them all over the place and off of bodies. You only need one Pheonix kit. Same for shield cells and batteries. You realistically do not need more then 1 stack of batteries and one stack of shield cells (or a second battery stack) per engagement.

  • Same goes for ammo, do you really need all that ammo? A wingman and snipers need only one stack of ammo IMO. Take ammo you’re missing off bodies or from the ground. The only guns I normally carry 3 stacks of ammo for are SMG’s like the R99 which will chew through it fast.

  • Do not stick with the same guns through the entire round. You did really good with the longbow at the start when the ring was big, now that there are 3 squads remaining and fights are going to be a lot closer having a slow firing long range weapon that isn’t the kraber is not going to do you much good.

  • The auto shotgun is not as cool as the mastiff but it lands more reliably and reloading it is faster.

  • Keep your cool, if you have a wingman for example and someone is shooting at you with an alternator don’t freak out if you remain calm you can honestly win most of those fights by just landing some body shots. If you land a single headshot by chance you’ve probably won the engagement.

  • If you have a sentinel keep it fed on shield cells if you can, it’s an extra 25% damage which is a lot (extra 18dmg on body shots)

  • Get used to armor swapping. Your purple armor is broken but you’re being pushed? Grab the white armor on the ground or the blue armor off a body. It’s not purple but it’s healed.

  • Gold armor vs Red armor is debatable. Gold means a shield cell or syringe do double the healing but in a fight it’s still faster to use a battery to get full shields then to try and use two shield cells. An extra 25hp is also really nice to have. If you have plenty of batteries I would keep red armor IMO.

  • Carry a lot of grenades and use them often. Why push someone when you can toss in a grenade? Throw an incendiary on their downed teammate and they will often try to rush you because they do not want to lose their teammate.

  • Do not shoot at downed enemies. You are wasting ammo and will get caught reloading by their friends who show up. A white knockdown shield has the same health as purple body armor and it increases to 450 at blue and then 750. That is a ton of shield to chip through! This is why you carry those incendiary grenades with you.

  • Be prepared to just bail on a fight. You do not have to finish a fight and you should figure out when to bail before a third party shows up or it’s clear the fight is not going well.


…is this going to be on the midterm?

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Darn it. I like Rampart. She’s got good sass and good cheap skins. Why won’t Respawn make her work already?

Oh, how many matches did I lose too early because the randos with me decided they wanted to stay on that spice.

Anyway, Titanfall 2 free weekend! Remember, the in-game Waypoint Network has a happy hour at 8pm EST.


What platform is the Waypoint network on? I tried a quick search on PC and couldn’t find it.

Really? I’m on it on PC. The tag is WYPT, the slogan is “What’s good, internet?”

Edit: Oh look, it’s the forum anniversary… Of course they started the forum on May Day.


Yeah, beats me, I can’t see it for some reason:

Regardless, I’ll be on tonight, and my username is the same as the forum

Alright, I guess this is a thing. I’ll go figure out whatsup with the network.

Everyone get on Titanfall 2 in 2 hours!

Someone go tell that Discord I’m banned from.

Oh, I see. It’s a private network. Hey, who has admin privileges for the Titanfall 2 network? Can anyone get to Austin about this?

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Alternatively, the Giant Bomb network is open and has a happy hour starting in about two hours (10 PM EST) if folks want to join up there. Still a chill community and Waypoint adjacent.


So I played some more with her due to challenges and I think there are situations where she could be useful but it seems counter to her kit. Setting up a wall and using it to snipe can be good because of the damage increase (sentinel does enough to pretty much one shot anyone with charge on a headshot).

But again that seems counter to a character whose thing is big machine guns.

I think increasing the deploy speed of her walls oddly enough would help quite a bit. Quickly throwing down cover and getting amped damage for your squad would be really nice. Right now they deploy to slowly to use effectively in a fight because the enemy just mows them down while you’re placing.

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What’s the Arenas meta like? What do people pick for their guns?

I typically run wingman because I’m a decent shot and feels like a strong first round pick. I take the Mozambique as my secondary until I can afford either the auto shotty or r99.

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My philosophy with Call of Duty is always to go slow and not draw attention to myself but players in Apex always feel like they’re moving in fast-forward


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The new character looks really cool!

Gameplay trailer is going up in a couple of minutes, too: Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

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