Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


“Do not give into astonishment.”

Also, call me basic but I smiled at the launch trailer setting up the narration like it’s the main character from Titanfall 2 only to reveal that not only is it someone else but it’s Nolan North doing a spot on imitation of Matthew Mercer.

Edit: Watchin’ the Kotaku stream; time until people start playing Mirage and acting like the decoy so they can roll up and kill people?


Knee sliding down hills in this game is a constant joy and thrill. The speed and the way you have a little bit of directional control, it reminds me of sledging as a kid. I know the game only came out but I can’t wait for the snow map…


Those first and last kills were as satisfying to watch as I bet they were to pull off lol.

Which brings me to another thing: The more I play this, the more I’m finding myself falling in love with some of these animations. Couple of my favorites so far: 1) sliding while looking to the side so that your character kind of angles their gun, and 2) picking up the Wingman pistol/revolver and your character doing some gun-twirling show off action with it. Both are real good.

P.S. did y’all know there’s a button to just hold up your gun to look at it lol? I believe it’s hold down the switch fire rate button (left on d-pad/default PS4 controls)


Oh we talking about favorite animations? Mine personally is the self revive that I learned about yesterday which is doubled in hilarity when performed by my good robot friend Pathfinder here.

I am the absolute worst at this game.


I got my first win last night! Me, one buddy, and a random just cruised through a match with two solid engagements. Closing in on round 5, there’s 3 squads left. We let two of them duke it out, then I toss an airstrike into the zone as we run in. Got one KO there and then iced the last person in a 2v1 with an LMG.

This game is great.


Oh yeah, quick tip because it wasn’t immediately obvious:

If you’re like me, and enjoy seeing your stats, you can by going to the Legends tab and looking at the banner section. The customizable banner has a Tracker section, and there you can see stats (I believe they’re separated by character?) and unlock trackers to permanently show up on your profile banner (# of kills is unlocked for everyone by default).


I’ve realized that LMG’s can really wreck in the mid and short range battles. I’ve gotten probably close to half my downs with them.


I’m probably overlooking this because I’m bad, but is there a quick way to see weapon characteristics like ammo type, range and rate of fire? Feels like I need to internalize that and I’m not there yet. Do I just need to be Less Bad at the game?


I don’t think I’ve come across anything that tells you weapon specific stats. The closest I can point you to is the training mode that lets you try out all of the weapons (where you can get a handle of the fire rate, fire type (semi-auto, burst, etc)).

As far as ammo type, when you’re in a match and pick up a weapon, the color of the HUD element in the bottom right of your screen correlates to the ammo type. You can also see the ammo type (and request ammo from teammates!) if you open your inventory and hover over the weapon.


Ammo type is color coded (I still mix up energy and heavy).

I haven’t seen other stats yet.

Yeah I was leaning on the Spitfire hard during our winning match. It’s accurate enough to take potshots at longer ranges and shreds shields close up.


I’m at the point in a BR game where I don’t yet know the features of each weapon, so I’m picking up a class of weapon by sight and then, when I go to fire it, whatever comes out is a surprise to me. I’m having an issue that I commonly have with futuristic ballistic weapons design: it obeys contemporary weapon design conventions, but with a bunch of extra notches and flanges, which results in weapon silhouettes too complex for me to quickly parse. I’ll get familiar with them soon, but it is the one design aspect about this game that I am down on.

In spite of that extremely minor complaint, last night I stayed up too late playing a game on a weekday for the first time in a loooong time. I got that cold energy that I used to feel playing Counter-Strike into the early morning; a feeling of adrenaline trying to mask just pure cellular fatigue. i luva da game


Saaame. Went to bed after 1 am and I am hurting this morning. Totally worth it.


Really loving this so far, and it’s really my first BR (played maybe 3 games of Fortnite). Is there anyone playing on PS4 looking to squad up? I’m having a tough time convincing my friends to play and am getting a little tired of the playing with randoms crap shoot. PS I like to play Lifeline :slight_smile:


I’m on PS4 and am down to play with some Waypoint folks. Only thing is…I also main Lifeline :grimacing:

I guess it could give me more of an opportunity to practice with Bloodhound lol.


I’m also on PS4 and will probably try to poke my head into the game for at least a little while. I’m trying to get good with Pathfinder obviously.


I would love to play with waypoint folks with this game on PS4! I don’t have a mic, but I can play whatever character


Dropping my PSN ID here for anyone who wants to squad up!


Just lemme know you got my ID here.

I have a mic, but I don’t mind if y’all don’t have one or you don’t feel like talking! The ping system is amazing and is more than enough communication.

I’m getting on in a few so feel free to invite me in the next 5-10 minutes! I also just leave my party privacy setting to public, so anyone can join if they want to.


I am dabbling on PC, but haven’t committed to playing a game yet. The lack of a solos mode is something I understand thematically or to encourage the team building aspect of it, but ugh I hate micing up with randos. The potential for griefing and harassment is just too high for me to want to deal with on a clock-in clock-out basis.


I generally have a similar approach to gaming with randos, but I do think that you can very easily be fairly competitive playing with random players with mic, and muting the other players. While the top tier of players who play competitively will still likely have an advantage by playing in a team with mics, the amount of tools the game gives you to coordinate and communicate non-verbally really makes all the difference in the world.


fwiw I played a few hours on PC last night and most of the people on my teams had the mic icon, indicating they COULD talk, but 99% of the time people were exclusively using the ping identifiers (“theres a med pack over here!”, “lets go see whats over there!”).