Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


I had a pretty rough couple of matches yesterday playing with random people Plenty of slurs were thrown my way. I now mute randos as soon as I can!

You can mute from the second tab in the inventory screen once you’re in game.


Just want to jump in to say - I’ve been playing for the last two days and it’s a real good game. Even with randos it was allright for the most part (and yes I muted in-game voice as soon as I installed the game), but playing with the Waypoint community has been lots of fun. Looking forward to where this goes.


PSN ID is BlueBl1zzard. If anyone shoots me a friend request, just indicate that you’re from Waypoint please, so I don’t just ignore it :sweat_smile:

Will likely be playing later, but not till a few hours from now


i’m having a lot of fun with this, though i really am getting supremely worked. i’ve probably played 30 matches and i have 7 kills. :disappointed_relieved:


There’s an option in the settings for the incoming voice volume, you can just turn that down to 0% and everyone will effectively be muted. (I imagine most of us will be using discord or Ps4 chat anyway)

By the way, on pc, I seem to recall there being communication for needing healing / weapon / ammo etc. but I can’t seem to find where the option for that is; is it accessed through another action or called something different?


For healing, I know that if you press the button for using a healing item, and you don’t have one, you’ll automatically say that you need healing. Not sure with weapons/ammo though.


I think I’ve added all the people that have posted their PSN. Feel free to add me @ aegisreflector32 . To clarify: while I do like lifeline I’m always down to play a different character. Looking forward to getting some games in!


For ammo, I think you go to the inventory screen and ping the gun/ammo type you need. iirc, it works for attachments too.


Thanks! I’ll try that the next time around. Wonder if trying to reload w/o bullets will ping for bullets the same way for heals.


My goal at this point is to get a clean kill. I however keep ending up in squads that want to camp out in one area because it’s convenient and safe. PSN ID is Lord_Moom if people are interested in squadding up with less than good player some time.


Had my first win late last night and it was great. Playing with two random, very friendly dudes who were friends with each other and talking. I had a mic across the room but was pretty tired and didn’t feel much like speaking so I just kept pinging and spotting things to communicate and it is absolutely amazing how effective it is to play like that. We were such a tight squad and moved so effectively together and had eachother’s backs and I never had to say a word. The pinging system just gets more brilliant the more you use it.


My PSN is A_Big_Galoot if anyone wants to add me and play together! I’ll add some folks who posted in here too.


I’ll add my PSN too since I’m enjoying it so far, but haven’t had much success so far. I’m MattadorD. I should be on in a little bit once I get home after work.


So, which of us are playing on xbawks? Post your gamertags and I’ll see about friending you as I basically have no one to play with.


Pretty sure you already have mine, but it’s GjallarSean. I plan on keeping this game in the rotation for a while. It’s pretty much the first BR that has really grabbed me


If anyone wants to play on xbox, add me GT: Razgriz2Twitch (and I haven’t streamed in a long time, so no need to worry about that)


Got my first win! I feel guilty but not guilty that I had one kill and something like 280 damage while my squad mates had 5 and 8 respectively. I like to think I was a strong supporter as Lifeline!


Anyone on PS4 having long periods (10 minutes) where the game can’t contact servers? When I get into matchmaking it’s fine. I’ve also had it error out at the end of matches and when I reconnect my XP for the match I just finished is nowhere to be seen.


Hey i’m Tubehunter11 on PS4, so if you want to play apex with me on the ps4, just hit me up with a friend request and let me know that you are from waypoint :smile: I have a strange work schedule, so i don’t know how much i’ll be able to play with you guys, but i’ll try!


My buddy and I have had this issue too.