Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


I’m Thepluginbaby on playstation and…


TitanPhallus1986 on PC…

Also got my first win last night with two strangers! The game continues to be awesome. Hemlock and the other burst rifle are my favourite weapons.


I’m doing about as well as I’d expect to, since I’m not particularly great even at shooters where I am capable of recognizing which weapon I’m using, but my moments of competence are delightful. I love the respawn beacons, because it was a highlight rushing two dead teammates to one, praying to whatever cool Norse gods Bloodhound is into that no one is paying attention to me in this very open space in the middle of a good loot zone. I got them there and we promptly wiped to the next fight, but I felt very useful!


I hopped in for a few games this morning and enjoyed getting myself killed three times. I don’t know yet whether this has legs for me, especially because I’m bad at shooting in games. I’ve had fun before with PUBG and Fortnite. The art style, movement and powers are all good additions for me though.

I just need to learn better what I’m doing, like how to open the map. :sweat_smile:


Had a pretty strong round where my friend and I got carried by a rando. They had 10 kills by the end, and we had 6 and 3 between my friend and me, respectively. We were basically always a step or two behind our rando team-mate, who kinda just pushed themselves through the map without meeting much resistance, taking out multiple other squads on their own. Unfortunately they eventually got killed in a close-quarters 2-on-1, and by that point there were no more available revive stations, and we took 3rd place, after a bit more fighting. Still, we had 19 kills all up, which is 1/3 of all available targets, which I think is preeeetty good.

Also, the fast-paced nature of the game means I can play in shorter sessions, whereas in PUBG I was often playing 2-3 hours straight so that I could play until I felt like I had a good run.


LFCROBO, I’ll definitely jump in with you


Played about three matches last night. It was fun! Game feels good, but it’s overwhelming now in the beginning. Many weapons, abilities, places to go. The ping system is very good, I remember it from Battlefield 2 but I feel like too few games use it. They’ve understood and amplified its importance by placing it on R1 where you can easily use it.


I got my first win last night as Lifeline. My entire squad was on one. We all had at least 5 kills. I remember one part of the game where we were in that gorge area, and I got 4 of my 5 kills defending my downed teammates. I also got close to winning another one with someone from here, shout out @Moom. We had good positioning in the final circle, and I just blew it. There was only one person left, and when I went to go for them I ran out of ammo. So as I reloaded they shot me and that squad won. I don’t know if I just got better or something, but I was doing much better last night than previous nights. Except for one or two games I actually made it to the final 10 squads in all my games.


Has anyone had any luck with the Peacekeeper (lever-action shotgun)? I can’t tell if it’s cursed or if I’m just particularly bad with it. The rate of fire on it is so slow that it just feels like as soon as you get into a close enough range to use it, an SMG can just tear you apart so much faster. Whenever I’ve used I can only get one or two shots off before going down.

The Mastiff on the other hand… that gun I feel is extremely blessed. I’ve gotten it from care packages twice and both times I got a kill or two and my squad went on to win the round. Also that thing is just satisfying to shoot and looks cool.

Oh and if you haven’t yet, I really encourage everyone to look behind you during the dropship phase (assuming you’re not Jumpmaster and need to steer) because seeing all the various colored smoke trails across the sky as all the squads scatter is very pretty.


One of my kills was me popping my enemy finder ability and seeing an enemy right on the other side of the wall. I jumped over, landed a perfect headshot on the outline the ability leaves, and still had enough time to realize my horrible mistake and turn to kill the actual player. Peacekeeper’s probably not good, but I’ve certainly had luck with it.


I had a total of 1 kill with a grenade I think that entire time we played. I think my favorite moment was when i was able to grapple up to where everyone else was fighting & when I realized I didn’t have any ammo for my gun I tried to grapple out of there but couldn’t cause I had just used it and died staring at a wall.

This game feels like it has a ton of little mechanics that allow for a diverse range of feasible strategies thanks to the environment & and abilities. Pathfinder being able to spiderman swing from ceilings in order to catch up with people or flank an enemy seems like a strategy that will be used by high level players.


I played a little of the game last night with randos. I’m terrible at it, but it does feel super satisfying to move around and do things in. I managed to get a few kills over the course of the evening, but never came close to a win.


I’m with ya on the peacekeeper. I want to like it, but I’ve been having very bad luck with it. I managed to down someone with it yesterday in very tight quarters, but it all happened so quickly, I couldn’t quite remember what exactly happened :sweat_smile:

it’s really pretty, but it’s also pretty useful to get a quick analysis of where a lot of squads are landing at the start of the game, including if any land near you :grimacing:


I’ve had several multi kill chains with the peacekeeper personally. That being said, i think i would rather not have a shotgun if i have a choice. I just don’t think they are all that special, compared to smgs/lmgs/ars/rifles.


I haven’t had a lot of experience with the peacekeeper, but it seems like it’s an ideal flanking weapon to down someone in 1-2 shots while their unaware. My experience with shotguns in general is that they are effective if you can get the drop on someone in an ambush, but in a firefight, the opponent can usually down you before you get into effective range.


Also, allow me to join the chorus of people saying the ping system is totally brilliant. In my best/most successful match my two rando teammates and I were ping-ing things left and right (I often do not feel like putting on my headset so it takes a lot for me to go to voice chat) and it felt very good and we actually did alright, warning each other of incoming squads and such.

More multiplayer games need this simple, one-button communication system.


Always land on the airships. Gear and spicy battles from the get go.


I have! It’s a little finicky with the RoF being so low, but it rewards good aim. I’ve liked it so far and a few of my buddies swear by it already.

My go-to loadout, when available, is the Spitfire and the Longbow. The Longbow is my favorite single-shot weapon in any shooter I’ve played.

Here’s a no-scope from yesterday in a top 2 finish:

CW: Profanity



I agree with @Bugseye, I actually think the peacekeeper is one of the best guns out there, especially with the precision choke, which reduces projectile spread. I won my first game yesterday with it (along side the Wingman, which I also love).

PS Shouts out to the people from here I played with last night! Was a good time :slight_smile:


I haven’t played the game yet for I have too much on my back catalog but there is something amazing about seeing just the title wave of an impact it seems to be making


Probably not still relevant, but if you go to the training range, pick up the Kraber and go up the tallest platform, you can get a real close up of them.