Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Found myself alive with two squads remaining, mostly because we kept being in the ring and only faced one other squad. Got great loot, felt good, we holed up in a house, had perfect view over the landscape. And of course this person with 192 kills rolls up and just pummels us to dust. It was fun though.


Here to echo my love of Wingman/Peackeeper loadout. If I get that loadout I feel like I’m gonna wreck (and I do tend to do alright considering I’m bad at this game!). Peacekeeper is such a good flanking weapon. Personally I really dislike the EVA-8, that “auto” shotgun is so slow.


This is my first battle royale style game I’ve played. Watching PUBG and especially Fortnite I just wasn’t interested. After playing this though I’m super into it. The intensity of when an enemy squad comes over a hill or hops out of a house is great! Also the guns just feel great, and I think I’ve found my preferred set-up. I love the combination of the R-301 Carbine and either a Flatline or Prowler. I think all the games that I’ve won I have had a combination of those weapons.

Speaking of wins, @Terranova and I got two wins last night. Our first one was amazing. It was down to the final 4 or so squads and it seemed like everyone converged in that cave tunnels around the market area. As our squad was about to exit we got shot by a squad in front of us, so we retreated. Then another squad came out of the tunnels to our left and engaged the squad in front of us. We took advantage and shot at both. Multiple times people got downed, but were quickly revived. As I was healing I got shot from the back. Terra and I took that squad out, and our random teammate took care of the squads in front. It was so fun, and I remember yelling “Hell yeah!” when we pulled that one out. The second win wasn’t as exciting as we got matched up with a “pro”. I remember there stats were something ridiculous like 80 something kills, the most I have is like 20. That game I got totally carried. I think I did a total of 300 damage with no kills. Terra got 3, and the “pro” random player had 8. He also got into the habit of just going off while Terra and I were looting. I’d go through some houses and look up only to realize he was in a whole new region. So Terra and I had to book it to catch up, and then the cycle would repeat. It was a ton of fun though!


One small thing I really like about this game is that when you get down to the final two (or maybe three?) squads, it hides the number of players remaining and replaces it with a question mark. That way, you don’t know if you’re against a lone survivor who may or may not be able to get their allies to drop in again or if you’re against a fully kitted squad. It’s a small thing that helps to add just a dash more tension to the end of a game.

I’ve been having so much fun with this even though I’ve only been playing with randos. This game has absolutely got me hooked and it’s the first time in a long time where I feel a real desire to actually get better at a competitive game and maybe even try to find a regular squad to play with.


I feel like I’m starting to get a grip on this game.
Me and two randoms scraped together a win from rocky beginnings.


We dropped unintentionally spicy and I found no weapons so I managed to down an armed player from behind by punching them and grabbed my dead teammate’s tag and gun.
As two surviving team members me and the other player ran to the nearest revive station and I dropped the scout I had picked up from the dead tm and half my ammo.

From there we hit a couple of untouched loot caches and buildings, won a couple of hard fought fights and gradually built our gear to a respectable tier, finally ambushing the surviving team in a small field densely covered in foliage.

When you win because you actually play well and back up your team instead of coming out on top based on sheer luck it’s the best feeling.

When this was first revealed I thought I was gonna dislike having to matchmake a 3 person squad or miss wall running, but I was wrong; the movement options feel smooth and fast as they are (and you can still scale quite the height), and how they’ve implemented their squad mechanics and abilities makes playing as a squad as easy as matchmaking for a strike in Destiny or playing your class well in casual Overwatch.

(Also: Don’t stop firing till they’re down or dead, the TTK in this game can be weird but even the toughest of shields deplete with enough persistence.)


A couple of issues I’ve been having:

I personally have had a lot of problems with the 3 man squads. It was fine the first day but each passing day I’m getting more and more instances of squad mates jumping early and/or breaking off on their own.

Another thing that’s contributing to my bad time with it: I unlocked the banner stat thing for headshots on Bangalore. Seeing that I have 26 headshots with her and only 5 kills really discourages me. I’m getting the drop on people at mid to long-range (where I’m most effective in shooters) and landing good shots and it just doesn’t seem like a viable strategy, I’m having to run in on people with full-auto or shotguns to down people. Running up on people usually means going into a building (which means I have to always have a shotgun on me) and when one of the group has ditched during the jump it means you’re not survivable if they have a full group.

I’ve downed lots of people in those situations but I don’t get kills because we’re almost never going to get the whole group. I’m just finding that there really isn’t a whole lot of options for how to effectively play. Everything has filtered down to bunny hopping in a circle with a shotgun in buildings in 90% the matches I haven’t died in the initial encounters after dropping in and I’ve never been able to come out of those encounters dating back to Modern Warfare.


Seems like if people are solid in the shields and helmet department, long range won’t help unless you have a high powered sniper. Usually the shields will absorb enough damage to let people get into cover or a building by the time you hit that first headshot.

I guess they could improve the headshot damage modifier a bit? I agree though, most of my deaths come at medium to close range to auto fire or shotguns.


Definitely agree. I’m no good at multiplayer shooters, but the quick nature of this one and the feeling of playing does make me want to improve. Would be nice to have a solid number of folks to play with.


My preference is that I’d like to see the time-to-kill reduced across the board, and (though this won’t happen) I would also like to have the shield regeneration items removed entirely. I much prefer one-and-done armor; it makes conflicts tenser and briefer, which, again, is just what I prefer.


The spawn rate of armor and recharge is also just too high to the point you might as well make basic armor part of the characters and recharge an ability on a cooldown.


Oh God! I just read something pointing out that Caustic is a literal toxic white male.


“I don’t concern myself with the ambitions of insects.” He said into the mic to the Congressperson’s questions.


On top of that, he’s the only character that I would say is actually evil. He was a scientist who started experimenting on humans and when he was found out he killed everyone and ran away. (Bangalore is probably borderline since she’s a former IMC soldier, although she was left for dead and now is just trying to get money to go home and see her family) (And maybe also Bloodhound, depending on your opinions of hunters) (And I guess they’re all mercenaries so there’s probably some amount of evilness associated with that, but I guess I mean outside of that)

I have realized what they’re very desperately need to add to this game is the ability to rejoin games after a disconnect or a crash because I just had a game where one squadmate disconnected immediately but the other squadmate and I manage to scrounge loot and win some really tough fights and made it to top 5 before my game crashed.


I’m still really enjoying this but my main issue, and I agree with the other people here who said it, is the time-to-kill seems way too high? Like there’s nothing more unsatisfying than successfully flanking and getting the drop on someone, unloading an entire clip into them point blank, and them still having time to turn around and shoot you or have their squadmate come and shoot you.

Body armor and shields and helmets really are completely littering the map constantly, so right from the jump people often have a lot of protection. The whole thing is at odds with the shooting which feels so damn near perfect, I just wish they would reward sneaking or flanking more generously. Maybe put in a canned instant kill execution animation if you sneak up behind someone who didn’t notice you, or just decrease the drops rates on defensive equipment like, a lot


i’m actually a big fan of the higher TTK! maybe that’s just the Halo diehard in me, but i’ve always preferred the games where you don’t die so quick.

i’d also argue, though, that it’s a great addition to battle royale. since the genre is often criticized most for being 20 minutes of looting before you get shot in the head, i think these fights are more engaging. it’s not just down to “oh they saw us before we saw them,” instead having the chance to get much more tactical.

(also, if anybody else would like to play on PC, i’m ailur0 on origin so send me a friend req if ya wanna <3)


I too prefer a higher TTK. Encounters are more exciting to me if you can react to incoming fire. Getting the drop on another team is still an advantage, just not a guaranteed win.


I survive a lot longer in firefights here than in any other BR game I’ve tried so I am enjoying actually having a chance, personally.


For sure, you’re getting more time to correct yourself and the battles end up having a longer running narrative. It lets you have a bigger opportunity to escape too but I also agree that they could tune down the armour frequency.
You’re just walking by 6 different body armours and helmets at any given fresh loot spot; pretty much guaranteed that your team will have at least basic armour within the first couple of minutes.

I can sympathise because they do need to tune it so that everyone in the squad have an opportunity to get upgraded gear, but I can see them tweaking parts of the drop frequency or the TTK.


This could just be a “me” problem but I just feel like the TTK and abundance of armor is making SMG’s really underwhelming? The spread is too wild at medium range and they just don’t shred people like a peacekeeper or EVA does up close. The shotguns are almost always a better choice (everyone I run into seems to be HEAVILY favoring them), which is a huge bummer since SMG’s were an absolute blast to use in TF2, especially given how quick the movement in respawn games is. Idk, it hasn’t even been a week so maybe everyone will be sprinting around with alternators all of a sudden by the end of the weekend


Okay, I actually agree now that the TTK is refreshing given that every other game in the BR genre has a very low TTK. The one thing I will stick with, though, is turning down the shield recharge items. It’s not so much that the TTK is too long as that it gets reset so quickly and so frequently.

While it’s possible to argue that this design decision puts pressure on the aggressor to keep up the attack, I guess the root of my problem with TTK/armor in this game is that, for me, BR games are about hunting. If the ‘prey’ can heal itself all the way back, it’s much harder to definitively shift the roles of those in combat between predator and prey. As a player who is not as skilled at quick aiming as others but loves employing strategies to get the one-up on others, I don’t feel like flanking, sneaking, and similar strategic moves shift the power dynamic as much as I kind of need them to. You still end up in a shootout with people you catch with their pants down.