Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Reddit post that recaps fixes + contains plans for others:

  • This week we pushed a couple small server side patches that addressed a number of stability issues. We also had some brief outages that were addressed.
  • Fixed the issue where Origin was showing all your friends as offline.
  • Fixed an issue for Xbox where you couldn’t purchase coins in game.
  • If you get an Origin message saying that it can’t sync your cloud saves don’t panic. Your progression is safe.
  • AMD Phenom Crashing
  • Party Leader Quit message error. This message is displaying when it shouldn’t and we’re working to address it.


I am having same experience of people dropping out of games before drop. As a console player this has been far my favorite BR experience, I don’t know how much of that will be as have played so much Titanfall 2, so the barrier for entry is lower for me.

If anyone wants to play w no voice chat and make the most of the amazing ping system add my PSN SalamanderIV.


Granted I haven’t played a ton of matches yet, but I am almost shocked at how poorly I perform in the firefights. I simply can’t win them, and often I lose them in seconds. If I survive far into a match it’s only because I never met any other players. I’m having fun, but it’d be cool to also feel a little confident in the main feature of the game; the shooting.


Finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this game. I can see why people love the genre. Nice balance between action and downtime. Little frustration – bad games are often over in minutes, then you’re onto a new one.

If any PC EU player wants to play my tag is peakperformance_ (although please make a note in this thread).

(This match felt very good)


I’m having trouble with the combat too. I don’t think there’s anything for it but to practice, which is unfortunate because the nature of the game often means that if I’m not good at it there’s going to be a lot more time between fights. Add in the fact that I probably have a completely different weapon every time (or at least different attachments), and it’s hard to feel like I’m making any significant progress.


I’m sure it’s been noted here, but the best strategy is probably the Will Smith Method.

Basically, just purposefully go to spicy zones, especially the drop ships and blue circles. And just get a feel for being under fire and for firing guns. And by dropping in those areas first. Your time to fighting is much sooner and you can get more rounds of practice in. And if you somehow manage to scrape out and get out, then all the better. I’ve been doing this with some friends and I think we’re collectively much better after only two days.


I hadn’t thought of this strategy, but it’s a good one. For the life of me I don’t understand why it’s called the Will Smith Method, however.


Haha. Fair! There’s a developed named Will Smith (whose Twitch handle is “Notthatwillsmith” for obvious reasons). He was an early adopter of PUBG and is a pretty well known casual player of PUBG. Doing this was something that he would espouse on his daily streams and on Giant Bomb and even Waypoint podcasts, if I recall. It’s just sort of an approach that became associated with him.


I feel the exact same. The few times I felt like I put up a fight I have only landed like 2 or 3 actual shots and died. I do want to get better though. I’d love there to be a solo mode so i can at least practice getting better without feeling like I’ve let my entire team down.


I’d do this if it didn’t take me up to 10 minutes to reconnect to the EA servers after each match.


Thanks! I was trying to come up with some Will Smith movie scenario that covered what you described! :laughing:


I think that spicy method might be smart. As was pointed out, this game isn’t like regular shooter deathmatch types were you constantly are in the fight, constantly getting practice with and feel for the weapons. It’s not even advisable to try and shoot an unknown gun you pick up to see what it does, because it will give you away. But yeah, practice practice practice. Eventually you’ve been in enough fights and seen all the guns.


I’d recommend going to the training range a second time to try the guns out. When you’re first forced through it there’s so much new stuff that nothing stuck with me (not even the ammo colour coding!). After getting some basic experience with a couple of guns, getting to check them in the range again helped me get a feel for what they are and how they shoot. The game could probably use a better shooting range!

Ofc I say this but the only gun I get kills with is the peacemaker, lmao. Recoil isn’t my thing! :slight_smile:


I am so glad the triple take feels just as good as it did in Titanfall 2, by far one of my favorite sniper rifles in a video game. Although getting a long range wingman kill may be game moment of the year for me right now.


I’m really enjoying this game, but I do wonder how much long term appeal it will have for me.

The one thing that I really liked about PUBG that kept me coming back was that I felt it did a great job of equally rewarding various styles of play. I have never been a fantastic shot, so I was never more than average at twitch based multiplayer shooters, but PUBG didn’t require you to be. Really clever placement, stealth, and tactics could carry me to the finish line, and it’s not like I won a ton of games, but I absolutely managed to best people with much higher skills than me because I hid really well or forced them into a compromised position.

Apex Legends on the other hand, doesn’t feel like it has that just yet. Yes there are interesting choices to be made with abilities and with time and practice I’m sure more depth will reveal itself to me, but in a round where I got paired with two absolute killers, it couldn’t be more clear that having absolutely brutal shooting skills will carry you to the finish line more often than not. The longer TTK, the persistence of shields and additional heals, the added mobility and dashing around, this is not a game where a single blunder can spell doom regardless of your skills. If you get the drop on someone with decent shields, unless you’re kitted out properly, they can and will turn it around on you in a heartbeat.


Server side patches seems to have fixed this for me.


I just had a rando teammate brazenly kick a door open and obliterate an enemy who was right in the middle of executing me. How do I send someone money on PSN


Maybe it’s because I’ve only played a bit of Fortnite and the only PUBG experience I’ve had is watching the GB crew get smoked 90% of the time with the occasional B&B views, but I really enjoy the longer TTK in this game with all the healing and armor.

I haven’t reached 100% internalization with the positioning and situational awareness that’s different in the BR genre considering its scale compared to other FPSes, but because of the instinct and somewhat competent aim I’ve developed through playing a ton of Overwatch, I can still hold my own in firefights. That’s led me to surviving for longer, and as a relative newbie to the genre, it’s made me want to play more instead of getting frustrated by the not-so-unusual experience in other BR games like PUBG where tactically unsound moves get you killed ASAP with not much recourse.

It’s not like you can just go guns blazing out in the open field either, since you will still be punished for that.

I think the TTK encourages team shooting, at least on the level of skill I’m at where I’m no headshot wizard, and whatever reinforces the idea of having teams coordinate better is good i. my book. I’ve pulled off flanks resulting in a full squad kill thanks to my team engaging in frontline exchanges while I circle around enemies!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had moments where I got the drop on someone and felt like I emptied a full clip on them only for them to turn around and drop me soon after. Of course, that happens because their squadmate gets alerted and fires back with them.

But I’m fine with the trade-off where I have those occasional frustrating moments for the adrenaline-pumping pitched battles that have a back-and-forth dynamic and allows for clutch comebacks and hero plays because of all the ways to recover armor and health. The hero abilities also can be great equalizers against those teens and hardcore gamers with their lightning fast reaction times and pixel perfect precision!

PUBG can be the milsim where hunting tactics reign supreme. Let Apex Legends be the somewhat arcade-y, explode-y game show experience!


Is anybody else hating their time with this game almost entirely due to the lack of a solo mode? Love the characters and art so much, but having no friends to play with and already getting called slurs by teammates has me never wanting to pick this up again. The steeper-than-average learning curve would be great with friends, but when you’re forced to play with randos it’s just embarassing at best


The Waypoint discord is popping right now with people grouping up for Apex. I recommend giving that a shot.