Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Yeah, get on that Discord group! Lot of cool people there.

If you’re on PS4, I’m playing right now and could use a buddy!


I can retire


A counterpoint to the ‘spawnrate of armor is too high’, is that reviving two team mates and them not being able to find at least t1 armor somewhat consistently would suck.

Edit: Also, Gibraltar is the best


Won my first round with 7 kills!

Anyone else get the feeling the game offsets premades by matching them with higher skilled opponents? I’ve noticed the few times I’ve played with randos it’s not uncommon for our squad to be picked at the start as the champion squad or whatever which seems really strange having not won a single match up until then.


I’ve played a few matches and it’s probably the best feeling BR game I’ve played yet. Definitely would like to play more.
Though last night I was matched up with some folks who were kind of shitty and spouted some transphobic garbage. I just quit, and I’ve honestly had some difficulty wanting to play again because I don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff.

If anyone is on Origin and could want an extra, shoot me an invite at AxelAodh. I’m also on the waypoint discord. I’m not very good, but I’ll try my best and be polite


I’ve been playing quite a lot since I’ve been off work ill most of this week. I’ve always wanted to like the BR genre but never found the game for me, I’ve been hooked on Apex though.

Something that I really like is how the diversity of the roster can help the communication aspect of the game. Diversity is obviously good for a ton of reasons but it rarely benefits the gameplay. When a character comes under fire and they say their typical “taking fire” line, it’s so much easier to identify who’s actually getting shot when the character’s are so distinct.

If anyone wants to add me on PSN I’m gnarwolf264, I don’t currently have a mic but it’d be fun to play with some folks from here.


My two other squad-mates left before the match started but I still managed to rank 4th >:3


Just started playing tonight and rly enjoying it! I fucking suck though even though the one shooter I’m great at is Halo and this is the most Halo feeling BR yet.


I’m pretty terrible too, despite being able to hold my own in Titanfall. I think I need more practice developing battle royale chops.

Part of me wonders if the faster pace and streamlining of Apex makes for a bit steeper learning curve. From watching PUBG streams, it seemed like that game’s slower early game made it a little easier to make decisions before getting thrown into combat.


When you’ve got a battle royale to attend but still wanna flex the art history degree that got you stuck here in the first place.


I just started this game! My first BR and I really do suck at it. Who knew that watching one PUBG stream in 2017 doesn’t translate to elite in-game skills? :woman_shrugging:t5:

I was carried by a few kind souls tonight, ended in the top 3, and now I’m itching to play more. The lack of wall running is a bit sad, but it feels enough like Titanfall 2 to keep me going. If anyone wants to squad up, I’m TastyPurrito on Origin.


I didn’t get a screenshot of my first win, but that’s ok, because I got one of my pacifist run! I had some crucial Eye pings and at some points just ran in as bait so enemies would show themselves for my teammates to take the shot. It probably shouldn’t have worked, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

I am alagryps on Origin if anyone wants to chill in silence.


In the campagin multiplayer of the first Titanfall at one stage the space dinosaurs (I believe they’re called leviathans - kind of wish they had some cool dinosaur name) basically started attacking this airbase you were fighting over. It was all in the background - a bit like whay you’d see in the background of a fighting game but it was pretty cool. They were never really used in the game after that, thought there would be a set piece in which you had to wall run across it’s side or something.

In other news I’ve had five wins on Apex Legends now. All with complete strangers.

I also had a game last night with a duo. I think they hacked one of the attennas to reveal the final circle. They basically hid in a bush for the whole match. It was in one of the upland canyons. Very narrow, but basically I got killed as one of the other crews came rolling in. They didn’t intervene, they just hid in a bush. Until basically the third squad got destroyed by the second squad and then they made their move.

Still got completely pulverised by the other team but it was kind of cool to watch.

They basically just hid in a bush. One of the enemy teams walked right by them completely oblivious to them.

So bushes, good to hide in, in this game.


I watched another player do that after they eliminated me: they ran through a building and got in a skirmish with a full squad, got away, ran outside and … hid behind a box. The other team all just charged right past. I’m going to have to try that.


I agree on the SMG’s. The Prowler is really annoying without the hop-up, the R99’s damage is way too low, and the Alternator doesn’t have a high enough RoF to justify it’s recoil at medium ranges.

Basically, the Carbine is easier to use than all of them for that style of gun.


What are everyone’s favorite weapons so far?



Very good.

Would recommend.


I feel good when I have a wingman and a peacekeeper. I’ve started digging the longbow too.


Had a moment this weekend where our team dropped into a warehouse and immediately got into a gunfight. I however, was unable to find a gun & ended up running around swinging around the warehouse like spiderman trying to find any gun before landing next to the last remaining enemy & punching them a few times before one of my teammates killed them. I just like how this game has moments that remind me of the best aspect of Bionic Commando 2009.


Wingman, Longbow, Spitfire, and Peacekeeper. Mastiff when it drops.

Devotion’s spin up throws me off, but it’s good with the Turbocharger. Flatline is fine, but really needs an extended mag to be useful.