Waypoint 101 (2022 Lineup Hype!)

The slide show stream left me with great excitement for the upcoming 101’s but days later going to install things I was unable to remember the order of games (and which of Ricardo’s games made it in). So here’s the list for anyone else getting ready!

  1. We Know The Devil / Heaven Will Be Mine
  2. Sid Meier’s Gettysburg
  3. System Shock(s)
  4. The Thing
  5. Final Fantasy Tactics

I’m really glad Renata’s picks won! I’ve been meaning to get to both of those games for years at this point! Also, The Thing looked really interesting!

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Same. I picked up both Pillow Fight/Worst Girls games a while ago so I’m glad to have this extra push to get around to booting them up. Also glad we’re starting with some bite sized ones to get me back in the swing of playing along before having to decide how much of System Shock counts as getting a good feel for it.

I would like to state for the record that the final set of votes was actually the opposite of a runoff/ranked choice-style election. In proper ranked choice, the last place vote getter is removed as an option and the next runoff vote is held (or held again “instantly” via ranked choice, using the instant-runoff procedure). By holding four sequential votes with the winner getting the next spot in the order, you guys actually just effectively did four first-past-the-post votes.

This pedantic minutia is really only of interest to @robzacny. The fact that the final order actually matches my preferences quite closely is purely a coincidence and not a feature of the voting procedure.


Twitch’s lack of a robust selection of voting mechanisms continues to vex.

For situations like this where we’re ranking/ordering things rather than choosing a single winner, I like to use a Borda count like system since I think its serious problems only appear when you eliminate non-winners.


We Know the Devil is my favorite game ever and I’m excited about this :slight_smile:
Heaven Will Be Mine is also great but its a lot more reading and I still kinda need to finish it :smiley:

I just started to watch the vod on youtube and was really excited when i saw them come up :smiley:


Finally a Waypoint 101 about games I’ve actually played!! Only took seven or eight years.

Even virtualizing the appropriate vision of Windows, Gettysburg has still defeated me. I’ll probably enjoy watching the gang steam it much more than playing it myself anyway. And I’ll have more time for System Shock and The Thing.

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I’m very excited to play along with Sid Meier’s Gettystburg! I remember having the demo on my Windows 98 cd, but never really having it click. Hopefully having Rob guide the discussion will help make wargames make sense to me (at the very least I will at least be able to suffer alongside Patrick)


I’m excited in a way for all of the picks, because many of them are things I’m curious about, but for different reasons probably won’t get round to playing myself.

But the We know the Devil/Heaven Will Be Mine combo is by far my favourite of these! I’m playing through the former at the moment and it has everything I want from a queer visual novel. Can’t wait for Waypoint’s take on it!