Waypoint 101 — Mark of the Ninja


Austin mentioned on the Discord that it would very likely be pushed into early next year.


Thanks a lot Hyetal.


Hey folks! Plan is to record this on Wednesday. If you have questions, now’s the time to send them in! gaming@vice.com, with the subject Waypoint 101 Question


For some reason I missed the announcement of this 101, I only heard about it on this week’s podcast. Are updates on new 101 games only on the site now?

Also, is anyone playing the Switch version? I’m going skiing this week, so would be a perfect game to take with me, but I’ve heard the frame rate on that version is spotty.


I played it on Switch and had a good time. It sounds like at launch it would run at 60fps docked, and unlock the framerate for handheld mode, but issues with that setting lead the devs to just lock everything to 30fps.


It was mentioned a couple of times on the podcast, but usually near the end when they’re making housekeeping announcements. If you’re the type to start zoning out once they start talking about Bo-En, then you might have missed it.