Waypoint 101 — Shadowrun: Dragonfall


Apologies if this was brought up elsewhere in the thread - I looked and didn’t see it.

I just started playing Dragonfall after playing Returns when it came out, and I’m getting some **real strong ** déjà vu from the opening/tutorial mission. Am I losing my mind, or do these games open almost identically?


Dragonfall started as a modded campaign for Returns by the devs, but was expanded into a proper full release. It’s running on the same stuff as Returns, so much of it is mechanically similar. Hong Kong is the one that bucks the trend with some graphical updates and system changes.


How so? SRR opens with a dead guy sending you a recorded message offering a reward to find his killer which is pretty different from Dragonfall’s milk-run-goes-to-shit also maybe a dragon?


Started this today. I played through the starting mission twice, trying to figure out my character. Eventually, I’ve settled on a Physical Adept Elf Swordmaiden. I’m having to be careful and approach combat very cautiously because while melee is feasible, it’s a bit rough at times. Also, basically running a mage who doesn’t cast spells, but casts “attacks” is an interesting switch.

I probably should have done a decker and may do one if I come back to the game or if/when I move to HK.

Also, can I just say that I love the way your character’s history is setup in the game? I found myself just answering questions, feeling what seemed right, and suddenly realized my Runner is mourning the death of her girlfriend, dealing with a past betrayal that brought her to the Flux State. All just from what seemed right in answering the questions. I like that HBS gave us the option to do it that way.

More and more, Lady M is revealing herself to be an elf very interested in maintaining this space that her now ex-girlfriend started to build, carving up any and all threats, especially some random collection of human supremacists. She even decided in the middle of an audition run to say “screw it” and blew the run, deciding she didn’t want to work for the people who had hired her. I liked that the game had that as an actual possibility because it just felt right for the moment.

So far, I’m quite enjoying. Now if I can just figure out why this game only seems to run at 60 FPS on a system that can run D2 at 100+ FPS consistently.


If we’re sharing our character’s personality and history, I recently started reading Berserk (it’s, uh, absurdly sexist, but there’s some interesting stuff in there?) and just now realized I’ve made my Shadowrun main character, a black dwarf mage named Martin, essentially the Guts to Monika’s Griffith in a lot of ways. He’s a guy who was brought up into the life by this charming and incredibly driven person, grew close to them, then drifted away from that person because he thought he needed to find something for himself, and basically figured out too late he didn’t want much more from life than to hang out with his friend. There’s a lot of shit in Berserk I really hate but that specific dynamic clearly spoke to me, and it’s been interesting to see myself replicating it here.


I started playing this as soon as I saw the announcement for 101 because the setting seemed so interesting? I’ve never engaged with anything Shadowrun before, but I’m already just before what seems to be the final mission and reaaally into the writing and characters. I’m thinking I’d jump into Hong Kong as soon as I’m done since people say so many good things about it?

My huge hot buff troll Adept is named Foxtrot Nefarious, specializing in Unarmed, because I get very pleased when RPGs let me just Punch things. I also ended up making her look _a lot _ like my DA:I inquisitor…


Noether is an elf decker who tried to go straight by becoming a researcher. He is an excellent and inquisitive decker and prefers to solve things with words if he can, using academic and corporate etiquette.
He decided to re-join Monika after becoming disillusioned with corporate academia and fully believes in the F-State anarchist project - so he acquired a severe undercut, a new deck and a leather jacket and travelled to Berlin.


Hello! First time poster on the Waypoint forums! I played Dragonfall for about a dozen hours a few years ago, but bounced off because of the combat. I’m excited to give it another try.

My character, Urba-Dido, is a male elf drone operator/decker who is torn between wanting to preserve what Monika built up in the Kreuzbasar and wanting to warn his colleagues that their sense of stability is a mirage. In his experience, Urba-dido has been able to survive best in predictable environments, even if that means that the government or one corporation is in total control. It’s easier to hack into a system that doesn’t change much, he believes. Something about the Flux State bothers him, and the fact that the people of Kreuzbasar seem to be doing all right only adds to the feeling.

He does what he can to help people in his community–Monika’s community, to be exact–but feels guilty for being skeptical of the anarchist philosophy that those around him are invested in. He secretly thinks that Monika made the wrong choice in naming him the new leader. Maybe his thoughts will change?


Agreed! It’s forcing me to think about my character’s place in the world, and that’s pretty rare. Instead of doing all the storytelling in the character creation screen and then seeing the game react for the next 30 hours, the game is pushing me to fill in the blanks long after I clicked start a new game. And it’s doing it in a very natural way, through friends asking questions. It’s really cool.


Initial impressions: this game is HARD. Admittedly the second mission was much easier than the first but I had to put down the controller in frustration several times just to beat the tutorial. I then wanted to re-beat the first mission so I could re-spec to get through the second without combat. This game seems really frustrating but also fascinating so far. One major complaint I have is the lighting: it’s nearly impossible for me to remember where things are when the game insists on darkening every place where the character isn’t. I also wish there was a setting to make all the enemies glow during a fight so you could keep track of them. Other than this lack of visual accessibility I’m very intrigued and definitely gonna stick with it for a while.


This is perfect, I went through the exact same process after E3. I also was really hungry for some cyberpunk after the 2077 stuff so I picked up all three Shadowrun games during the steam sale. Returns is definitely the weakest of the three but I still think it has plenty of redeeming qualities and I enjoyed that your character is more of a lone wolf in that story. Dragonfall was fantastic and I’m currently playing through Hong Kong. Glad Austin and I were drawn to the same games for our cyberpunk fix and I look forward to the discussion once everyone else has a chance to play/revisit them.


I lost 100 nuyen on that sewer job, but I gained some karma. It’s nice that I can play as a community activist.


Shadowrun’s world building has always been one of its biggest appeals; I don’t think the tabletop game’s mechanics ever did it any favors, but what it has in spades (for me, especially during the 90s Tom Dowd/Nigel Findley era) is how real the world feels, despite what on the surface seems like a ridiculous premise. The way the sourcebooks are written, as in-world documents being commented on by actual people in the setting, is a great framing device that helps with this.

This has been one of the things that HBS did a great job bringing over from the tabletop game; while Shadowrun Returns was very shaky (and its plot, especially the end, suffered from the worst excesses of the 90s metaplot), Dragonfall and Hong Kong both do a great job of making the people in the game feel real and presenting you with a world that usually feels surprisingly grounded (I mean, as grounded as a game about cyberpunk dragons and magic spirits can be).

If you like Dragonfall, I think Hong Kong will likewise tickle your fancy – I don’t know if it is quite as good, but it does a great job of telling a story that is unique in the Shadowrun universe (unlike Shadowrun Returns) with real, well-developed characters and a setting that is extremely evocative.


I just finished a run where you go break a quarantine for some bioware.

Loved it. Loved it so much considering the setting for Shadowrun w orcs, trolls, elves, and dragons.

Great run, would do again.


Here’s what I mean - I played Returns when it released for about 16 hours and then never touched either Hong Kong or Dragonfall despite really liking Returns. So Returns was my only Shadowrun experience.

Upon starting Dragonfall yesterday, I vividly remembered the opening “milk run gone wrong” set up, the conversation about bad TV, looking around the outside of the mansion, the vase in the display case, and how combat starts by opening a door to the left of that big room. Despite having 0 hours played of Dragonfall on Steam, I’ve somehow played it before? I’m positive I didn’t watch an LP or anything. I haven’t gotten there yet, but based on some other comments in this thread I also remember the end of this “milk run” scenario and that it’s more about survival against a clock than beating a big bad?

I realize I’m probably way off, but I had such a strong sense of “I know this set up and I’ve played this before” despite clearly not having done so I was just momentarily shook.


So I don’t know how many people besides myself might have this scenario, but I played a bunch of this game on my Android Tablet when I got it as part of a Humble Mobile Bundle ages ago. Since then, I have gotten it on Steam and was excited by the chance to play it again finally there…but as I started a new game, I remembered the story thus far and really wished I could just port my old save to the Steam version, since I like having the bigger screen, ability to Stream to twitch etc.

On a whim, I tried my hand at it and am happy to report that it seems to have worked 100%!!

My process:

  1. make a new game on the Steam version and save it.
  2. locate this save in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\48604958\300550\remote\saves folder. NOTE that the numbers in bold might not be the same as mine. Look for the file with the most recent modified time.
    3)Once you have located your save file folder, you should see something that looks like the screenshot below:
    Note that for each .sav file, you will have a corresponding .srt file that contains the name of the .sav file in it. The a1_intro refers to the story mission you are on. (in the screenshot I had already copied my progress from the android into my pc, so spoilers on the act 2 mission name I guess) To be 100% safe, copy your most recent save and .srt files to another folder somewhere.
  3. On your Android device, go to Android > Data > com.harebrainedschemes.Dragonfall > files > saves. You should see some .sav and .srt files from your game. Here again the most recent is probably the ones you want. Copy these off to a USB, or to Dropbox, Drive etc.
  4. back on your pc, download the android version’s files to your computer.
  5. here is where it gets tricky! You need to rename the android .sav file to match the newly created PC version in the Steam remote saves folder we found before. Then copy it over into said Steam save folder. Once it is there, delete the original, and rename the newly copied file by removing the (2). Next, for the .srt file, copy the .sav filename you just created (without the .sav of course) and replace your original android version’s savefile name in the name of the .srt file. If you are confused, this is the random alphanumeric code before the mission name identifier in the .srt file. Reference screenshot above again and notice that the .sav file and the .srt file start with the same text. Then copy the .srt file over into the steam folder we found earlier and when you start up the game again and hit load game, you should see your android save there.

DISCLAIMER: I havent tested this extensively, but it appears to work just fine on my devices. Worst case you backed up the originals and can restore them if need be.

Good Luck! Keep on decking!


I think I may start taking you on runs rather than Blitz.


My INT is off the charts but I severely lack in willpower…:laughing:


One thing I’ve been wondering:

Who else here has the impression that the dude who gives you the lodge quest/quests (only ever did the first one because fuck that guy) runs the Shadow Run equivalent of a “rationalist” YouTube-Channel?


Definitely. (I did the first one the first time I tried playing Dragonfall… but this time, I have a different approach.)