Waypoint 101 — Wolfenstein: The New Order [Spoilers Unleashed]

It’s Doomguy or The Doom Marine.

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I need to pay more attention, lol, that’s so good

And what the demons call him: Doom Slayer, which is a little silly, but also, honestly, kinda great.

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Hey, Waypointeers! If you’d overlooked it appearing in your podcast catcher of choice, Waypoint 101’s first episode on Wolfenstein is now out! You can also find the forum thread here. Feel free to post your thoughts on the conversation in this thread or that one, although it might be best to keep discussion of the game itself in this thread, although if folks want to quote observations from the episode for use as a springboard for discussion, I’d be pretty into that.

As for this thread, we will keep it as a discussion of Chapters 1-6 for the next week (so until next Saturday). The week after that, we will open the spoiler gates and angle it towards a discussion of the back-half of the game & concluding thoughts without any spoiler restrictions. In the article for this episode, Patrick says the next episode will be in two weeks. For those folks angling to finish it in time, consider this a reminder and a little extra incentive to close in on your goal.

Also! As per Patrick’s request in the episode, if you played through the Wyatt path, feel free to send an e-mail talking about the differences over to gaming@vice.com using the subject head “Wolfenstein Question” (or something to that effect; just make sure the words are in there).


Just caught up with Chapter 6 and the first podcast :slight_smile: For clarification, will Part 2 be covering Chapter 7 through to the end, or will there be a Part 3?

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The first podcast seemed that it was angled pretty strongly towards this being a two-parter. We won’t know for sure until the 'cast hits, but I think they said they were aiming to have the game finished by the time The New Colossus hit.

On that note, I now emphasise that this thread is moving towards, well, the hypothetical Part 2 of the podcast and spoilers are now acceptable. Please be aware of this if you’re reading past this post!

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Yeah I had actually paused the podcast before they delved into listener questions and during that last half-hour they confirm that they’re planning on playing through to the end next. Thanks for answering though!

I just wanted to give my 2 cents on the whole Wyatt/Fergus choice. I ended up choosing Wyatt for a couple reasons. As much as the whole “he’s young so he deserves to live” thing is a cliche, what sold me on that was (if I recall correctly) Fergus himself telling B.J. to save the kid. In my head, Fergus would be ready to die after all he’s been through and, even more, would take it really hard if Wyatt died “because” of him.

I haven’t played through with Fergus but I think Wyatt ended up being a very compelling character. He voices the same concerns about how young he was, how much responsibility you put on him and the toll that has taken. It makes for some great interactions with B.J. and explores survivor’s guilt in a way that didn’t feel all that rote to me.

The other important thing is that you get ‘J’ as a character in the resistance and he has what were, to me, some of the strongest scenes in the game. His monologue about racism and how before the war white people in America were the nazis is really powerful stuff. And all that only makes his death scene, in which he plays Star Spangled Banner on guitar while getting shot down, that much more impactful.

Overall I think this game had great writing and pacing. The direction on the cutscenes really caught my attention as I feel like most games overlook how important that can be for the storytelling. Anyways, just wanted to say I love the Waypoint 101 format, keep up the good work, folks!

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In fact, Fergus specifically says “that’s what soldiers do, we die” just before this scene, and says it again if you choose to let him die.


I’m going to come back and expand on my thoughts later, but having finished this last night - HOH boy the whiplash between the really shitty final boss fight and the fantastic final cutscene was wild for me.


I really have to mention my favorite small detail in this game. At one point when you’re crawling around the hub area during one of the interludes you can hear a woman speaking to a nazi officer on the street about her neighbor’s kid. It quickly becomes clear that the kid is transgender and the officer tells the woman to report the kid to the police or some other organization that would harm them.
I don’t spend a whole lot of time watching media about Nazi Germany but I feel that its very rare that it ever talks about what they did to trans people. Many of the books they burned are some of the earliest research we had about us. We were turned in and murdered. Wolfenstein:TNO isn’t exactly the deepest game out there but I’m really glad they shined a light on something that I feel isn’t mentioned very much.


I didn’t mind the boss in TNO, it was pretty easy to stay hidden in the tunnels and pop in and out for hits. I think I died once, but I didn’t feel like the fight was incongruous to the rest of the game. It seemed like a scaled up version of the first fight with a mech back in the second chapter.

I took a detour in the middle of chapter 6 to play Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein 2009, which worked surprisingly well. In my head canon, BJ meets Caroline and goes to the Nautica and while sneaking through has time to be introspective and flashback to how he got in the position he is in TNO… Anyways though, after the mostly terrible fight with Hans Grosse in Wolfenstein 2009 I was thrilled that TNO didn’t feel like it was throwing a totally off-the-wall difficult boss fight at the player before the end. For the end of Wolfenstein 09 I dropped to easy cause the boss fight was just not very fun.

It’s pretty amazing the cohesiveness that Machine Games brought out with The New Order. The series feels pretty whole despite bouncing around to different devs for each entry.

it was hilarious and sad to listen to episode one of this and come to the realization that NONE of the people on the podcast had chosen the wyatt playthrough. a big WUUUUUT moment. made me wonder how rarely it is played as opposed to the fergus line. the psychedellic experience with the jimi hendrix-ish character, and him pointing out that before the war, white people were the nazis, was the first time i was playing and said “well, this is interesting”.


The J sequence is really good, but I gotta say that the Fergus prison break is way cooler. I really wish that their “styles” showed through a bit more in the different timelines, in which case I think the more “explosive” way that Fergus handles things would earn him some more fans.

I appreciate that this might sound sarcastic, but it’s actually a genuine question - did I miss the the part 2 podcast, or did it just never happen?

It would be nice if it did, even if it was just Rob on his own talking about the game…

I believe they still plan to do it, but they’re going to fold in Wolf 2 New Colossus as well (presumably with separated discussions for spoilers in Wolf 2)

One of the recent podcats Austin said he still hadn’t finished TNO but he really liked New Collossus so who knows.

Just a wee update for you all, on the latest Waypoint Radio, the team hinted that Part 2 will likely fold in some amount of discussion of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (at around the 1:15:00 mark).

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i’m not too heavily invested in this thing, but i find it a little disappointing that the crew has this big “let’s play a game together!” event, plays half the game, records podcast, and then kinda fizzles out on the idea and then moves to “fold in wolfenstein 2 discussion with part 2 of wolfenstein 1 podcast”. seems like a kinda half-assed conclusion to what was originally a neat idea. i realize people get busy and stuff, but still …

for people who bought into the original idea and played through the first one, but didn’t want to move directly into the sequel, this “part 2” of the podcast will probably be full of New Colossus spoilers and be unlistenable, right?

Kinda disappointed to hear about the discussion shifting primarily to Wolf 2. It sounds like Rob was really hyped to talk about the second half of Wolf 1 extensively but I guess it’s not happening. I think the sequel is an excellent game with a kind of lackluster final act while Wolf 1’s final moments are extremely powerful. I hope they still find the time to touch on it for a while.