Waypoint 101 — Wolfenstein: The New Order [Spoilers Unleashed]

Thanks for pointing that out, I actually haven’t noticed this on either of my playthroughs!
Once again, I wish the game did a better job of steering you towards these options, you can stumble through the entire thing without being aware of how any of its systems work. It’s frustratingly but almost admirably old school in this sense.

This is particularly interesting because I had considered this the one thing the game taught you well since the first time you come up against them the only thing you have in abundance is grenades and turrets, but it turns out the latter was actually serving as a distraction from figuring out the more elegant strategy to take them down.

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I finally after, what, a month? Put more time into this game. I stopped when you wake up after the intro area is done. There was definitely a life or two expended reacquainting myself with the controls, but I slipped back into it pretty easily and ended up doing another 3 or 4 levels.

I have yet to really care very much about any of the characters. They’ve at least put BJ in a ridiculous (and terrible) enough situation that his standard grim-FPS-dude inner monologue actually makes sense. If there are interesting characters coming, they haven’t revealed themselves yet, but I get the feeling I’m still pretty early.

That said, the gameplay continues to impress! The game seems to want me to be very aggressive (all those dual-wielding options and stuff), but at least so far I’ve very much favored a slow, silent approach. I’d chalk that up to my own inclinations though. It speaks well of the game that when I’m crouch-walking everywhere and using a silenced pistol and knife take downs, it feels great… And when I invariably goof up and go loud, it still feels great.

I’m finding myself with a lot more free time these days because reasons, and also have a very empty weekend ahead of me. Hopefully it won’t be so long before I get back to this.

So, I finished my play through. Overall that was pretty damn good. Gameplay was cool and, when it worked, you felt like a badass. That said, I do think a lot of the more heavily armored guys weren’t especially fun or interesting to fight.

Story wise, this game manages to pull off an impressive thing that I always enjoy. Real people, ridiculous situations. It sounds simple or impossible depending how you look at it but, when it’s right, it can be really powerful. Because, especially in these fanfictionie times, life can sometimes feel pretty damn ridiculous. It’s a hard thing to articulate but the severely amplified, ridiculous version is often the easiest to relate to.

Now taking bets on what will come first-- the release of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus or the release of the first episode of this podcast :grin:


My guess is they’ll try to time it so the podcast series ends right as the game releases, but something unexpected will come up halfway through and they’ll have to end it a week after release, making it all weird

Good news, gang (or, well, bad news for anyone who bet unwisely in @2Mello’s pool :wink:)! The first Waypoint 101 episode for Wolfenstein: The New Order is recording soon and is now soliciting questions! If you have any comments on Chapters 1-6, please send them over to the topic thread!

If folks have thoughts on Chapters 1 through 6 in a way that goes beyond the original question, I think this topic is a good place to sound out about them (and, of course, it’s totally cool to wait for the episode to reflect on them as a chunk unto themselves).


I’m out THOUSANDS of Zenny.


This is to a tee how I felt about the game. From the moment Fergus opened his mouth I knew I was going to love that character. Made the choice hard though since letting a kid get it in the back of the skull so you could hang with your cooler pal was kind of fucked up.

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Altered copy-paste from the question thread coz the ‘anecdote’ might be better-placed here -

I’m coming at it a little differently than I think most people did - taken aback by a game with this bro-sy, story-light lineage and this pulpy story getting real about PTSD and survivor’s remorse and hope in hopeless situations - because Return to Castle Wolfenstein was (along with Halo) the game me and my dad used to play together. I clocked it then he started and we played his first playthrough together, me helping with the bosses when it got too demanding. It’s a really crucial part of my video game history and honestly, a pretty crucial touchstone in my relationship with my dad, and so I don’t see R2CW as the light, corny Medal of Honor-ish experience it is. That’s kind of why I like New Order so much - so far (and I’m past Chapter 6 on my first playthrough), while it doesn’t measure up to that experience and it won’t be taking that kind of place in my life, I’m not sad or fussed that it won’t. It doesn’t feel like it needs to match the sentimental value I get from its predecessor. It’s the game I need it to be right now, a shooter that reflects my anxiety about the world while also being hopeful and encouraging, and that means something. Maybe I’ll be able to play it with my dad over Christmas.

One other thing: do y’all feel bulky playing this too? With the huge, dual-wielded weapons, the slow running, the way crouching doesn’t feel that close to the ground and the clumsy-ass weapon switching, it’s weird to play a game that’s actually conscious of its burly protag. Kinda used to playing brick shithouses who have the dexterity and speed of Jet Li.

The time for questions has now since closed!

Hopefully the podcast is good fun.

That said, as someone who hasn’t played this game, I’m super curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on this question:

Honestly I always thought that while BJ is burly, he is fast and somewhat fragile (even if he’s immune to knives). The way I always had the most success playing the game was a game about sprinting from spot to spot and using the traversal options to minimize my exposure to fire. That slide move that BJ has is fantastic. He’s not as fast as Doomguy, but he’s pretty dang quick.

I just realised it might be because I’m playing on controller, lol (like Danielle, I try to avoid keyboard games when I can coz of my hands and wrists). Still, I think even the sprinting has some sway and sense of gravity to it that, say, Master Chief didn’t.

@DaggettRonpa Yes! When I play with dual-wielded assault rifles running through a level (AKA 100% of play) I feel like you usually feel when you’re walking with a turret in a FPS, except faster. The game has a really good way of making you feel big and powerful, but also making you really aware of that size in stealth segments even if how big you are only -feels- like it affects your stealth. They definitely did something to differentiate from the usual FPS model of making the combat feel good without really thinking about how fast your protag could actually move.

Even thought it’s third person so not an exact comparison, it’s something I always thought Gears of War did really well too: making your intimidating size and heavy gear feel as cumbersome as it was essential to your survival. Always preferred the weightiness it gives to combat as opposed to something floatier like Halo or Destiny

I don’t think Wolfenstein feels particularly heavy to tell the truth. Honestly the first thing I noticed when I played it the first time was how strangely light and nimple I felt, though that might have something to do with whatever FPS games I’d played just before it.

It definately feels way lighter than Doom does in New DOOM. Like, while you’re probably going at roughly the same pace most of the time, Doom has way slower acceleration than Blazko does. BJ’s basically off at full speed as soon as you press a direction, Big D Money has just that bit of acceleration time that simulates exertion, which I feel makes his superhuman movement and jumping even more satisfying and weighty.

Wait, is the lead character’s name in New DOOM ‘Doom’?

It’s Doomguy or The Doom Marine.

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I need to pay more attention, lol, that’s so good

And what the demons call him: Doom Slayer, which is a little silly, but also, honestly, kinda great.

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Hey, Waypointeers! If you’d overlooked it appearing in your podcast catcher of choice, Waypoint 101’s first episode on Wolfenstein is now out! You can also find the forum thread here. Feel free to post your thoughts on the conversation in this thread or that one, although it might be best to keep discussion of the game itself in this thread, although if folks want to quote observations from the episode for use as a springboard for discussion, I’d be pretty into that.

As for this thread, we will keep it as a discussion of Chapters 1-6 for the next week (so until next Saturday). The week after that, we will open the spoiler gates and angle it towards a discussion of the back-half of the game & concluding thoughts without any spoiler restrictions. In the article for this episode, Patrick says the next episode will be in two weeks. For those folks angling to finish it in time, consider this a reminder and a little extra incentive to close in on your goal.

Also! As per Patrick’s request in the episode, if you played through the Wyatt path, feel free to send an e-mail talking about the differences over to gaming@vice.com using the subject head “Wolfenstein Question” (or something to that effect; just make sure the words are in there).