Waypoint 101 — Wolfenstein: The New Order [Spoilers Unleashed]

I played through the intro mission tonight and the game definitely seems interesting so far. I knew there was a choice early on in the game, but that certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. The mission lasted longer than I expected for an intro to the game, perhaps a bit too long. I think it would have been better served to build up a sense of camaraderie with the other troops by having you spend more time directly alongside them – especially given what comes next. I’m not generally one for shooters, but it seems like there’s enough here from the first little bit that I’m interested to see how the story unfolds.

Apart from being a great shooter and entailing all the sadistic joys of blasting folks and seeing each of your bullets pulverise you’re enemies (I just love that rattle of the assault rifle, and the way it makes a mess of fascist folk). The thing that really surprised me about New Order was the way they actually made a likable character out of BJ. His initials literally stand for blow job! I think in the 2009 Wolfenstein reboot, BJ was this thoroughly unlikable jock - a nazi killing jock, but a slightly cartoonish character. I think the moment it clicked for me in New Order, is when suddenly it dawns on you that you are hearing BJ’s sub conscious talking to you, and he’s obviously dealing with some post traumatic stress. It’s such a great idea, it’s no wonder why other games haven’t taken this. His necessity to ‘Count to 5’ when ever things get a bit too much was a really good way of giving the character some depth. But at the same time he can just talk normally and quip with the best of them. “Wake up. Your dead” as he stabs a Nazi in his sleep…

I don’t think there’s going to be a single canon route, in the first trailer for The New Colossus you can see both Fergus and Wyatt in different sections. The latter shows up in more of the gameplay footage that’s been released, but it looks like the timelines we set up in New Order will carry over.

Easily the best First Person Shooter to come out that year and horribly overlooked to boot.
I’m looking forward to hear what the Waypointers think of it.

I’m worried they are going to turn the sequel into Inglorious Basterds the video game but I have hope MachineGames won’t fall into that trap and knock it out of the park once again!

Just wanted to mention if anyone sees this thread and wants to get the game on PS4, they just released a disk with both New Order and the VERY good DLC add-on The Old Blood bundled together for $29.99. The DLC doesn’t have has much going on as the main game, but the action is there in spades.

Day 2 of redownloading this: Am at just under 20% and am ready to die

Playing through this game again has been such a treat, especially since playing Uber is a fun challenge but not impossible like a lot of other hardest difficulty runs for other games. This is also my first time playing with Fergus which is really cool since he’s such a fun character to have with you the whole time.
I’m not really feeling Tekla so far tho, she feels too weird and separated for me to get attached to,
which is a shame because I really like J and feel like he adds a lot to the resistance and the stuff they explore with him, like when he confronts BJ about how he and other people of color were oppressed in the US before all of this and that for him, BJ and others were the Nazis.

Got through to the Kreisau Circle last night and I know no one on the podcast will say it so: The soundtrack has some great moments. It does more work to build a mood with an electric guitar and a snap track than the entirety of most CoD soundtracks.


I went through a rather annoying hurdle to be able to actually play this game. I started it once on PS3 but since I live in Germany, I had to play the censored version. Which, don’t get me wrong here, wouldn’t be a problem - I surely don’t need those disgusting swastikas, they can print shapes of a toaster on their flags for all I care, if it didn’t force me to listen to the German dub. Not only is the voice acting in the original English version very good and really not that good in the German one but it’s also highly immersion-breaking that everybody speaks the same language in this game. I luckily found a way around that and am now very excited to play through The New Order with the Waypoint community.
So far, I am positively surprised by how different all the various chapters feel. From the trenches at the beginning to the first Nazi castle, to get that classic Wolfenstein feel into the mix, the hospital in the Polish countryside, the claustrophobic train to the high-security prison in a horrifying version of Berlin (where I live at the moment - fortunately not in this game’s version of it though) seemingly made exclusively out of concrete. But the varied locations are just the backdrop to a lot of really good and enjoyable, sometimes even emotionally affecting, character interaction. I didn’t expect that at all, I just hope the game can keep up the momentum. I played through roughly a quarter of the game and imagine areas might become a bit more repetitive. But it might just surprise me yet again.
The actual playing of the game so far isn’t super fun for me though. I might just take the advice given here and play on one of the lower difficulties. My main problem is the checkpoint system, which doesn’t really feel super generous. I don’t think I’d feel the need to lower the difficulty if I had quick saving, but replaying section that I’ve already cleared several times just because I died three corridors further into the building already becomes kind of an annoying problem. Especially with the occasional instant death enemies and corresponding trial and error gameplay. Additionally there seem to be some difficulty spikes later on, so maybe I should do myself a favor and put on that lovely baby cap.
Anyway, that was much longer than I intended it to be. Well, I like the game so far but don’t really love it. I am really looking forward to playing it alongside y’all and follow the Waypoint discussion around it though.

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Some of it reminds me of the soundtrack from the another good Nazi occult stuff story, The Keep:

Typically in action oriented games I’m very much the kind of person to enjoy harder difficulty modes but in this game I found it much more engaging when I put it down to easy. I was just very uninterested in making use of the cover system or hunting around for healing items and armor. It enables you to be very aggressive in a way that I found to fit very well with the game’s tone.

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Man does this game have some seriously stellar camera work in it.


Picking up on something that @Blackie62 said, I had a wee question about this game. Does the ‘Nazi-fied’ pop music that was produced for the game appear anywhere in game?

@robowitch I found a fake album cover of a germanfied version of a Beatles song inside the resistance base, which was played, when I picked it up. Which is very funny considering that the Beatles actually released some of their earlier singles in German, when that was considered to be the right move to expand your market. “Komm gib mir deine Haaaaand” (I Want to Hold Your Hand) for example is just… somehting else. If I remember this correctly the game then also showed me some blank spots reserved for other songs. So, yeah, I think it’s in there.

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I’ve been enjoying the game a decent amount, I’m currently around 6 hours in. There is a choice you make very early on in that game I felt a bit cheated on because… I couldn’t tell the difference between the different army dudes. Wanted to save the pilot I started the game with, but ended up choosing him to be killed instead, almost wanted to reset the game but figured I’d live with my choice.
I’ll keep playing and seeing where it goes, maybe I will just put it on easy, as early posts suggested, because the game isn’t super fun when played as a traditional shooter, just kind of generic.

That’s a great trivia pull, I had no idea. Dare I ask how their German was or should I take it that it, er, could have used some work?

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Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. That probably comes down to the fact that you tend to articulate language very differently while singing regardless (super low-level amateur singer speaking here) and voice and singing practice also focusses more on pronouncing individual sounds and syllables and not necessarily foreign words. But yeah, I can definitely understand, what they’re singing without having to look at the lyrics, which… is something, I guess. :smiley:

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I actually enjoyed that timeline a whole lot. Not going to spoil it, but that timeline had some of the most memorable moments for me. I chose the Fergus Timeline (the pilot) cause I never played it before. I have always played the Wyatt timeline instead cause it has one of my favorite characters.

Yeah, that’s who lived in mine as well, he’s an interesting damaged character, but he’s also scarred and upset over my choice, can’t blame him, but it does make me feel worse about it.

I’ve had this game in my backlog for ages but never quite got around to playing it until now, and the only previous Wolfenstein game I’ve played was Wolfenstein 3D way back when, so I’m coming to this pretty fresh.

So far I’ve made it as far as the early stages of Eisenwald Prison and my first impressions are that the game feels a lot like an Uncharted in many ways. It has the same split between three phases - bit of cut scene, bit of exploration, then a some slightly superficial stealth followed by a shooting gallery. It has the same positives that Uncharted has, but some of the same frustrations.

Like the Uncharteds, TNO has a pretty specific idea of how you’re supposed to play through the levels, and it doesn’t always cope terribly gracefully if you try a different approach, with your character suddenly mysteriously unable to do something they could do in a different situation mere seconds previously. This sort of design can make for bigger big set pieces than you might get out of something with more of an immersive sim approach, but it can lead to some instant deaths that feel a bit unfair. Death as a trial-and-error teaching mechanic works fine in something like a Mario platformer, but it feels a bit off here.

And speaking of unfair; so far my impression of the game’s general difficulty is not so much that it’s hard overall, but more that it’s uneven. I’ve been progressing mostly OK on normal difficulty, but there are occasional spikes that seem almost impossible, while other sections at the same notional difficulty still have that ‘all powerful badass’ thing.

So far I’m enjoying the world, the characters and the story, and I’m mostly enjoying the mechanics of the gameplay, but they do feel a little like two parallel tracks rather than parts of a cohesive whole.

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