Waypoint 101 — Wolfenstein: The New Order [Spoilers Unleashed]


I’ve got it downloaded and ready to begin!


What difficulty is everyone playing at? I had to switch it down to second to the bottom because I had trouble with ammo at the end of the hospital section.


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That’s me finally got this installed after 6 odd days of downloading.

Still belting, turns out. The lighting is so good, like I don’t usually notice stuff like that but, hot damn. I powered through all the way to the resistance base in one sitting, and I recon I enjoy this more when I’m not obsessively stopping and looking for secrets. Killed my pace in that first car section. The story presentation is absolutely top notch, fantastic voice performances and brill music beats in all the right places.

Es It: Gut


The music is so good. This was Mick Gordon’s technical triumph before DOOM 2016.


It is surprisingly mellow and sorrowfull at points. The track that plays over the opening menu in particular I think captures both the balls-out absurd nazi-killing action and the more depresing and affecting moments very well. It should be Lauded for that.


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HOT TAKE: This is a better playing, looking, and sounding game than DOOM (2016)
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Seriously, I play the music all the damn time at work, it’s so good!

Also, fucking Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah plays on a track.

That end credits music fucks me all up too, but I’ll save talking about that for later threads


I am just downloading now, and looking forward to joining in. Bought it cheap on a recent sale, and I had plans to play again before this year’s edition … backlog be damned.


The cutscenes are super nicely built and shot :slight_smile:


I originally played New Order for PC, but I saw it was on sale on the PSN for £3.99 and decided I would take the opportunity to go through it again on Uber and get all the additional trophies. I’m not usually a stickler for graphics, but man does it look a lot rougher on the PS4 than it did on the PC…

The general feel is still there though which is the main thing. Even on Uber, the combat doesn’t lose it’s feeling, you still decimate Nazi soldiers no matter what weapon you use. I’ve been playing a lot of the Sniper Elite games recently, and it’s weird to suddenly go from a game in which you have to calculate your shot with bullet drop and wind strength, to just being able to dual wield guns with little setbacks. Obviously the game has iron sights, but you don’t really need them, you can just as easily pull off headshots from firing from the hip.

A lot of people don’t really like the opening level, but I think it sets up the game rather well. It feels like the opening level of any other World War 2 game from the early 2000s, your obligatory storming of the beach/castle but just amped up with robot dogs, giant walkers and beefed up flying fortresses. There are so many great bits to the level, I like how you can take down the walker with the cannon, even though you aren’t asked to. I like the parasailing section where you climb up the fortress walls shooting Nazis out of windows. The reveal of Deathshead is really creepy, where he appears smiling in the window.

I forgot how good the perk system was, in how it gives you mini combat goals which allow you to feel around the mechanics of the game unlocking additional benefits for you. I suppose the only problem is that I much prefer blasting everything that moves rather than the stealthy approach.


That’s a good point about the opening SO MANY World War II games open with storming the beaches at Normandy, or some variation of it.

But the fact that it’s '46, that the allies are desparate, that there are suddenly jet powered flying wings attacking you… all of that builds up to really drive home that this is a different war, one going very wrong.

Oh yeah, anybody else kind of bummed that the opening levels are the only time you get to use the SMG? I thought it was a fun gun.


I took that as a reminder that the Allies were losing on every front, including the technology side. Even the Allies service weapons were worse off.


I’m about to start the game in the next few days, and this is something I’m worried about too. I see a lot of people here saying to play it on Easy, but I actually enjoy a lot of shooters at higher difficulty levels (Halo on Heroic, for instance.)

Does the difficulty detract from the experience that much?


I’m playing it on Uber, the hardest difficulty setting. I’ve got to say, it’s not that hard at all. I’ve reached the London level, just about half of the game. On easy, the game is a still great power fantasy where you can just let rip and appreciate the story and all the surprising depth to all the characters. On a harder setting, the combat has a more immediate feel, taking cover and peeking out of cover becomes more pivotal whilst advancing and unloading both weapons in both hands feels more violent and eek visceral?. At the same time, it is so easy to carry around the silenced pistol and just pull off head shots from the hip from quite long distances. The boss fights might get harder and some of the more climactic combat encounters towards the end.


Is it me or does the AI actually feel like it tries to outsmart you. I get F.E.A.R. & Halo flashbacks playing. I feel like I’m regularly getting flanked when I try to anchor myself to a spot for too long & grenades used to get me out of cover. Maybe I’m just imagining things though.


I found the grenades kind of less useful when they transition to the electric kind. A must for handling the robots, but they seemed sort of ineffectual against everybody else.


My God, the match cut of Anya looking out the train window to her looking out the hotel window is so good! All the cuts are stellar. Why aren’t other games this good at being cinematic?


It’s so rare to get cutscenes that like, actually use the idea that it’s a camera capturing a scene with a sense of style, and it’s definitely one of the things that made the game stand out to me.


Just finished my first play through, I won’t get into story much since the thread is still first impressions but I found this game to be much more entertaining than expected. Some times you can’t help but your your eyes but it was still a fun play through. Quick question for those who have finished the game before is it worth going back and playing through the other story line. I saved Fergus, should I check out the Wyatt play through as well. Also did anyone else crack up when you first hold up duel weilding sniper rifles