Waypoint and HQ Trivia

Has anyone been playing HQ trivia? I heard about it on Waypoint Radio a few episodes ago and it’s actually a pretty great concept for a game-- A live phone gameshow that happens twice a day, where you can win real money. It feels futuristic somehow, like a genre that we’ll see spin out in interesting ways down the road.

Here’s the crazy part- The chat is FULL of people posting “I Love Austin Walker!” and “I love Waypoint” over and over again (the chat moves so blazingly fast but you see it over and over). So obviously, there’s been some crossover between Waypoint users and HQ trivia users and since they mentioned it on the podcast, that makes sense. But on today’s evening episode (10/23), the host used the phrase “all you woke gamers out there” after a gaming related question.

So here’s my question-- Anyone else playing HQ trivia? Anyone else feeling the futuristic vibe/have any ideas how it might be iterated on?

AND, fun side question: did anyone hear that woke gamer reference this afternoon? Is waypoint exerting an influence over HQ trivia? Will Patrick be the host of HQ for season 2??


Just want to say I’m SO HAPPY to see so many friendly faces in that chat!!! I heard about the woke gamer mention (I know a Waypoint follower made an account under WokeGamer lol) and I’m very happy Scott shouted them out.

Here’s my vote for Patrick for guest host or something… it’d be so funny… little gremlin man…

Also if you see gamergirl in the chat ever, that’s me :blush:


It makes me feel like, extremely weird but also I love it?? I was cracking up so hard when Scott threw out “woke gamers” and the entire chat lit up. I love trivia and have been known to record and binge-watch Jeopardy episode (shoutout to Austin Rodgers). From the little I’ve played, HQ has been a super fun way to get that fix.

I saw screencaps of this on twitter and had no idea what it was (i thought it was some incomprehesible livestream lmao) i LOVE game shows and trivia games and this sounds absolutely amazing!! i cant wait to check it out

I wish it was on Android!! I’ve wanted to play it since I listened to the podcast.


My favorite part is always when Scott reminds everyone that you can hide the chat while you play, fully aware of just how much of a beautiful, chaotic mess it is down there

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Same! Heard about it on the podcast and paused to go look for it on the Play Store only to find it wasn’t there :frowning:

I’ve been playing since hearing about HQ on the podcast. The start times are 6am and 12pm where I am though, hard to switch the brain on for early morning trivia!

I’ll have to check this out, it’s giving me serious 1 vs 100 vibes.

(RiP, 1 vs 100, you were gone too soon…)

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That’s danika, always gameing


Downloaded it over the weekend and was a little disheartened to see that there’s only one show at 2am (UK time) over weekends, but at least during the week there’s a second opportunity at 8pm. Hoping to get involved tonight!

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Got the buzz that a game was starting, but when I opened the app im just at my profile screen with no apparent way to play. Am I missing something?

EDIT- oh! seems the game was running late lmao

I really wish they had an Android version or at least a browser one. It sounds weird and fascinating and I’d love to give it a shot.

Just played it for the first time. Scott was not the host. And the chat did NOT like that! Tons of awful sexist comments in there. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked but wow that was a bad first impression of that chat.

Although apart from that HQ seems pretty cool and I might make it a regular thing.

Yeah, a different lady hosted one other time and it was basically the same. Scott sounds like a madman so I’ve been so happy when a new host showed up (only twice so far since I’ve played). It’s a huge bummer but also no surprise that a rapid fire chat with no moderation except for “pls don’t blurt answers” is vile.

Must be tough to try and moderate a chat like that. I hope they keep it up with new hosts though, I worry Scott loses a piece of his humanity each time he gets on camera and has to read the public’s hellish commentary, it’s only fair to distribute the suffering

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The host today talked about woke gamers and I hope to god someone from Waypoint recorded it somehow.

I tried it today, and I thought it was an interesting trivia curve - a few questions that were dead easy to get you hooked, then some moderate ones, then some real stunners in the last three that weeded people out.

The ten second limit does a good job of preventing googling, which is good - the last question was pretty clearly lifted word for word from the Wikipedia entry for the video game it was about.

The host is a bit too high energy for my taste, but that’s just me being sour. The game moved at a really steady clip and was over in just under 15 minutes, and the interface is no-bullshit - other than the completely unusable chat that I had to turn off immediately.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll have to try it in future days!

God the Woke Gamer shout out yesterday afternoon totally ended me.


The more I hear about this, the more it sounds like an existential nightmare I once had on the place of media engagement in society.