Waypoint and HQ Trivia

I was about to say “It’s not that bad” but then I flashed back to how I wanted to curl up into a cocoon and die when the host started reading a list of twitter usernames essentially at random.

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I want to try it out but I keep forgetting about it! It’s at 3 Eastern on weekdays too, right? Maybe I’ll try it today…

that Waypoint shoutout in todays quiz tho!!!


That was awesome, hahaha

Ok, I barely caught it-- but someone is paying attention here!

edit and someone caught it way better than I did-- thanks roguesquirrel!


That was wild. Someone over there is definitely a Waypoint podcast listener. Scott also said congratulations to Waypoint for it’s one year anniversary. :joy:

I hope Austin gets to be a guest host and just asks 12 questions in a row about Far Cry 2


I am very confused.


brands scare and confuse me

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Is there a way to, like, watch videos of these? Us poor Android users are missing out.

Unless someone has been recording them, nope.

Not live, but it appears someone is recording them and posting them to youtube.

Here’s Monday’s game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoVR8DUDK08


I noticed today that the chat was really toxic and unwelcoming. There was a new host today, Sharon, and she was getting all kinds of sexist/homophobic/otherwise bigoted remarks directed at her. Feels bad, man.

She seems to show up whenever theres a delay. I think she does a great job but the chat gets really hostile when shes around

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Ugh, that really sucks to hear-- This thing felt quirky and fun and hearing about toxic chat really makes me want to avoid it. I wasn’t at that particular game you metnioned, but I did notice that last night there were people getting banned from the chat. I wonder how to moderate something that moves so quickly (maybe filtering?)

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Ive got a bunch of family hooked on it because I can’t play it myself as an android user. But it is a great idea and just a lot of fun.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure it’s bonkers: CEO of HQ, the Hottest App Going: If You Run This Profile, We’ll Fire Our Host

Yusupov replied that Rogowski was absolutely not allowed to say that he “enjoys making people happy and giving them the trivia they want.”


Yeah I’m super fascinated by this latest article, it’s completely wild. Having one of the founders calling up and saying that Scott (who he revealed in the course of proceedings is contracted rather than full-time) wasn’t permitted to give his own, unaffiliated opinions without their consent - and then going on to claim afterwards that his call was “off-record” and that they weren’t to print it.

Interested to hear the Waypoint crew’s thoughts on it as they’ve talked about it so much. Jeff G said on the Bombcast (just after this story broke) that it only heightened his suspicions that they are keeping that dude in a cage and only letting him out to perform, and that they keep switching him out to try and stop him becoming too intertwined with that product. Imagine if they got rid of him; would the whole thing fall apart as their userbase walked out in solidarity with Scott, or do the majority of users actually not care?

Regardless, that story is nuts. The funniest part about it all is that this would have just been a fairly low-key article that no-one really read much into, and instead it’s blown up into this huge thing because they made a fuss.

The part about Sweetgreens in this article is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, holy shit.


I got into games a few times a few weeks ago and it didn’t really gel with me. I like trivia games but like there was a weird level of anxiety with it actually having something riding on it that I just didn’t like. I couldn’t separate it just being a casual fun game from it being serious.

Now I just downloaded it again to see if there’s any drama or story lines that come out of the recent news. And of course the thing just doesn’t work tonight…