Waypoint and HQ Trivia


As with all so hot right now apps, I look forward to the moment it comes out on Android and all the Apple people get chased out by the filthy normies.


“Scott is revealing classified information!”

“All he said was that he likes to eat at Swee…”



“Scott did you reveal your preference for ranch dressing to a reporter recently?”
“Uhh well yeah I might’ve mentioned it to-”
“Pack your things.”


Oh no…


w00t, went all the way on my first try

$13 is mine


Game is now available in beta on Android, for anyone interested. I’m in Europe so with the time difference I’m gonna have trouble participating much, but I’ll give it a go.


Been playing HQ since day 1. There’s also another new game that came out called Genius Quiz which is similar to HQ but only has 5 questions. I’ve won Genius twice so far, but never HQ lol.