Waypoint Commenters and Members: Do they watch Bojack? Do they have thoughts on Bojack? What are those thoughts? Let's find out!

First half of season 6, the final season, has just aired. How are people enjoying it? I’ve found it interesting how it’s delved deeper and deeper into reflecting on the show’s characters and their wider impact in culture but do believe it’s probably the right time to end the show. That said, I’ve just finished the end of episode 8 and wow.

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I LOVE Bojack, but I’m behind two seasons. ;_;


I don’t much care for Bojack. I much prefer the films of Jurj Clooners and Bread Poot.

Edit: Llama Del Rey. That is all.


Damn, another wacky prank from Jurj here!

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I didn’t think the show had in it another twist that my soul wasn’t prepared for- and then we get the Todd episode. God damn Bojack has mastered the art of the last line, still the writers are making insights into the nature of these characters that surpass any other show I’m watching right now. I really hope we get one last step in Todd’s character but I don’t know how that would look.

Also episode 8… “Fuck, man… What else is there to say?”

I have a hard time putting my thoughts about Bojack into words (he said before writing too many words about Bojack). It hits so close to home for me in ways that I find intensely therapeutic and kinda indescribable. Especially Season 4, which might be my favorite season of any show I’ve ever watched.

Anyway, I finished the new season a few days ago, and there were a couple of things that really jumped out to me. I had to pause the second episode three or four times because the rhythm they created with Ruthie’s crying and the sounds of Princess Carolyn doing her job was triggering my anxiety. Which I think was exactly what that episode was going for. Mr. Peanutbutter becoming “the face of depression” was an incredible bit just because of how believably hyperreal it felt. The second-to-last episode had such a swirling undercurrent of dread, because all these good, heartwarming things were happening—the crossover episode especially agh—that were obviously never going to last.

And then episode 8 was just wild. The… 1920s reporters? might be one of the inexplicable bits the show has done, but I loved every second of it. The flow of the dialogue combined with how quickly they were moving towards the truth created something kind of comedically dread-inducing… which maybe is Bojack’s thing at this point. And the entire episode just felt like this carefully-assembled house of cards being tapped deliberately in just the right places to bring it crashing down.

In short, loved it. Love the way this show screws me up and then puts me back together every time I watch it. Can’t wait for the last set of episodes.


This season has been great.
First of all, theres the nevending quest of Bojack to change for the better when every shitty thing he’s done in his life has been covered up or smoothed over because it was in others self interest to do so. Bojack has benefited from this, but obv it’s been eating him up inside and fueling self destruction. Anyway, this season seems to be leading to him getting his monkeys paw wish of having to take responsibility for his past, very interested in where this leads.
Then there was Todd’s episode with his dad, flashbacks of that Simpson’s episode where an ordinary man is incensed when he confronts Homers “failing upward for comedic affect” life (one of my favorites) , but this was more of a how differently the father has to react to white authority figures than Todd, then coming to the greater realization of , oh the failing upward white male thing is the piece of the puzzle I didn’t understand about my son until just now. It’s an interesting twist on the comedic trope of the innocent well meaning goon falling into success.

Little small thing about Princess Carolyn and Vanessa Gecko: I love that Vanessa had absolutely no idea about Carolyn’s disdain for her.