Waypoint Community End of Year III

Waypoint Community End of Year III

Hello everyone! As we enter into the final weeks of 2018, it is once again that time when conversations about the game of the year enter the discourse and we find ourselves reflecting on what we’ve enjoyed this year. That is why the Waypoint Community moderators are proud to announce that we’ll be hosting our own event for the third year running.

As always we try to provide a space that is fun & inclusive for everyone in the community. We welcome considerate and passionate discussion and we’re eager to see folks discuss what their favorite games and other experiences were this year. We’ve reworked the categories slightly for this year and we can’t wait for you to see them.

Beyond the categories we’ve also made changes to the process and we’d like to take a minute to explain how things will differ and what the key dates are, before offering a tease of what’s to come.


The Process

Like last year, our event will be divided into two primary phases.

Phase 1 is currently running and will end on January 5th. On the 15th we opened up all of our threads for each category and you will have the floor to discuss & pitch your favorites for each of them. Above all else, we’d like for those discussions to be positive and constructive. We ask that everyone is mindful of our rules & guidelines, and to lead by example. If someone makes a case for a game you don’t like, we would recommend reflecting and improving your own case rather than trying to tear their’s down.

We’re handling the nominations externally this time and we’ll be linking out to a form for you to submit your choices, so that the threads themselves can entirely focus on the discussion of the games (and other media) that fall under the theming of the category. You’ll be able to go back in and change these choices up until the end of phase 1. Once phase 1 has concluded we’ll tally up the nominations and then put the most popular nominees to vote in phase 2.

Phase 2 will commence on January 5th and end on January 12th. On the 5th we’ll release a thread with polls for each of the categories we took nominations for. These polls will remain open for a week and will be visible to all. Once phase 2 has concluded and the polls have closed we will release a thread detailing all the winners on January 15th, alongside a thread for you to offer feedback on the event.


To help illustrate how we hope each phase will go, we’ve established some rules on eligibility. You can feel free to DM a mod if you’re unsure or think a game falls into a grey area.

  • Each user can make up to three nominations per category. You may change these nominations at any time, up to the end of the phase 1 (January 5th).
  • Games released between Dec 10th 2017 to Dec 15th 2018 are eligible for nomination (we’ve included the very end of 2017 to account for last year’s cut-off date).
  • Games that entered Early Access in 2018 are eligible for nomination. Early Access games that hit 1.0 this year are also eligible for nomination.
  • Ports, remakes, and remasters are not eligible unless a category specifies otherwise.
  • Standalone games/expansions are eligible, however Downloadable Content (DLC) is not.
  • Mobile and browser games are eligible as long as they meet all other relevant criteria.
  • The moderation team reserves the right to remove any game from nomination if necessary.

There are a few categories accepting nominations that will have slightly different rules, but unless stated otherwise assume the above applies.

The Categories

As you might have already ascertained the main thrust of the event this year won’t be taking place until the 15th but to whet your appetites and help everyone get a feel for the nomination process, we have a special category that we’ll be releasing today!

In summary, we are immensely excited for this and for everyone to jump in with their thoughts. We shifted a few things around this year and we hope the changes will be to everyone’s liking. We want this process to keep evolving over time as we experiment to see what does and doesn’t work. We hope you’ll enjoy this event as much as we did putting them together!

Warmest regards,

Waypoint Mod Team


Hey! This year we’ve decided to keep this thread unlocked because we want to welcome discussion of the topics and Waypoint Community End of Year programming as a whole! We welcome any thoughts or discussion you might have.

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since no one has said anything lol

So one thing that kind of bummed me out (as I’ve said) about last years Community polls is the kind of homogeneity of its results. A lot of awards went to Zelda, Nier, and Night in the Woods, and it felt kind of weird. Out of nine categories, only four games were found top placements. This isn’t a huge deal; it’s not an official award, after all. But it kind of left a weird taste in my mouth.

I think that has a lot to do with the kind of interests and tastes of the folks on this forum, and you can’t really fix that. (Besides, this is a problem with games communities in general.) I think last year also had a lot of people really passionate about a specific game or two, which is great! But also results in that homogeneity.

Assuming that kind of result is something we want to avoid: I’m just wondering if the kind of categories we have can avoid that kind of thing. I don’t really think saying “well, this game already won something, so let’s go to the runner up” is a great idea. So it might be better to have categories that don’t fall into that. An example: Having “Best Big Developer Game” and “Best Small Developer Game” works to avoid this because they are mutually exclusive. Alternatively, “Best Audio Experience”/“Best Soundtrack”, or “Best Moment”/“Best Narrative”/“Best Characters” can overlap pretty easily. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have those categories, but it’s something worth thinking about.

Also, I’m a really big fan of the sillier, or more particular categories! “Favorite Fashion” and “Best Chillout Game” are really awesome categories that foster lots of fun conversations! I’d love to see more of these, especially since they’re the kind of categories you never see in big outlet awards.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:


This was definitely something on my mind as we were working to come up with categories for this year. Though I can’t say for sure that there won’t be some homogeneity in the results again this year, I’m hoping that our selection of categories will at least give space to some stuff that may have been buried otherwise.

Regardless of the results, it’s a thing we’ll continue to work on in the future and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

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Hey Vehemently!

You make a good point. Part of me wonders if this was due to the specific year, as I feel 2018 is a bit more disperse. Though I also think the way categories are structured and chosen can lead to this.

We’ve done a few things. We’ve made a few stipulations about what is and is not eligible for categories to avoid possible spaces of overlap and highlight games that might otherwise have a hard time.

We have also taken into consideration the games that are out this year and tried our best to make sure that the categories we choose take into account the games and where they might fall. One of the pairs you brought up earlier falls into this category and we’re curious about what the results of that might be given the games of this year.

Lastly, we’ve upped the number of discussion threads this year. While there is an appeal to voting and seeing a game win, there were some categories where we felt voting was impossible or did not add anything. Instead we want people to share their favorites for the category since the EoY team felt that part of the appeal of these awards was discovering new games.

We are curious to see how these changes work out and hope they’ll prevent this homogeneity and bunching. We would love to hear your feedback once the nominations go live or after the event!

Can I ask the reasoning behind the choice to remove the distinction between “best big developer” and “best small developer”? It seemed to me to be a valuable distinction

edit: just re-read the list, and I just missed the last category, “What Is Small”


I don’t know that it was any single reason so much as the conclusion we finally reached after a while of discussing the options? When we were planning this event and discussing what categories should be a part of it, there was a push towards not being beholden to the choices we made last year and instead to be open to experiment with the format.

Part of that was looking at our “favorite game” categories and asking what could be done differently. We weren’t entirely happy with the distinction between “big” and “small” developer because there is a broad selection of developers that could fall into either, as well as games that stand little chance of getting their due given team-size/budget doesn’t account for status or familiarity with a developer. For a time we even considered not having a fav game category at all. What we ultimately settled on was having a single category for “favorite game” and, as you’ve noticed, introducing another category separate from the nomination/popularity contest element of this event that put a spotlight on smaller games that tend to get overlooked in game of the year discussions.

I’m curious to see how folks take to these! We’ll be paying attention to the reception of the changes we’ve made this year and definitely taking it into consideration for the future. Thanks for the question!

One of the difficulties I’m having with this list is that I have a small games budget and an underpowered laptop. As a consequence, most of the games I play are from previous years so I can’t really keep up with the discussions on the current slate. As a consequence I feel that my own nominations are likely to be fairly in line with consensus, e.g. Into The Breach and Dead Cells, despite there being many other games that are probably worth the exposure.


So glad to have into 2019 to finalize my nominations! There’s a lot of good games, ya’ll!

The Waypoint Community End of Year 2018 event on the forum has progressed to Phase 2: Voting! All of the nominations have been tabulated and the polls are now live. You’re also welcome to continue to participate in our discussion threads, as those will be left open.

Make sure to get your votes in, as the polls will close on January 12th. You can find all of the polls in this thread: End of Year 2018: Vote for your favs!

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My 2019 Christmas wish is for Forza to take it all. Don’t let me down, Waypoint.

Hello everyone! We’re posting here to let you know that we finally finished putting together the results thread! Included is the winners of our polls and a bunch of writing from the community we wanted to highlight. You can find it here: End of Year 2018: Waypoint Community's Favorites

Additionally, we’ve put up a feedback thread for everyone to share their thoughts on the event. You can find that thread here: End of Year 2018: Feedback Thread