Waypoint Community Survey 03/2021

Hey everyone! The Waypoint Community mod team is reaching out to everyone in the community to get a better sense of how you feel about our spaces, and if you have any ideas for how they can be improved. We would love your input.

The survey involves 7 to 10 required multiple choice questions, as well as optional long answer questions for feedback or other information if you would like to provide it. This survey is not designed as a place to air grievances you may have with specific moderators, the mod team as a whole, or other members of the community. If you have issues of that sort, you can contact the forum moderator group at large by messaging @mods, and the Discord mod team by messaging the ModMail#5460 discord bot. Those messages will go to the entire moderation team for discussion and action if necessary.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help make our community better!