Waypoint Community UT 2004 Server (Closes on Dec. 19)


This is it, it’s the final weekend of the Waypoint Community UT 2004 Server! I would like to thank everyone who donated to the incentive and glad we were able to raise all that money. If you want to play some games, feel free to jump in. Want to change the mode and map? Let us know here or check out the Discord.

Waypoint Presents Save Point (10/18/2018-10/21/2018) [$60,460.69 Raised!]

So quick update on the server. I goofed! After chatting with customer server, I didn’t quite hit the right button to cancel the server. However, I decided to keep it up for one more month. So grab your friends and your flak cannons and have some fun.

The server will shut down on December 19th.