Waypoint Community's End of Year 2022

Hello everyone! It’s almost the end of 2022 - you know what that means! It’s Game of the Year season, where we look back on all of our experiences in games (and other media too!) in the past year and reflect. That’s why, for the sixth year running, we are proud to present the Waypoint Community End of Year event. Please join us as we countdown to 2022 by sharing our favorites!

From December 15th to December 24th, a few threads will be going up every couple of days - you can see the full schedule below. All of these threads will be focused on discussion. You can talk about anything you experienced in 2022, even if it was released in a prior year.

We’ll begin the nomination process to select our community’s favorites in January, and we’ll have more to share when that process gets underway.

The Waypoint Community strives to be a place that is fun & inclusive for everyone. We welcome considerate and passionate discussion. As always, we expect these discussions to follow our Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines. Be respectful of others’ opinions, interests, and feelings. Try to engage with others in constructive conversation.

We are so excited to get started! We’ll leave this thread unlocked, and if you have any questions or comments about the event overall feel free to post them here.

Warmest regards,

The Waypoint End-of-Year Planning Committee

December 15:
Favorite Game Feel
Favorite Multiplayer/Ongoing
Great Moments and Highlights
The Waypoint Runway: Favorite Fashion

December 18:
Favorite Presentation
Favorite Game Music
Favorite Narrative

December 20:
Favorite Watching
Favorite Reading
Favorite Listening

December 22:
Deep Cuts
Comfort Games
Tabletop Games

December 25:
Favorite Game


[RESULTS: Our Favorite Games of 2022!]