Waypoint Continues to "Explain" the Lore of Kingdom Hearts, Part 2 of ??


Haven’t played that, but if that’s the case you’ll almost definitely have a good time! It’s an accessible but engaging blend of real time action, trump-card gameplay, and rock-paper-scissors.
I don’t know if you liked Super Best Friends, or if they’re even liked in this forum (first-time poster), but they once figured out that it was their collective favorite game because it fit each of their individual #1 criteria for a game. I never forget that fact when recommending it.


The link doesn’t work, for the record – don’t forget you can spoiler tag images, too!


I mean…pretty much. MAYBE MoM isn’t evil, but they sure haven’t given much reason for us to think otherwise. Even after finishing KH3, they are just as mysterious as ever.


Thanks for catching this! I actually noticed just before you posted this and fixed the link.

But, I did NOT know you could spoiler tag images and will be using that in the future, so thank you!


Chain of Memories was one of my favorite games of all time when I first played it. Part of that was because I hadn’t played the first Kingdom Hearts at the time, so it didn’t feel like a straight rehash. And my Yugioh loving childhood self was super into the card aspect.
But I think it also helped that I was as confused as Sora was most of the time. So the twist that Namine wasn’t a person he knew from childhood, but was actually manipulating his memories was an actual twist for me!


Damn, I watched the Back Cover movie in 2.8 and I don’t think it covered any of the connections with Marluxia, Ventus, or Larxene. Is that just Union X stuff?


I say “as if it never happened” in the sense that society doesn’t remember it. It definitely still happened.

The other corrections I got are accurate though. I mixed a few things around. lol


That’s correct. Back Cover only dramatizes relationships connected to Kingdom Hearts χ. In Union Cross, Master Ava’s Dandelions have crossed to another world, wherein we meet Ventus, Lauriam, and Elrena.


Union X is technically just the games, KH Chi and Unchained X, they were just re-branded to Union X after the story progressed far enough which is super confusing. Back Cover is mostly about the set up of Chi and the Keyblade war that happens at the end. Union X takes place in the dream world where the Dandelions escaped to before the Keyblade war. Also they are still updating the game with new story stuff. I think the Ven, Marluxia, and Larxene stuff was added after Back Cover was made. Due to this their part in Union X doesn’t really impact KH3 very much if at all. Its just kinda interesting.


Yeah Master of Masters seems like he is up to some shit. Especially when he let just one of the Union leaders know that there was a traitor in their midst and removed the page that detailed this from the other books of prophecy. Everything he makes Luxu go do is also just completely suspect. I would not be surprised if we face him in whatever new storyline KH is gonna have now that the Xehanort arc is wrapped.


A minor correction, but in the westernised version of Kingdom Hearts they definitely rename Xehanort to Norbert (and when he possesses people it’s called Berting)


I wish I had the skills to remake this ProZD vid with “AMY GOT BERTED”


I’ve been playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 and just came across a cutscene where Hades summons Auron from Final Fantasy 10 from the dead to fight hercules, and when Auron says screw you, Hades says “Do you know I’m the god of the underworld!?”, and Auron says “No wonder no one wants to die”.

I just wanted to bring it up because it’s probably important to lore and not because it’s an extremely cool action hero quip.