Waypoint End of Year List Number Crunching

Hey, folks! I am hearing about this ‘data’ more and more lately and I, for one, am a big fan and feel we should be looking to do all we can with cyber-data. After all, the algorithm is now in control, dictating our stock markets, media consumption, and livelihoods (whether or not the algorithm is working on reality is, er, up for question).

One thing that I can assure you is real is that I have been crunching the number on Waypoint’s Top 10 lists, which is all part of the Waypoint’s End of Year coverage. Now that we have the staff lists published, I have put together some statistics for you all!


  • Lists total up to 55 points.
    • This is ranked (i.e. 10th = 1 point, 9th = 2, […], 1st = 10 points) where staff have done so.
    • Unranked lists give 5.5 to each game.
  • This is for Waypoint staff only and isn’t including Cameron Kunzelman’s list. I may add this later for completion’s sake but wanted a ‘clean’ staff list – sorry, Cameron!

Without further ado, here is the list:

(full spreadsheet here)

Fun facts!

  • There are a total of 42 games across 60 placement slots.
  • Into the Breach and Monster Hunter: World are the most-featured games on the list. Life is Strange 2 is higher than it looks – I have split The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit out. This checks out with staff episodes for Into the Breach, Monster Hunter: World, and Life is Strange 2.
  • The highest-placing game with the fewest listings is Vampyr.
  • The staff member with the most unique picks (i.e. the most choices that nobody else made & with the fewest seconded nominations) is Danielle, followed closely by Patrick.
    • By contrast, Austin and Cado’s lists have the most in common with other staff members.

I welcome folks to play around with these numbers, share their insights, or use them as they wish – this is mostly just me throwing something together to quell pre-flight jitters. This isn’t indicative of anything, really – I take a lot of happiness from Waypoint’s qualitative, rather than quantitative, method of analysing games. This is more for fun than anything else!

I have to give credit where it is due and say that I am following in the footsteps of Marino at Giant Bomb, whose annual Giant Bomb GotY data dumps are a good read and just happened to finish their (much more extensive) annual work over there – check it out!


That’s a good ass top ten right there. Super happy to see a diverse group of games in the top spots.

All the data supports it: 2018 truly was the Year of the Mech.

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It’s really cool to see how different everyone’s tastes are (somewhat excluding the love for tactics and mechs) side-by-side like this.

Yeah, this is a neat way to look at the lists. I especially dig being able to see the side-by-side the comparisons between staff members.