Waypoint Fan Discord Server + Steam, PS4, and Xbox Groups (and more!)

Hey all, here’s a link to the discord. It has 100 uses. Post in this thread if the link is expired and we’ll refresh:

Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CRBRANDSCKL
PS4 Community: Friends at the Waypoint
XBox Live: Waypoint Xbox

Highly recommend joining. The Discord is very good.

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Waypoint Discord is :ok_hand:

Get in there folks :heart:


Forum groups (DM Me if you think there’s something that should be added):

Tabletop games pickup thread and discord

Destiny Clan

Destiny Raids

Cyberpunk Book Club

The waypoint discord is Good Actually

Very nice for organising PUBG games.

Link has expired - can anyone share a new one?

A new link has been added to the OP! We try to keep it rolling on a regular basis, thank you for letting us know it expired!

They are set to not expire on a time basis but discord is being weird about that right now hopefully it gets fixed soon!

Invite expired again

Believe the link is again expired, can anyone confirm?

try now just refreshed

Link is no longer working.

Fairly certain it can be set to never expire can’t it?

Theoretically it can, but they always expire. It’s one of the reasons why we have them on a limit of 100, so we’re reminded to refresh them now and then.

Just refreshed.

I think the link has expired. Would you mind refreshing, please :slightly_smiling_face:

just refreshed it :slight_smile:

Howdy! Link seems expired. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can’t seem to get the link to discord either.