Waypoint Fans on Habitica: Getting things done together

Hey folks! I’m extremely goal-oriented, and gamification really grabs me in a way that can be sometimes unfortunate, but sometimes useful. Maybe some of you are the same! I’ve found Habitica to be a useful habit-forming & breaking tool, and I was wondering if any of you wanted to form a guild to reinforce each others’ habits. I was thinking of running monthly challenges to help us all work towards good goals.

I suggested this back in the Discord a while back and only got a couple takers (fair enough, Discord is more transient) but it’s kind of petered out in the last while. With the new year and resolutions, etc., I think it could be a good way to really get going on good habits, and it would be neat to have this space to encourage each other! Let me know if you’d be interested.

This thread is super old now, but could you potentially talk a little more about Habitica? How exactly does it work? I’m definitely interested in good habit forming, but I’d like to know a little baout how Habitica enocurages it. I’m not the best at using apps, so some more information this would be useful.

Of course… I can imagine you might not use the forum so frequently, so I’d wonder if anyone else browsing might be familiar with this app.