Waypoint Fortnite/PUBG Community Tournament


Would anyone be interested in competing in a Fortnite/PUBG tournament?

I was thinking of using the rules from the Fortnite Summer Skirmish from Week 2. Folks had to play 10 public games and would earn points based on their performance.

5 points for a Victory Royale
1 point per elimination

I don’t play enough PUBG to know if these rules would work. So if anyone with more experience has a better idea, let me know. Also I’m thinking about lowering the total number of games to 5.

Anyone interested?


Does Fortnite have a custom match feature? Pretty hard to do a tournament without one.


No, I’m using the format UMG and Summer Skirmish did. You play a number of pub matches and based on your performance, you get points.

It’s explained in better detail here https://youtu.be/6VLqdY6rvZk?t=30m24s

Every platform that Fortnite is available on has an ability to share screenshots. So you can take a quick screenshot after your match is done to show proof, add your points up and then see where you stand on the leaderboard. I can put something together with Google forms so folks can submit points or we can use a forum thread.

This is a format that TO’s have been using for awhile. It works.