Waypoint Forum & Discord Moderator Application

Hey Everyone, some news:

The Waypoint moderators are going to start taking applications as part of our mod selection process.

Since the Waypoint Fan Discord started two and a half years ago during Waypoint 72, we’ve had a consistent approach to adding new mods: Current mods identify and discuss potential new mods based on community contribution; we vote on them collectively, aiming to add 1-2 mods every few months on the Discord (and less frequently on the Forums).

We feel that this has worked well. However, we want to do everything we can to ensure marginalized people are represented on our team and part of this means re-assessing how we select our team.

There are things we will never know to consider, let alone how to handle, without the perspectives we currently lack. Where perspectives are underrepresented on our team, more stress is placed on those who can speak to a given experience. Having more perspectives on our team is valuable not only when the topic is marginalization, but in the day-to-day conversations and choices we make as a team that shape our community. Specifically, new, marginalized, and underrepresented perspectives are valuable to all of the decisions we make, not just when the decision is related to identity or marginalization.

A team that better represents its community will serve it better. This is both in the high-pressure situations where the community looks to us for guidance (i.e. a Forum thread for an article that deals with marginalization) and in the day-to-day conversations and choices we make as a team. More perspectives fundamentally change how we think and act as a team.

Our team does represent the LGBTQ+ members of our community. The majority of our team is and has been LGBTQ+. These mods, past and present, have been pivotal in shaping our community structures and values. We’ve been able to give folks who don’t often get the chance to help manage a community the chance to do so. This isn’t a call for complacency; it’s been a priority since Day 1 and it’s served us well. We can still do better.

We’re particularly concerned that we’re not doing enough to ensure that people of color have a voice within the moderation team. Our mod team is overwhelmingly white and from the U.S. and Western Europe. We state this plainly because it is an issue, for the inverse of all the reasons above. It narrows our perspectives; it puts a few in the position of speaking for multitudes; it produces less compassionate and understanding outcomes. It denies folks the opportunity to be involved in the management of a community that is meaningful to them. The term ‘people of color’ covers a great number of different people with wildly varied experiences. We want to incorporate as many of those perspectives as we can.

We want to do what we can, structurally, to make sure we are making good on the potential in our community and we want to continue improving on this front.

If you are interested in being a moderator, fill this form out (link to form):

Waypoint Forum & Discord Moderator Application

Given this is a big change in how we do things, it’s worth stating some things plainly:

  • We will be prioritizing people with marginalized perspectives.
  • Applying doesn’t mean becoming a mod. It means you’re nominating yourself to be considered the same way we consider and vote collectively on all new moderators.
  • Our goal is not only to help us be as inclusive as possible in our team but to make sure we are aware of everyone who has the time and energy to help with community moderation so that we are picking from the best pool we can.
  • Our decisions will be informed by an applicant’s contributions within the Waypoint Community.
  • This is a rolling list. If you apply and are not accepted in a certain round, you will be reconsidered next round. Reapplying is not necessary.
  • Should you be selected, a moderator will reach out to talk about an invitation and next steps.

This thread will remain open for questions. Off-topic posts will be hidden.


Is the application supposed to provide a binary choice between forums vs discord? I feel like I see many of you active on both.

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Yes, we talked about this and don’t want to bring someone onto both platforms simultaneously since that could be a lot. Better to let someone grow into their role on one platform and then consider whether they’d like to help out on the other.


Mo, and Mod Team,

I just want to say that this change, and the thoughtfulness behind it, the thoroughness of the message, is fantastic.

It is kind of awe inspiring how much care the mod team puts into what is a volunteer effort; I know people who don’t take their actual jobs this seriously.


Wanted to bump this to say that we will be reviewing Discord and Forum moderator applications sometime in September.

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