Waypoint Ideas Box!


Because the bucket was already full.

I was looking around for a thread for ideas from the WP community for the site and couldn’t find one, so I thought hey, why not make one! Rather than filling up the staff inboxes with “hey, I have a cool idea for WP!” mails from cyberspace, I figure a thread collecting them here would be a good idea.

Basically this thread is all about the things you would like to see from WP apart from the great #content they already produce. Let’s plays of particular games, types of article columns, whatever. It’s all spitballing - let your wildest ideas be spilled on the virtual paper!

Here’s one to start from me: I think it’d be cool if each of the staff members at different times did AMA’s here on the forums. I feel like a lot of us came to WP because of the various personalities converging from across the game-o-sphere, and AMA’s in general seem to be a great way of interacting with the community in a more personal way. Plus I imagine it would be much easier to host here than somewhere like Reddit - you have a community focused around the ideas and aspiration of WP, which to be honest, is one of the more awesome of the internet.

So just to be clear, this thread isn’t about things that will definitely happen at Waypoint; this isn’t a thread coming from the staff or mods, just a collection of ideas coming from the fans of this cool site. Have at it folks!