Waypoint Investigates And Unpacks the Story of Kingdom Hearts, Part 1 of ??


A few weeks back, Patrick joked we should take the lore of Kingdom Hearts seriously, and record a podcast about it. Natalie also took Patrick’s dare seriously, and Austin couldn’t resist coming along for the ride. The result is Lore Reasons, a podcast series meant to be a one-off experiment that’s suddenly become own monster of its own. In the first episode, we attempt to talk through the entire Kingdom Hearts timeline, but over the course of nearly two hours, only make it past Birth By Sleep and the opening of Kingdom Hearts. Buckle up, folks.

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The Goofy death twist ALMOST works, because the cutscenes is good, and after that, you get everything unequipped from Goofy, like he’s not gonna be with you anymore. I thought that Mickey was gonna be the new companion after Goofy’s death.

Also, you go and kill 1000 heartless after Goofy “dies.” Literally. You feel like a badass.

Of course, turns out he’s just knocked out.

Another note: Austin, what if I told you that you play Fortune Street in Birth By Sleep?

Yet more reason to try it.


Honestly, I’m really impressed with how much you guys seem to understand this series. I’m having a great time listening to this podcast. Austin asking “Does essence precede existence?” killed me.


This was an excellent podcast, and I really hope it does in fact become a series past KH.


I am absolutely living for this podcast and y’all are doing very very well so far, but there were a couple points I thought were worth clarifying because they’re pretty important:

  • Xehanort does not try to nort Ven- instead, he pits Ven against a ton of heartless to try and force him to tap into the darkness out of desperation. Ven doesn’t do it (because he’s a sweet and good boy), so Xehanort is like “fuck this” and makes Vanitas out of the darkness in Ven’s heart.
  • Vanitas takes his appearance from Sora, not the other way around. According to the novels, Vanitas was originally born without a face, but comes to resemble Sora after Ven’s heart merges with Sora’s. (Also, yes, Vanitas is voiced by Haley Joel Osment)
  • Braig is actually a key player and was the first person to be norted. In BBS, his eyes are originally brown, but at the end of the game they’re the classic nort yellow. He throws his lot in with Xehanort because Xehanort promised that he could give him the power to wield the keyblade.
  • Everyone who knew Sora regains their memories of him when he wakes up in KH2. According to Leon, they all suddenly remembered him out of nowhere and all at once.
  • While Terra’s heart is trapped in Terra-Xehanort’s (or Terranort’s) body, his mind is controlling his empty suit of armor, which is referred to as Lingering Will. Lingering Will remains in the Keyblade Graveyard and is hell-bent on getting revenge on Xehanort.

Additionally, there are a couple important things from the mobile game/the Back Cover movie that are important that you (understandably) may have missed:

  • The Master of Masters can see into the future (which allows him to write the Book of Prophecy) because his eye is the eye set in the end of Xehanort’s keyblade. He gave that keyblade to his mysterious 6th apprentice, Luxu (who disappears shortly after, as does the Master) and tells him to pass it down to his descendants so that his eye can see into the future.
  • The Master also gives Luxu a black box with a 13-pointed insignia on it whose contents are unknown. Both the (new) Organization and Maleficent have been shown to be searching for this box in KH3.

Also, for the record, Goofy is officially a “funny animal” which is its own species, apparently, hence why he’s sentient and Pluto is just a dog. Anyway, I’m super looking forward to more of this!!


I know nothing about Kingdom Hearts lore, nor have I finished the podcast yet. But I have an important question.

The gang is talking about how there was this one big world, that was then separated by/for/through(?) the thing that is actually called kingdom hearts, into a bunch of split smaller worlds, which is the base premise for the game-worlds, and…

Basically, it sounds like The Lego Movie just massively ripped off Kingdom Hearts. Which is inherently hilarious to me.


Actually, Xehanort did originally make Ventus his apprentice with the intention of taking his body but changed his mind when he realized Ventus didn’t have enough darkness. This is never seen on screen, but is explained in the collectible Xehanort Reports.


Let me start by saying I love this pod and all the discussion it’s brought to the forums. I love it.
but I also love this phrase:

pantone colour of 2019 right here


Ah gotcha, my knowledge of Xehanort/Ansem Reports is spotty at best, so thanks for clarifying!


This is Great. I not heard anyone doing timeline order before I only done Game release order so it fun and maddening at the same time. I Can not wait till there more of this lore clicking into place as you keep going through it Also all the Kh songs Slap in English and in Japanese


O Wow We not even gotten to how Hearts works yet I can not wait

  • Why does Vanitius wear a mask (because he just heart in a suit until he takes form of sora who Vens heart is mixed with )

  • Why is Xeonort a floating brown cloak because he just heart that time traveled

  • Why do Nobodys have Feelings if they don’t have Hearts? Because it s a lie Nobodys will eventually grow there own hearts


I have no idea about anything that’s going on and it’s a wild ride!
It sounded like it was going to be a mess at first but they found their footing, I think they do a good job of laying it out.
Also to add to the Goofy thing; he’s not a cow, but he did have a cow girlfriend / love interest in the older cartoons.

Get Norted

(I don’t have enough KH knowledge to make a joke about this)


I decided to try and unpack the lore before going into this podcast series too and A Good Enough Summary of Kingdom Hearts by Barry Kramer gets a big thumbs up from me.


I never played and probably will never play the Kingdom Hearts games. I knew nothing about them.

I loved this episode and can’t wait for more!

Also, this exists:


This was very… illuminating? Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the Disney part seems to be completely irrelevant to the plot.


The video Austin and Patrick watched hasn’t necessarily caught up with all the lore currently in Kingdom Hearts because the rerelease of Union X for mobile devices has added a lot of new story (and has also been rebranded as Unchained X). The most notable thing right now is that Ventus and the somebodies to Marluxia and Larxene are present right after the end of the Keyblade war. Which confuses the timeline a bit.

Also one thing that probably should be pointed out about the beginning of OG Kingdom Hearts is that Kairi isn’t from Destiny Islands and just ended up there one day.


This is increasingly so as the KH games progressed, as far as I can tell. (The original KH was pretty heavily Disney, but as the series has gone on, the “non-Disney” bits have become more significant - especially with all these prequels etc, redefining the context of stuff even in the original.)


I just wanted to get in here and say I loved this. Not only is it the novelty of hearing y’all dive into the deep end of the KH pool, I really appreciate you earnestly engaging with it in a serious-but-still-lighthearted way. You’re having fun, but you’re not making fun, and that’s awesome. A heck of a lot of fun to listen to. Thanks for putting in the work, friends!

Looking forward to the next installment! :wink:


I do feel like they missed that Master Eraqus is to Square as Yen Sid is to Disney.


Yen Sid predates KH is the thing, so they’re not exactly comparable.