Waypoint Investigates And Unpacks the Story of Kingdom Hearts, Part 1 of ??


I haven’t played any of the KH games, but I’m halfway through it and cackling madly. This is like being cornered at a party where all of your slightly tipsy but really articulate friends are trying so hard to explain the plot of their children’s favorite long-running anime.

I cannot overstate how much I am enjoying this. I know nothing, and yet am 100% entertained. I can’t wait to finish this after work.


Another thing I love about Kingdom Hearts is the voice actors who are forced to say all this wild lore. Hearing Leonard Nimoy (Xehanort) explain the difference between a Keyblade and The χ-Blade or Christopher Lee (Ansem The Wise/DiZ) ramble on about Nobodies and digital worlds is a blast. They also get (almost) every voice actor back from their original Disney movies, as well as your typical voice actor mainstays like Mark Hamil and Tress Mcneal. It’s a joy to listen too.

I know that Gametrailers voice is also extremely good, but when the lore is coming out of the voices of some god damn legends and it gets even better.


Really enjoyed this episode, very excited to listen to the others when they come out.

Very small correction, but during the conversation around the “are keyblades sharp?” question, Patrick mentions that Sora collects a bunch of different keyblades. He actually only has his one keyblade, the Kingdom Key, and throughout the games he is rewarded new keychains, which change a keyblade’s appearance, stats, and abilities. I don’t think this has too much relevance to the greater lore, but I’ve always though it was a cool detail.


I have listened to this episode twice and understand absolutely nothing about Kingdom Hearts but legit love listening to everyone struggling to piece this plot togegher.

A modest proposal: the lore series is renamed “We’ll get to it later.”


Listening to this podcast is giving me flashbacks to reading Gravity’s Rainbow. It’s the mental equivalent of trying to inhale a smallish mountain. Every time I feel like I’ve found my footing and can take the next step on the journey, the earth just disappears beneath me and I’m black to flailing wildly.


This podcast reminded me of the time I had to take a philosophy class in college and didn’t understand or remember anything during the class but still thoroughly enjoyed listening to the discussions.

Even though I have no nostalgia for Disney and am mostly disinterested in actually playing the Kingdom Hearts games, I’m loving this podcast. I, for some inexplicable reason, love franchises with deeply complex lore so this kind of content feels like it is made specifically for me. And I just want to say… if this became a long running feature I would be all the way here for it.


So when I heard this podcast was coming I watched the gametrailers video. Now I have never played any KH games. My interaction was starting to watch a BBS Lets play and watching Ben play KH1 on Giant Bomb

I am not sure but…I think I need to at least see KH3. I want to experience this bonkers shit first hand…

Love the Podcast. Can’t wait to hear the next installment!


They’re anagrams.
Yen Sid - Disney
Eraqus - Square
Also Eraqus was designed to look like Sakaguchi.


I can’t believe that the X-blade was gerrymandered Into districts favoring darkness over light.


Important lore question: Since Knight Artorias is consumed by darkness, is the fight in Oolacile Colliseum against his Heartless or his Nobody? I feel like this will be relevant in the future.


Neither, he’s been Norted. He’s Knort Nortorias.


how did I never make this connection


Since Artorias generally maintains his pre-darkness appearance, and seems to maintain at least some of his memory (due to using some of the same moves as Sif), I would say the fight at Oolacile is against his Nobody. Granted, his name doesn’t have the usual Nobody X. Therefore, I think the boss should be renamed Knight Staraxior to maintain lore consistency.


I think the fight is just against his Somebody, corrupted by darkness. The Realm of Darkness, which is analogous to the Abyss in Dark Souls, is known for its corrupting influence. The corruption manifests physically as the person corrupted getting tanned skin (which is kinda yikes), golden eyes, and elven ears. Of course since Artorias is wearing full-body armour, we can’t confirm any of those features.


Just starting it and between this and all other stuff I’ve seen of Kingdom Hearts III I really want to get back into Kingdom Hearts. I really loved the series and played most of them, but then just fell off since they’re weren’t any new ones and the story got messy (truthfully I’m not sure I fully understood the story anyway). It was just fun going around with Donald and Goofy on an adventure to other Disney worlds and seeing Final Fantasy characters around. Also I really dig the art direction of the games. The designs of the Heartless and Nobodies are just super cool to me.


Does anyone know how to activate subtitles for this podcast? There is probably a very easy way to do it and I’m just missing it. :smile: Thank you so much!


Ok so I made an account just so I could jump into this conversation hahaha. I played KH1 & 2 back in the day, tried to play BBS and DDD but never finished them, am hours into KH3 and honestly having a blast so far. But to prepare I did my best to understand this batshit story and I feel like I am going to be consuming lore podcasts and youtubes for the entirety of my playthrough just to keep it all straight.

I do want to shout out this polygon article though, obviously a lot of the recaps these days are now recaps of recaps, but I found the throughline in this more followable than many, and I feel like every time I run through one of these explainers certain pieces of it all get more solidified.



Protagonists just completely ignoring their family/parents for the rest of the story is a pretty common trope in anime (and Kingdom Hearts is anime).

The kingdom hearts 1 section was far more interesting to listen to because you had someone who actually watched the game’s story/played the game when the BBS section was just “Let’s listen to someone read wikipedia descriptions” that you had from only watching the youtube videos talking about important things.


In fairness, there’s probably a large contingent of people who didn’t play BBS since they either didn’t have a PSP and/or had burned out of their fascination with the series after the sugar high of KH2.

Even if you played it (I only played up to the end of Terra’s chapter before putting it down), it’s about as confusing as reading a plot synopsis.


Oh lordy there are novels? This podcast series just took a turn! Surely they can’t just blithely ignore the fact that there are novels!