Waypoint Investigates And Unpacks the Story of Kingdom Hearts, Part 1 of ??


Thankfully for them, I’m pretty sure the novels aren’t strictly considered canon, so they have a justification for ignoring them. Besides, they basically just retell the same stories as the games with a bit more detail


That Imogen Heap Hide and Seek OC reference.


I mentioned this in our KH3 thread, but an excellent podcast called Got it Memorized? just finished a year and a half long recap of the franchise by posting an episode that deftly summarizes the entire story in under two hours. You can read the transcript here!



This is all way too close to my own drunken ramblings when I try to explain the plot of Kingdom Hearts to poor victims. Except I’ve lived and breathed this series for decades, and they just watched a video yesterday.


I think this was a lot of fun and interesting. I think the best way to approach it is to watch an explainer or two and then listen. I think having the base knowledge helped me follow along better.

More than that I think the best thing about this episode is not that they explain it the most clearly or more efficiently, it’s that they bring interesting perspective as relative outsiders who see things that others who are deeper in might not. Austin’s “essence and existence” note is hilarious but also got me thinking about the narrative and it’s themes in a different way.


I’m halfway through the pod, and I’m not sure if I understand Kingdom Hearts any better than I did when I started but I’m really enjoying the ride.


At first glance I thought this was a fan made Mario Party style game with KH characters and I was kind of excited.


I signed up just to say that this podcast has been great so far, and I look forward to parts 2-???. As someone who has never really clicked with Kingdom Hearts games, I may have to pick up 3 and play along with you all while listening to these lore casts.

Thanks for putting out a lot of great podcast content, you all make my commutes so much better and provide a great transition from work to home (or home to work in the morning).

PS: If I could make a suggestion for future lore podcasts (I already have a feeling Dragon Age is next), I would like to suggest Warcraft (World of Warcraft, specifically). It would be great to hear your takes on that near 2 decades of crazy fantasy lore (as a fan of the game/series). WoW is probably my Kingdom Hearts game/series, and even though I take breaks from time to time, I always seem to find my way back into that crazy world/story.


This fucking rules. I played 1 and 2 and then stopped, and this very earnest attempt to understand what’s going on has me wanting to try and play BBS or something. Wild


I’m loving this. Because I was a child who got a PS2 very late, I actually played Chain of Memories first, and never finished Sora’s route (the end was really hard as a kid), then went on to 2 (which I did finish), Birth by Sleep (in which I completed Aqua’s route), and 358/2 Days (which I didn’t even get to the end of before it became too hard to progress for me). So I’ve only ever seen bits of the first game as other people played it. Which has served to make an already confusing story somewhat more befuddling, but gives enough context to make explanations like this more than just fun to listen to.

I do want to make the note that Natalie’s description of the scene in the cave with Kairi’s ghost-form-thing, makes a small (and perfectly understandable) mistake, I think? I believe Kairi’s ghost-thing doesn’t fly away, it flies into Sora, the shot is just fast enough for it to be ambiguous. It’s important that it becomes part of Sora because I think that’s involved in where Namine comes from? Maybe, it’s been a while since I’ve read this explained.


Nope it’s canon.


Wait so Fortune street plays like Mario Party? I thought it was more in line with Monopoly.


As someone who lives for canon and baffling studio decisions I am so stoked to catch up on all this.


The board game in BBS plays more like Monopoly than Mario Party, I think they were just saying that the board game itself is canon.


Ehhh, you are right. It is more like Monopoly. But with a bit more video gamey randomness. I still thought it was a lot of fun as a diversion in BBS.


Yeah, that is what I meant, thanks. :slight_smile: