Waypoint Is Joining the New VICE.com

Starting today, Waypoint is joining forces with VICE’s incredible network of sites, and together we’re merging into a single destination: the new VICE.com. Going forward, you’ll find all of our work at VICE.com/games.

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Hello all,

In the wake of this announcement, we understand that you might be concerned about what this means for the Waypoint community. Rest assured the Waypoint Forums and the Waypoint discord server will continue to exist and remain connected to the Waypoint Staff in an official capacity. The mod team remains committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for folks to socialize and play games together, free from the bigotry and toxicity that is pervasive in so many online spaces. Our community will always be defined by its members, and no corporate restructuring can ever change that.

We understand that this change will frustrate many. As such we are providing places to discuss these changes on both the forums and the discord. We welcome you to discuss any thoughts and frustrations you may have regarding the change in this thread. But we ask that you be mindful of Rule 10, particularly this element:

Do not speculate on hires or personal lives of staff or personalities of this or any other site (and extend this courtesy to public figures in general); remember, this is a person’s livelihood. Their personal lives are not content.

We know that this speculation comes from a place of wanting the best for staff members, but this kind of speculation can easily veer into uncomfortable, intrusive, or unhelpful territory for anyone involved.

Furthermore, it is likely that articles will start to show up on vice.com/games written by freelancers you’re not familiar with or other VICE editorial staff members that haven’t traditionally been associated with Waypoint. We ask that you approach these folks with an open mind and a welcoming attitude as you would a new member of Waypoint staff, but also engage critically and provide constructive and helpful feedback as appropriate.

Thank you,

The Waypoint Mods


My browser has always been weird with Vice for some reason but, am I the only one that’s getting a 404 on that link?

Hey! This link over here is working for me: https://www.vice.com/en_us/section/games


Was wondering when this was officially going to be announced. All of my questions probably violate that rule, but as long as waypoint still has its own podcast feed I’m okay. Probably gonna read less articles, but hey you win some you lose some.


Yeah, link is broken, go here instead: https://www.vice.com/en_us/section/games (the original Waypoint link also redirects there)

Oof that site design though, and for whatever reason I’m seeing a pre-waypoint article in the news section all the way from 2015 and some video about cosplay that looks more like an ad for a different site on Vice.

Glad to hear the team is safe and Waypoint will continue functionally as is though, first thought that tends to come up in my mind is whether restructuring has affected staff jobs.
I’ll follow you folks anywhere though.


I don’t think there are different Vice sites, now - that cosplay video is ostensibly gaming related so it’s on Vice Gaming.

The thing I’m mostly concerned (the general precarities of online publishing aside) what this switch might also mean for the general voice that Waypoint had?

What I really appreciated that you always tried to point out videogames could be better. Be it by calling out studios for messing up, or by highlighting folks who are trying to do something different.

I just hope that you can keep doing that kind of work, if that’s the case then I can live with a worse name and a worse logo.


At the very least waypoint isn’t Broadly. That site got changed into Vice Identity. Jesus what a turd of a name


I’ll reshare this from the Waypoint Discord from @austin_walker :

:wave: Just as a quick note, we’ll also be addressing on the pod today

I’d hope the pod will answer some of your questions.


What does this mean for the non-Waypoint Radio podcasts, since that’s the only one mentioned by name in the announcement?


I hope the Waypoint folks continue to do what they’re passionate about in a form that they feel comfortable with, in a manner that they don’t feel compromises their ideals or their voices under this new restructuring. As always, business is a fuck. To paraphrase a goddamn Thor movie, Waypoint is a people not a place. As long as this community has a place to be itself and the staff have a space to continue to be a voice for good in gaming, things will be alright.


No matter what happens, I will always enjoy this site as it was and particularly it’s beautifully weird moment with Pride & Prejudice.


That Vice GAMES logo is a yikes.


Yeah, I saw this news drop on twitter shortly after the charity stream started and I figured they might address it at the end of the staff block. Either way this is unfortunate, really curious what the podcast is gonna have later.

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Looks like anything not explicitly tagged as Waypoint Radio is gone from the feed here;

You can still find them in the acast page (which is honestly where I’d been getting them from for a while anyway), but I suspect this might mean less off topic posting - I guess we’ll find out when we get the next Waypoint Radio today

I also just went to Tech by Vice and didn’t even realise that it was Motherboard (r.i.p), this is really not a good look for Vice IMO

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what are the rules on shit-talking vice on this forum again


Our benevolent overlords MUST NOT be mocked!


Made an account ages ago, though I rarely post. I have to say, I’m both excited and nervous for the change. I’ve really grown to love the podcasts and the perspectives you all bring–so I’m gonna keep listening for as long as you’re all there making podcasts, regardless the title attached to the work.

Looking forward to the podcast today. Hopefully that will assuage some of my nervousness.


Not to be a bear, but can we get a discord invite link in this thread? I feel like it’d be nice to have a place i can firmly jump into that isn’t changing at all, even if I’m confident in our editorial team that I’ll find joy in everything moving forward.

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