Waypoint is now Vice Games on Facebook?

I just noticed this when I got on Facebook. Anyone know what’s up?

Yeah I saw that as well. The logo looks interesting…
I really like that name Waypoint so I hope this is maybe just some umbrella term for Waypoint and other divisions within vice.

There was this article a couple of days ago: https://www.adweek.com/digital/vice-debuts-a-streamlined-rebrand-that-brings-its-channels-under-one-umbrella/ that suggested that waypoint was going to be integrated with a bunch of other Vice verticals based on their conferences last week. But I hadn’t seen anything about it from the team, or from any other sources anywhere, so I’m not sure what’s actually going on with it.

Edit: mods, let me know if this should come down per Rule 10. Definitely want to avoid speculating about anyone’s jobs (and I believe the article says it’s really only the name that would change), but if this crosses the line I’ll delete it.

This rebranding could be… bad… but also fine. My main concern is that rebranding will cause more confusion, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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yea they have been joking on stream all weekend “all one vice”

Edit: I think speculating on hires, fires, and such are against the rules so post cautiously.


I can imagine this being really demoralising for editorial leads like Austin who have endeavoured to create an editorial voice distinct from the rest of Vice. Obviously, they have some crossover with other parts of Vice, but this seems like a transparent effort to “streamline” the company for profitability, rather than a strategic move for the business, and that would make me pretty uncomfortable if I was in their shoes.


Yikes that’s a bad logo. Hopefully it’s temporary?

It’d suck to see them change the name from Waypoint, very much feels like Vice continuing to have no idea what they’re doing.


Hey, folks. This is in connection with today’s announcement that Waypoint is joining the new VICE.com. You can find the forum topic we’d like folks to use here.

Thank you!

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