Waypoint is shutting down



This is, of course, very surprising and upsetting news. There will be a lot to talk about and a lot to think about. Please remember to keep Rule 10 in mind, where we remind each other to respect the privacy of others and those who work in the industry.

Remember that the games journalism community is small, our community is visible, and other personalities have been active here—treat them like you would any other user and don’t put them on the spot if you find yourself in a conversation with them. Their personal lives are not #content. Do not speculate on hires or personal lives of staff or personalities of this or any other site (and extend this courtesy to public figures in general); remember, this is a person’s livelihood.



Best wishes to Ren, Cado, Patrick and Rob for finding new work ASAP, you’re all incredible. And a huge thank you for all your work over these years.


Oh my word, this is terrible news. I am so sorry for all of the team. The podcast has been a constant companion for me for years. I will miss this.

All the best to everyone, and thank you so much for all the fantastic work you did over all these years.


Best wishes to the staff and everyone here


fuck capitalism btw


I’ve lost touch with the site, pod and community over the last year or so, but I love Waypoint, and I will always love Waypoint. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to communicate how much it has meant to me, but if I ever did, it would have been on these forums. I am a better person for having been here. Much love to the team and everyone else affected. I will go cry now.


Just gutted by this news. I’m sad about the hardship for some very talented people whose work I enjoy and admire. I’m sad about the loss to wider games journalism. Mostly, I’m sad I might not get to see these folks continue to hang out and have fun. This was a team that seemed to genuinely enjoy working together and I loved watching (and listening) to them do it.

Fuck capitalism, but I wish we didn’t have to go home.


Goddamnit. It’s happening again. Thoughts go out to Ren, Cado, Patrick, and Rob. As much as I’m sad I’m losing a thing I like, they’re losing their jobs which sucks infinitely more.


This is home. (fifteen characters)


This is fucked. So fucked. A whole culture dying.

Selfishly, I am depressed. For the broader culture and what the dirth of criticism means for games, for young people who have no option to write about art like they want to. And honestly for myself. Who has no one to talk to about games irl, so grew pretty attached to the last place on the Internet to hear even slightly critical people talk about their gotys, the hottest new releases, old games for waypoints, and more. Fuck this.


Genuinely of the opinion that if video games cannot manage to keep a community like this going that video games were just far less interesting and important than we thought they were.

At least we’ll get some Zelda stuff before the end, but Waypoint never got to see it’s Armored Core game… so sad.


By all accounts Waypoint as a profit-and-loss concern was doing just fine. Subscriptions and add revenue were justifying the cost of the business. What happened here was the decaying effect of capitalism. Waypoint made money, just not enough for the vultures in the boardrooms.

It’s been said before but worth saying again. Fuck capitalism, go home.


Absolute best wishes to all the staff (those we see and those we don’t). I’m going to miss this particular vibe and space a lot: the team really introduced me to a lot of new games and ways of thinking about culture in a way that really stands apart from the rest of gaming media.

Thank you so much for what y’all have done here.


My second comment in this thread - I’d like to echo the sentiment that listening to Waypoint Radio has left me more aware, more critical and more knowledgeable about games culture. I appreciate that and will always treasure it.

This may be rote, but might I suggest that the crew try to get some of the former crew members in for a send-off episode? Danielle, Natalie, Gita, Austin, and others who were there before the time I started listening to WPR. It would be great to have a gigantic cast shoot the shit. And I really want to hear Austin sign off one last time with ‘Peace’.


I don’t know if I mean it as cause or effect, it just shows me something is deeply rotten and broken. I don’t know if I want to be here in ten years after this.


awful, I’ve kind of felt like this was inevitable because of the way modern media works


to say a little more: For years and years, Waypoint has been the only games journalism I’ve really engaged with and followed. I have come to trust the analysis of this very smart and enjoyable group of people (even though I disagree with them more often than not!) and value their openly left wing politics enormously. Wherever they end up, I will follow them.


This is something that has been coming down the pipe for a while. The comments of the last few large enthusiast press sites are awash with commenters alternately decrying the lack of independent thought one moment, then lamenting the fact that the writer is not the useful idiot they wanted for justifying their purchases.

The future of the form is just individuals who can fund themselves with their own personal audiences. The lucky ones will have enough of a cult of personality that they can dare to voice a dissenting or nuanced opinion, the rest get to be the useful idiots for as long as the winds are favourable.


A statement on capitalism has been made, time to go home I guess.


I think Waypoint was the catalyst for me having Good Politics. I also got put on to some of my favourite journalists and critics. And a special shout out to this forum which was the best place to talk about video games online.

Thank you to everybody involved.