Waypoint Music Club


Okay, hello everyone!

So a while back i started a topic to see if people here had an interest in creating a book club, but instead of reading books we would listen to music, more specifically albums. After some behind the scenes work me, @IrateContender and @KestrelPi have decided on what voting/selection system to use.

We have decided that we will gather in some submissions for albums now and create a poll with at least two albums that are less then one month old these will be called “new”, and then a few more albums that can be as old as you want, these will be called “old” no matter if they actually are old or not.

We will then first pick the most popular “old” album, after that the “new” album with most votes and after that we will simply pick one on random. We will probably take one week with every album and then go on to using a new batch of albums.

So what we are asking for:

  • Send your album submission as an post on here

  • 1 album submission per user. You get to choose yourself if you want it to be a “old” one or a “new” one (we’ve decided that for now you’ll have to choose between one of them, we might change this later if we find it necessary)

  • Try to make sure that the album is easy to find (available on Spotify etc) since it should be free to participate.

Just ask if there is something that you want to know or if something was unclear!

BTW! Here is the previous topic for reference!

Book club...but music?

My suggestion for a first album would be Pat Metheny Group’s ‘Still Life Talking’, which is probably one of my favourite albums of all time. Super looking forward to listening along!


for old records I nominate the 2017 sophomore release by American Stoner Doom/Americana folk band Bask called “Ramble Beyond”, currently my favorite record of the year and to me the musical embodiment of American Gothic.


This seems like a cool idea! It’ll be fun to listen along.

My suggestion (for an old album) would be R Plus 7 by Oneohtrix Point Never which is an album that I heard about pretty close to when it came out but didn’t listen to until last year because I’m a chump. It’s very good imo.


i’ll put forward the Astro Nautico label sampler Atlantics Vol. 2, which is available to stream on bandcamp and the download is free/pay-what-you-want

i listened to this a ton when it first came out and it made me appreciate label samplers more as a whole. it’s a really good format that seems to be falling by the wayside as the music industry advances. there’s a great variety in the artists represented so i’d be interested in seeing which tracks people like more and everyone’s thoughts about the selection as a whole

edit: came out in 2012 so it counts as Old Album


Hey folks, just so we don’t have to research it ourselves could you make it clear in your post whether you’re submitting a new (less than a month old) or older album?



Au4 - … And Down Goes the Sky

Its a few years old, available on Spotify, bandcamp, Itunes, etc.


For a new album I’m going to suggest Rocket by Alex G


Hi everyone who missed this before.

Currently we’re looking for suggestions of all kinds but especially new (less than 1 month old) albums.


Oh yeah I forgot about this! I haven’t really been listening to too many new things, but I’d like to nominate The Mountain Goats new album “Goths”.


I’ll nominate Snoop Dogg’s new album “Neva Left.” I haven’t listened to it at all yet, but I think it could spark some interesting discussion since the whole idea behind it is that he’s “going back” to the 90s G funk kind of sound that he started with.

Edit: to clarify this is a “new” album since it just came out last week


I’d like to nominate Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring because I’ve seen a few LC! fans on here already and it’s a great one for discussion and deep dives. It came out in 2010 so would be an “old” album.


It’s me, the rat with the music taste of your dad, if your dad also liked vaporwave.

Anyways, I’m gonna tap into my dad music repertoire and suggest Aja by Steely Dan as an old album.


i think the “new” album category could probably stand to be something like 3 months as opposed to 1? just a thought


Noted. We’ll talk about it for the next one. We increased it from 2 weeks to a month but it might be that still isn’t enough.


Shadow by the Chromatics. Was a haunting song that played during the credits of the new Twin Peaks.



Just so’s you know, what we’re looking for for the music club is suggestions of albums to listen to over the course of a week, not individual songs. :slight_smile:


Ah I see. Since shadow appears to be a single, no help there.


I’ll go ahead and suggest Pure Comedy by Father John Misty (old)


I’d love to suggest one of my favourite albums from The Roots, “Undun.” It came out in 2011, so I guess that’s old.