Waypoint needs a mascot

I think that Waypoint could get a lot of good brand engagement and just really monetise a lot of teens if there was some kind of mascot character for the site that people could sort of project a personality onto and maybe even start to believe is their friend. Here’s my take on the concept, a completely new and original character called ‘Wayluigi’, who from my initial testing has proven to be universally beloved by millennials.


This thread is an open invitation for you to either post your own Waypoint mascot concepts, or to welcome Wayluigi, who is good, into your hearts.


I has no art skillz, but pretty sure Waypoint needs something more Sonic-esque for its mascot.

I mean.


A bucket filled with unanswered questions with a sandwich-ambiguous hot dog leisurely relaxing on top.


Waypoint the Hedgehog is definitely Waypoint’s mascot

She is irreplaceable


And there she is!

Does the mascot need to be a human form of Waypoint like Crunchyroll’s Hime and Loot Crate Anime Yume?


I thought this was the mascot;


Question Bucket is right there y’all, in all its rusted, dented, fish-scented glory. Wipe the slop off one side of that thing, air dry, slap on a couple google eyes and call it done.

Good enough for the private sector, as they say.


Oh dear, I don’t think that safe.

I’m pretty sure there’s a snake names Dr. McBoner who is already the Waypoint mascot.

The choice is clear. Let me introduce you to…Bucky!


Wayluigi, Waypoint the Hedgehog, Catrick, and the Question Bucket are characters in an RPG. What are their classes?

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Nightmare fuel.

I think it’s clear from…all of this going on here that Waypoint, in fact, has too many mascots.

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What if we combined them all to make things simpler? Dr. Question Wayluigi the Catrick-hog.

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Catrick is the young protagonist who is full of optimism and hope. They’re a paladin.
Waypoint the Hedgehog is their childhood best friend. They’re healer/support
Wayluigi is the moody, cynical lancer of the group. They’re a rogue.
Question Bucket is the character who starts on the side of the villain and joins the protagonists team for the final dungeon. They’re a fighter.


Question Bucket is the inventory system/mule. Party running ragged in a difficult encounter? Just give ol’ Bucky a random number and it’ll produce a random item from your inventory corresponding with that number. Hope it helps!

(Question Bucket is really excited about this new kind of game it’s invented. It has primed the pump, so to speak. Made it up whole cloth, top of the dome, and all that. Nobody tell Question Bucket about deck-building card games.)

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You can never have too many mascots…

Outrageous of you to spoil Friends at the Table season four like this.