Waypoint Nights (Night Shift Advice Thread)


I have been working nights at a hospital for a few months now and am still really trying to get adjusted to living my life outside of work. During my work week, I am way too tired between shifts to do anything. On my days off, I switch back to normal people time and don’t struggle too badly. The things I’ve been trying to figure out lately are the best ways to build healthy-ish habits when I’m working nights like working out, eating better food between shifts, and trying to get a reasonable amount of sleep without wasting my entire day.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that works nights, so if you do, what are some tips or things you’ve learned while working nights that makes it a bit better?


I’ve done a few years when I was mainly working nights and generally found that “day”-end shifts were best when having a fixed schedule. Get up, have my “day” (afternoon/evening) and then go to work (was midnight-7am typically for me) before sleeping as soon as I finished (ie 8am to 3pm - blackout blinds are a good investment if you can’t sleep easily when it’s light). Grab a light breakfast when I woke up, have a big lunch around 7-9pm (eating time for others so that works out), then make sure to eat something (sandwich etc) in a small break during work for tea. I didn’t shift sleep schedules for days off because if I wanted to go out and see people then afternoon/evening was already when we’d likely meet up. Yes, no more morning stuff but… that’s not exactly a major change compared to a lot of students I’ve known.

[An aside] TBH, it’s never really bothered me because I feel just as broken by a 9-5 work day; I seem to naturally want a longer day so the 24-hour cycle always feels off to my body. I actually feel like it’s more natural to go to 28 hour cycles.