Waypoint Plus Podcast/Stream Discussion Thread

Hello everyone! In light of the recent launch of Waypoint Plus (and BlueHighwind’s recent comment) we’re opening up a thread to discuss the new streams and podcasts. Use this thread to discuss Waypoint After Dark, recent streams, and whatever the good folks at Waypoint have coming down the line!


Since I know people are wondering, we are still figuring out Forum Flair. :smiley:


Can the Waypoint+ flair be a carrot? :carrot:


The flair has to, must be a carrot.


Might I request a carrot overlayed on top of a hammer and sickle? Preferably on a shirt with the text “Go Home”?


Did they stream this episode on twitch or is there a vod or something? I just started listening and Austin mentioned the chat and a slideshow?

The vod is here: Twitch


…just finished the episode and Austin sure did talk about the twitch vod. Oops. Oh well. :carrot:

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Loving the Waypoint+ podcasts so far as well as the return of streams. Thank you all!

Does anyone know what frequency Waypoint+ podcasts come out? I kinda assumed it’d be a weekly thing, but doesn’t look like it is.

There’s no set schedule yet, mostly because it sounds like they are still figuring it out. It sounds like there was an unexpectedly huge response to the launch that led into e3, which they are now kind of bouncing back from. In a recent Podcast, they mentioned having to sit down and figure out what they can do in light of the huge response.

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I relate so hard to Rob’s initial objections to Resident Evil. I grew up in a strictly Nintendo house and only experienced a PlayStation after playing an N64, and the comparison was not kind to Sony. Shaky textures, crappy FMV, plus you’re making me control in 3D with a dpad? No thanks.

I eventually got a PlayStation once they got their shit together and brought out the Dual Shock, but I still hold the N64 as the superior console with a better library all told.


Them’s fightin’ words on this playground, fella.


I wish I could play along for a Waypoint 101. My first first full RE was 5, which… unlucky for me. Tried 2 Remake and just don’t think the formula is for me.

More importantly than my feelings:


I’m so swamped with podcasts right now and on vacation, what game did they say was next for Waypoint 101?

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Resident Evil, but the remaster, I think? I don’t think they’re going to play the original version, although I’m not 100% on that.

[Sorrowfully puts hands on the glass and looks through the window into the comfortable fireplace lit lounge where the Waypoint Plus members jollily discussing the exclusive antics of Austin, Rob, and Patrick.]

I’m kidding. I’ll probably pay up sooner or later.

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This was the perfect ending to the stream:

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I know they talked about on the Afterdark that they weren’t sure about the podcast output but I would like to say out loud I am tremendously happy with the Waypoint+ Output. I don’t mind one of the podcasts being a Twitch audio recording because that stream doesn’t happen without Waypoint+

I very much hope they don’t overwhelm themselves but also, I’m pumped about an RE 101 and the Sodenberg movie BGARI, feels good in my soul.


Just got gifted a sub and am working my way through the Plus pods, and I had to look up the Variety article.

not the Jay-Z verse from the Diamonds remix :joy:

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