Waypoint Plus Podcast/Stream Discussion Thread

For anyone looking to play Resident Evil for the podcast you can get it right now on Steam for $5 and you have till the 21st it looks like


What’s the tune that opens the most recent Tactical Tuesdays?

I disagree a bit with their judgement on The Last Purge (it’s more competent than they describe, but all these movies have this generally unfulfilling politics to them). I’m more impressed with any movie daring to say yeah, America is going to fail. It’s over. Your centrist coalitions will fail. Will Patton’s eloquent reply tweet to the alt-righter guy will succeed only so far as getting him a bullet in his head. That’s some hardcore cynicism. And if this movie had come out in 2020 like it was planned before the Capitol Riot, I bet it would get more credit for #FuckingCallingIt.

Anyway, to answer their question about potential leftist exploitation films, I have answers for this. None are perfect answers but if you want perfect politics, there is no movie for you:

  • Bacurau
  • Assassination Nation
  • Ready or Not
  • They Live
  • Society
  • High-Rise
  • Frogs

Oh stay away from New Order, a recent Mexican movie about a leftist revolution in Mexico City. That film leans hard towards the rich and reactionaries in the end, bad time.

So kind of a fun bit of current Resident Evil trivia, the recent very popular Red Bird meme video is by a former Capcom employee who was the sound engineer on Resident Evil 1, 2, and 5 along with other games.

Also apparently his wife is the composer for Resident Evil 3 and created their tshirt designs.

Anyway if you haven’t checked out the entire channel past that one video you really need to. The guy seems incredibly wholesome and just wants to make videos with all his birds, play minecraft, and make music.