Waypoint Presents Save Point (10/18/2018-10/21/2018) [$60,460.69 Raised!]

Waypoint Presents Save Point

Hello, Waypoint readers! The Waypoint staff and moderation team are proud to announce that we will be running a seventy-two-hour gaming marathon in support of The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, a non-profit legal service organisation that provides free legal services to detained adults and unaccompanied children facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona. We will be running this from Thursday 18th October, 12:00 EDT through to Sunday 21st October, 12:00 EDT.

This event is being jointly run by the Waypoint staff and the combined moderator teams of the Waypoint forum, Discord, and Twitch. The first thirty-six hours will be hosted by the Waypoint staff before they pass the torch onto the moderators to keep you entertained through the weekend.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for a great time over on Waypoint’s Twitch account and donate over on our Tiltify page. We’re sure you have a few questions – let us provide an answer to a couple.


Why A Stream?

Waypoint Presents Save Point grew out of a desire amongst the mod team to use the platform we have to do good in the world beyond our community. We take our work seriously, but there is a world beyond the online boundaries of the forums, the Discord, and the Waypoint Twitch.

We had run a community marathon before to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the forums. We knew we had the logistical framework to do it. After looking inwards, we chose to look outwards. What good could we do with what we had?


Why The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project?

You don’t need to come to Waypoint to hear that 2018 has not been a good year in the world. Whether from a news headline or talking with one’s friends, we all hear about rights refused, wrongs upheld, and stories of people suffering.

We thought hard about what cause we should support. We chose to focus on a cause that brought together overlapping difficulties and that had been brought to our attention so forcefully early this year: immigration issues in the United States.

We chose The Florence Project because we felt that it brought together everything we wanted in an organisation. Their mission is to ‘provide free legal and social services to detained adults and unaccompanied children facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona’.

The Florence Project achieves this mission through six different programs, through their Adult Team, Children’s Program, integrated social services, advocacy & outreach, pro bono program, and their mental health team. Each represents a service that they provide, free-of-charge, to detained persons facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona, whether through providing legal guidance, placing individuals with pro bono volunteer attorneys, or directly representing children and vulnerable adults in court. There is no public defender system for immigration proceedings, so the Florence Project helps to fill the gap with education, legal support, and the social services to support their clients.


Why 'Save Point'?

As we close in on Waypoint’s second anniversary, I returned to Waypoint’s mission statement. I can only speak personally, but passages from it are why I wanted to join the community in the first place. Specifically:

[…] Waypoint looks beyond the press and product cycles to focus on the people, passion, and politics of gaming. We pride ourselves on our thoughtful criticism, our investigative reporting, and our personal storytelling—all of which is built on a core understanding: Games are more than products we buy on a shelf, they’re an important part of our lives.
In some games, waypoints are communal, too. Digital commanders lead hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other players through voice commands and tactically designated waypoints. Friends mark each others maps and journey together to find gorgeous virtual vistas. Places, again, to rest and recuperate.

We wanted to exemplify the values that define Waypoint. Games are more than lines on a corporation’s profits and losses statement; they can be a communal experience too.

Games can serve a purpose for people facing huge challenges – look to features that Waypoint has run in the last year, such as At Play in the Carceral State.

A save point marks a place of safety and rest ahead of a difficult journey, whether you are out at the world’s end, returning home, or pausing at a camp before continuing down the road. It represents a place of rest and recuperation, but their presence highlights that not everywhere is safe. In a way, we considered ourselves the people here to build that camp, a meeting space at the crossroads with cheer, reflection, and material support for those going forward on their journey.

We hope that you’ll join us by our save point and help make the world outside a little better on the way.




This is a great cause, I’ll definitely be contributing what I can.
Also Save Point is a fantastic name.


Great idea Waypoint crew! One quick question, how long will the donation link be open? I’m confident it’ll still be good when my next paycheck rolls around, but I just wanna be sure.

Some potential stream ideas:

  • Super Mario Party
  • A rhythm game of sorts
  • Super Mario Party rhythm game mode (it’s actually quite fun!)

This is an excellent thing, pals. I’m sure you’ve already got everything planned out but it’d be cool to see Danielle doing a look back at some old immersive sims at some point.


One thing I loved about the original Waypoint 72-hour stream was the variety of guests. I won’t hold out too much hope for any guests on the caliber of Chief Keef, but I also liked the conversations that the Waypoint crew would have with non-gamers during the stream. Even bringing in other Vice reporters from different verticals for something like cooking games would be great for breaking up some monotony if possible.

Looking forward to Save Point.


Natalie plays dark souls for switch :slight_smile:


I’m excited to see this!


Hey, folks! As you might expect from a marathon charity stream, we’re planning to have a number of incentives to help sweeten the pot when it comes to encouraging folks to give money to a good cause. We can’t give full details just yet (watch this space as the marathon draws closer for more info!), but there’s a couple of incentives that are going to require some audience participation now , rather than later.

If you want more information about how to contribute to some of these, head over to this topic. This isn’t a full list of incentives – just a little tease for now!

(P.S. As Patrick suggested in his article, suggestions for games for Waypoint’s side of the event are much-appreciated – so get yours in now to avoid disappointment!)


Super excited about this! I was not familiar with this charity, either!


Suggestions for stream games:

20XX (Switch/PC)
Nuclear Throne
Heaven Will Be Mine (Absolutely would need an ensemble reading from as many folks as are awake at the time)
Dead by Daylight
The Darwin Project
Race the Sun with people passing the controller each time they died
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Gridd: Retroenhanced (Switch)

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Couple more ideas:

Nidhogg 1 or 2
Superhot (or Superhot VR if there’s a possibility of y’all doing VR stuff)

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They mentioned on one of the podcasts that they wanted do a Forza Horizon 4 stream at some point, so I would love to see that. Especially if they can get the community involved online, doing some arena games etc. Not sure if that’s feasible, but I can dream!

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Thank y’all for the suggestions, keep them coming in – they’re being passed over to the Waypoint team for their consideration. That’s no guarantee of inclusion, but…

In today’s Waypoint Radio (Episode 195), there’s an interview of particular relevancy for the Waypoint Presents Save Point. This might be of special interest to folks like @vehemently above who weren’t familiar with the charity; it will give you some insight into how they operate and what they do!

We also get ready for our streaming marathon for The Florence Project and interview Development & Research Director Amalia Luxardo about the organization’s work on the immigrant detention crisis.

You can find a link to the topic & (thereby) the podcast here!


So, something I really like about the Randomisers that y’all will be playing is that it’s a really weird and unique way of playing the game that I’m sure would be fun to watch. Because of that, I’d love to see the Waypoint Crew try out challenge runs! There are a lot of really cool ones, but I think it would be best with games the Crew already love? What comes to mind is like permadeath runs of things like STALKER or Far Cry 2.

What I’d like to suggest specifically is a challenge my friend and I used to do: I called it Dark Soulmates. We would each take one side of the controller and try to get as far as we could in a given Souls games. I’m suggesting this especially because the Switch release is coming out on the 19th, and will be easier than before because each player can take one JoyCon. :slight_smile: You could do this with any game, though!

It would also be cool to return to some old favorites? e.g., Breakfast and Battlegrounds, big boi, or Zelda Permadeath! I’d also love to see some Tactical Tuesdays style stuff! (Also, unrelated to the previous things, I’d just love to see Danielle play Prey: Mooncrash!)


Are the mods taking suggestions into consideration for their portion?

We’re certainly reading folks’ suggestions, but our schedule is pretty set. Since we’re a pretty split-up group of volunteers, there’s some tighter coordination on our end to get everything going smoothly as I’m sure you can imagine!

Sorry to keep jumping back in here, but I just thought of another suggestion: can’t recall if any of the Waypoint staff are Soul Calibur fans, but Soul Calibur 6 drops on Friday, so maybe that could be something worth streaming?

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great idea, we’re on it :slight_smile:


By the way, folks, we are doing a sift poll to determine which of the suggestions we’re taking forward to our donation incentive polls that will be going up tomorrow!

You can find them in the sister topic for this!

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