Waypoint Presents Save Point (10/18/2018-10/21/2018) [$60,460.69 Raised!]

Are the mods taking suggestions into consideration for their portion?

We’re certainly reading folks’ suggestions, but our schedule is pretty set. Since we’re a pretty split-up group of volunteers, there’s some tighter coordination on our end to get everything going smoothly as I’m sure you can imagine!

Sorry to keep jumping back in here, but I just thought of another suggestion: can’t recall if any of the Waypoint staff are Soul Calibur fans, but Soul Calibur 6 drops on Friday, so maybe that could be something worth streaming?

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great idea, we’re on it :slight_smile:


By the way, folks, we are doing a sift poll to determine which of the suggestions we’re taking forward to our donation incentive polls that will be going up tomorrow!

You can find them in the sister topic for this!

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Y’all rock!! I’ll watch and donate as much as I can!


This rules!!

I’m super excited. I also hope the Waypoint team is able to get some rest during the stream. 36 is half of the 72 they did when they booted Waypoint but it’s still 4 8-hour work days strung together.

I’m sure they have worked out a system to trade off. I just hope there is plenty of room for self-care!



Hey this just occurred to me and maybe it’s been asked, but will there be an archive?

Hey, folks!! We live!!!



Really enjoying Save Point thus far. There were a few jokes made on stream about the games they’re playing being a metaphor for the experience of immigrants that I was not OK with, however.

I don’t think it was the intent to be hurtful. Still, it made me question whether I wanted to stay on the stream. Of course it’s OK to joke in general or about the games but this crossed into a meta joke about the subject matter that made me uncomfortable.


Are you referring to the response to the donation? I read that more as joking about the way the letter was phrased, but I get what you mean.



Posted with no comment…


Hey, y’all. We just wrapped on the mod side of the stream and can confirm that we raised $60,045.20 for the Florence Immigration & Refugee Rights Project! We’re gonna do a wrap-up post sometime but right now, Waypoint folks and mod staff gotta go sleep forever.

Thank you all so, so, so much :heart:


Thanks For Your Support!

Hey, folks! We closed out Waypoint Presents Save Point, our 72 (well, 74)-hour charity marathon, a few days ago. Thanks to your support, we officially ended the event with $60,045.20 raised and, in the days since, that’s risen to $60,460.69. I have no doubt that I’ll need to come back and edit if I try to keep that figure up-to-date. You can still go and donate to bit.ly/savepoint2018 if you want to support a great cause.

We can’t thank you all enough for helping us to make Save Point a success, between your viewing, signal boosting, and donating. As we reiterated throughout the stream, folks like you are the reason that we’ve been able to raise so much money for the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project to help them support their clients. Your support is why they are able to do the important work that they do, helping adults and unaccompanied children in immigration detention in Arizona.

We set our goal at $10,000 thinking it would be lofty. Within two hours, y’all helped us smash it and then go on to raise over 600% of that initial figure. We didn’t clear our final desire ($69,420), but smashing through five goals on our path to $60,000 was a spectacular experience.

Special Thanks

While this was a team effort, there were a few specific people who we wanted to spotlight for taking the initiative and driving this the organisation of this event, particularly some of our community moderators.

  • @M_o and @video_gh0st suggested the Save Point name.
    • Plus, @video_gh0st designed the Save Point logo and drafted some of the layout concepts!
  • @Niko did first-pass design splashes and concepts. We didn’t use any of these for the final stream or forum posts, but it really helped our direction and presentation.
  • @quantumdot worked on the streaming side of things, including creating consistent layouts, interstitials, and technical guidance for the mod stream. He also worked to get the donation plugins in line with the Waypoint aesthetic, including programming a custom donation bar.
  • @2Mello provided the mod team with a cache of his own music to use for our segments.

All of these people deserve huge thanks, along with all the other mods who jumped into chat and did their part to make this go smoothly.

On the staff side, the mod team would like to thank @austin_walker, @joel, and @Cado for taking the time out to attend our weekend meetings, help us work through our concerns, and expand our initial pitch into what Waypoint Presents Save Point became. During the event, @Cado and @NatalieWatson did a ton of production work and helped us put together incentives and raffles through Tiltify.

What Next?

Well, there are a few more things that need doing on our side.

  1. Raffle Prizes
    • I can confirm that these have now gone out, so check your Junk and Spam folders if you entered. If you haven’t received anything, sorry – someone else drew the lucky straw!
  2. Archives
    • There’s two sets of archives for this event – Waypoint staff and the mod team.
    • Natalie is hard at work getting the archives up over on Waypoint’s YouTube channel. Obviously, that’s a substantial amount of work, so it may be some time coming. For now, you can find the VOD here. It’s a single 32 hour segment, so definitely fair if you want to wait for YouTube.
    • The mod streams will be a little more dispersed. For now, they’re in the archive of the WaypointCommunity Twitch channel, but a number of us will be rehosting our streams elsewhere – there’ll be a list of at the bottom of this post.

Apart from this, our work here is done! We hope you enjoyed the event while also helping to provide information about the important work that the Florence Project does.

If folks have any favourite clips, moments, or otherwise from the event, we’d love for you to share them here so we can come back to them later.

Fun Facts & Mod Archive


Austin gets very excited about Gritty


Courtesy @Pinky: “this is such a mood”

Courtesy @video_gh0st: “Me trying to use the rift to land on the track”

A good clip from @2Mello’s segment:


Courtesy @Pinky: @Weregazelle’s modest proposal from the Jackbox finale

tfw the mod hivemind is strong

Hey y’all, this is the final weekend of the Waypoint Community UT 2004 Server! Made a thread where you can suggest game modes and maps!

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