Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

Waypoint Presents
Save Point 2019

Hello, Waypoint community members! The Waypoint staff and commuity moderation team are collaborating once again to run a seventy-two-hour gaming marathon in support of Trans Lifeline, a grassroots trans-led non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of trans lives by responding to the community’s critical needs with direct service, material support, advocacy, and education.

We will be running this from Thursday 2nd May, 12:00 EDT through to Sunday 5th May, 12:00 EDT.

You can donate at savepoint.stream.

This event is being jointly run by the Waypoint staff and community moderators. The first thirty-six hours will be hosted by staff before they pass the torch to the moderators to keep you entertained through the weekend.

If you’re curious about the history of Waypoint Presents Save Point, check out our previous forum topic! We’ve pitched Save Point before; check there for more information!

We hope you’ll be able to join us for a great time over on Waypoint’s Twitch account.


Who are Trans Lifeline?

Trans Lifeline is a grassroots trans-led non-profit organisation dedicated to improving trans lives by responding to the critical needs of the trans community with direct service, material support, advocacy, and education.

Their services include a hotline and a microgrants program.

The hotline, available in the U.S. and Canada, is run for and by trans people as a peer-support crisis service. At the time of writing, over 64,000 calls have been taken by their operators. They place confidentiality, respect, and boundaries as their key pillars.

The microgrants program offers low-barrier grants to trans people to help with legal name changes and updating government identification documents. They also offer specialist support to incarcerated or undocumented trans people. Trans Lifeline helps people find where to go and helps get them the funding to secure the changes they need.

They’re a great cause and they’re more necessary than ever. Year-on-year, more people use their phone line; their goal is to ensure every call is answered and that every person who needs their support can get it. Their website says it best:

Trans Lifeline is committed to being a resource that the trans community can continue to rely on for years to come. With your support, we can keep these vital services available to those in our community who need them most.


Why Support Trans Lifeline?

Where do we come in? Many of us and members of our community are trans, and we wanted to support a cause in recognition of that.

The Waypoint Discord has listed Trans Lifeline as an emergency contact since February 2017. The mods are grateful for the support our community’s been able to receive from them through their hotline service. Their work, as noted above, goes beyond the hotline. The mod team decided that we’d look to support Trans Lifeline, and the Waypoint staff backed us in that choice.

If you’d like to know more about the work that Trans Lifeline does, Waypoint’s own Rob Zancy has an interview with Trans Lifeline Executive Director Elena Rose Vera. Please find this here or in your Waypoint Radio feed!




On the podcast the Waypoint team asked for fun suggestions for the upcoming marathon stream that is raising money for Trans Lifeline.

I’ll start with something I’d love to see. An Anno 1800 segment with the crew in which they continue to talk about the works of Jane Austen as they roleplay Lizzie Bennet turning Pemberley into the seat of a global superpower…The darkest timeline.

What do you want to see?


Well I definitely want to see this now. After Austin spoke about Bioshock on the pod with Open Mike Eagle, that’d be another one I’d be curious to see.


No idea how realistic that would be in terms of prep time and all that, but I would really like to see them play a short story/tabletop game? You know, something like the Quiet Year, but with a shorter runtime?


Ooh yes. That or the Voigt Kampf interrogation game they discussed a bit back. AFAIR it had a 15-30 minute run time?


I’d definitely like to see them wrap their heads around the interrogation stuff!

Waypoint streams are always gold so I have faith, but if I think of anything amazing I’ll be back to share


Waypoint’s Sea of Thieves streams are among my favourite they have done and it just so happens that the game is receiving a big update at the end of this month. I’d love to see them dip back into it and check out some of the new quest content.


I just want to see this familiar face again


Big same. I don’t mind losing the daily streams that badly, but the lack of closure on their XCOM 2 campaigns hurts me DEEPLY.


I suggest the Waypoint crew play rock band long enough for everyone to get to sing a song or two of their choice. Basically karaoke with many plastic instruments.

I’d also like to see a draft decided by chat or by committee in a deck building game like Slay the Spire, Hearthstone or MTG: Arena.


I feel like the team will need a quick arcade game to use like a sniff of Nose Torque when they’re hitting a wall with the marathon - much like how Windjammers was used in the Giant Bomb Extra Life stream a few years back.

Sticking with the Neo Geo, I reckon something like Soccer Brawl would be perfect. It combines two of the things that Waypoint loves (robots and soccer), whilst being an awesome competitive arcade game. Might be a little tricky to get there hands on a copy but man, I’d probably be willing to loan my Omega and MVS cart if they wanted it!

It’s a shame Patrick had to sell his Street Hoop cabinet when he moved. That would also be an excellent option!

The 72 hour relaunch steam had all the guests from everywhere, and I know we’re not gonna get all those people back, but I absolutely love the idea of the extended waypoint fam coming through. So I don’t have a game suggestion as much as a desire for waypoint freelancers & forum mods to be guests, even remotely

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I’d love a Waypoint Alpha Protocol stream.


Play Interstitial


I’d love to see them try to throw 30 minutes to an hour each at some of their Top 10s from 2018 - Battletech, Monster Hunter, Into the Breach, etc.


Oh hey, a return trip to Monster Hunter World might actually be really great, especially since the stream will be right when the Spring Blossom Festival will be returning so all past events will be available, and the gathering hub will be all decked out.

A Waypoint Kulve Taroth raid with the community could be a lot of fun. Although, none of them actually beat the main campaign did they? So they wouldn’t be high enough HR to do KT… Still! A return trip to the New World with the Waypoint crew right smack-dab in the middle of the Spring Blossom Festival would be fantastic, even if it’s just to hang out and arm wrestle for a bit and maybe go get eaten by a Deviljho.

So I’m throwing my votes into Monster Hunter World, XCOM2, and a game of Interstitial (Austin’s ability to consistently be the best actual play GM ever combined with Keyblade Master Natalie’s exuberance over it would be a delight. And to further sweeten the pot: What if the world they visit is that of Pride and Prejudice?!)

Oh, and my wild card “never going to happen, but I’ll throw it out there anyways”: Cado (or whoever is most up for it) should just be playing Digimon World 1 for the PSX in the background for the duration with regular check-ins to see how his Digimon is coming along. For those that don’t know anything about Digimon World 1, it’s the old 90s digimon tamagotchi thrown into an open-world RPG. It’s a truly wonderful experience.

In the off chance, that they have the capability and will to stream a non-video game, I suggest Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG.

I think it would be a wonderful end-cap to Austen saga that Be Good and Rewatch It became. Although, I guess I cannot in good faith completely recommend it, as I have only seen it on a store shelf. While it did intrigue me, I knew that I would never get my group to show up for a game like this.


Gonna bring up my Shadow the Hedgehog suggestion again, because debating the internalities of Shadow’s character with deathly seriousness seems like something we can all enjoy. Plus a run of Shadow the Hedgehog is like an hour or so, and unless you wanna put narrative choices to chat it probably won’t be TOO difficult a setup.

But also, now that it’s here, some time spent playing Waypoint Community created Stages for Smash Ultimate would be brill.


I’ve wanted the waypoint crew to tackle this series for a waypoint 101 for a while (even though its pretty infeasable and probably not what they are looking for), but i would love to see them play Rusty Lake Hotel a wierd creepy point and click puzzle game. Honestly would love to see them tackle the whole series in order, but thats way too long for this stream.

This except it’s a picture of mort.