Waypoint Presents: Save Point 2019 (05/02/2019-05/05/2019) [FINAL TOTAL: $161,930.02 Raised!]

Baking with Rob


Okay honestly a one-shot of this could be INCREDIBLY good, though I’m not sure how good the systems are for it


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Don’t know if the setup involved would be too great, but Johann Sebastian Joust would be cool to see. I think Patrick mentioned in a recent podcast that he’d hoarded playstation Move controllers to play this game.

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I’ll note in a mod capacity that, as has been confirmed in the plugs, the Save Point structure will be the same as last year’s stream (i.e. Waypoint staff for the first 36 hours and moderators for the back half). If you want to see some moderator streams, that’s definitely on the agenda.

I get the sense that this isn’t quite what you meant, but just making it clear for folks!


I’d love to see Patrick try to tackle some Celeste B or C-sides—he streamed one of those way way back and it was really fun.


Danielle streaming as she makes something in Dreams would be fantastic.


Speaking of Patrick playing a platformer, he should check out the latest GiantBomb Mario Maker level.


Seconding a return to Monster Hunter, there’ll be more than enough time to beat the last elder dragon or two and the final boss, then be eligible for many post-game activities where the community can join in. (although I assume a lot of people including myself might’ve moved over to the pc version?)

Anyway I mostly just want the WP crew to be extremely on their bullshit.

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Echoing Dreams! I’ve been having an awesome time with the tools - they’re so powerful. But she’d have to do some tutorials first instead of diving right in. Otherwise it would just be an exercise in frustration.

A game that would be hilarious to see is Helldivers. Lots of friendly fire, intense multiplayer tactics, and some mechs. It has four player local multiplayer so it should be easy enough to get a batch of them together.


We have yet to see the family play Apex Legends correct?

Terraria and Starbound are also always good candidates IMO.

Golf With Your Friends is an incredibly good game to play. Turn solid ball physics on and just start playing. Imagine playing minigolf where everyone is playing at the same exact time. It now has a workshop and there’s a ton of custom courses out there. It’s also a pretty cheap game at $6.

Duck Game for that couch yelling action.

For my weird choice I’m going to suggest a throwback to Kreedz Climbing. Doing trick jumps back in CS 1.6 and CSS was fun and a group of people went and made a free standalone mod based on it. There’s 120+ maps now which is quite impressive.

And because you gotta have a fighting game I’m going to recommend the Dreamcast classic Techromancer because who doesn’t want a fighting game that is built on anime mech tropes.


Kentucky Route Zero

No… Why would I need to try and sell why they should play that?

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If we’re talking Jane Austen tabletop experiences, if they had time to familiarise themselves with the game beforehand Marrying Mr Darcy would be a hoot. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a card game where you play the various women in Pride & Prejudice and you try to marry the most eligible bachelor in town. It’s surprisingly cutthroat and great for some silly roleplaying, and while it has a steep initial learning curve (a lot of stages), if you can get someone to learn it in advance and/or run a game off stream, it runs really smooth once you know it.

Also I’ve always wanted to see a Waypoint round robin, and honestly what better game than a duos Overcooked 2 showdown. Please


I think Satisfactory would make for a great steam. It supports co-op, meaning that y’all could start a new save, make progress quickly to see the weirder shit in there, and give you a chance to collaborate on some silly factory designs.

Plus, the game is really polished and just fun to play, which always seems to make for a better steam.

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Command Ops 2

Look. Listen. Rob and Austin should play this. Please? Rob mentioned this game once on WPR I’ve been enamored with it ever since. Look at this grey box on grey box tactical-ass monstrosity! Look at this military school exercise! I have no Idea how to play it! I’m convinced nobody does! I do not know what an AAR even is! Prove me wrong Waypoint!


oh hell yeah, love to manage my supply lines… I would be very into seeing this or some other Rob Zacny wargaming 101 (in the vein of the one-off Ultimate General Civil War stream from last year). I was going to suggest a stream of Armored Brigade since it was on Rob’s 2018 list.

Steel Division 2 will be just released next week but I dunno if the labor issues with that studio have been sorted out so might be a bad choice. I’m sure Rob would have a bunch of great picks for good intro wargames, but something like a coached Unity of Command play through or the equivalent baby grognard game would be fun.

this is far fetched but… since folks are suggesting one-shot RPGs… please make this 3MA/Waypoint crossover fan fiction happen or even just stream a little bit of Empire of the Sun


Oh this is a great suggestion! I’d love to see some more Sea of Thieves.

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Yeah, I was going to suggest the team going through some random Dreams (would be cool, especially if we suggested some interesting dreams for them to go through and critique) and then also remembered Danielle and her cute game-making streams. Either way, I think Dreams would be a great match for the Waypoint team’s vibe.

Are there any games that the crew enjoyed long ago but never had the chance to talk about? Maybe we can do something like loading up an old save or just show off some stuff.

Say it with me if you believe…



Ive always wanted to see waypoint play anime dressup games. Picrew.me is a good website with a ton of them. Given Austins knack for making ocs, i think that this would be an amazing thing to watch!